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Silent, underhanded, homophobia

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 1, 2007

“You’re not the same [name edited out] who went crazy when I used the word sissy……. are you?
…not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

This makes me so angry. Because it’s in the context a discriminatory and derogatory comment meant to hurt and degrade a Gay man I know and care about. The quoted person has a habit of making this kind of veiled and underhanded harassing comments.

Homophobia. Pure unadulterated  homophobia. What a jerk!

And he probably doesn’t even realize just how hurtful, homophobic and heinous his expression of his own prejudice is – he thinks he is just joking, and when called on it he will say something to the effect of “But I am just joking, don’t be so sensitive! You have no sense of humor!”

But there’s a PERSON at the receiving end of that joke, that derogatory comment, a person whom I know is hurt by this, whom I know feels harassed and whom I know does his best in the community, to work against prejudice and hatred like this. A person with a heart of gold, a caring spirit and a helping hand where there is a need – but to the quoted person he is just “Gay”. What an asshole.

3 Responses to “Silent, underhanded, homophobia”

  1. Holly said

    People like that really disgust me. I mean, what is their problem? Are they really so afraid of their own sexuality that they have to treat gay people like they’re some sort of disease, or something? *angry* Some of my dearest friends (and family members, too) are gay, and they run into the same problems – and it makes me really angry, because these homophobes just don’t get that people who are gay don’t choose to be gay, they’re born that way.

    I don’t know who your friend is, but please let him know that not all people feel the way the asshole you quoted does…


  2. TT said

    I agree that people like that could easily disgust me, but I think – in fact – that they’re beneath my disgust, because they’re so ridiculously ignorant. I guess I should feel sorry for them, and I likely would if I didn’t get so angry about their remarks.

    Truly, whether gay people choose to be gay or not (although I personally believe that being “gay” is no different to being born with blonde hair or tall or with flat feet), they have the same rights to love, happiness, well-being, respect, dignity, safety etc. as does anyone else.

    It is only if we – those who are broadminded, informed and just – speak out against those who degrade and belittle our gay friends/family, and raise our children to similarly defend against slights and injustices, that we can – with any luck – make the future a happier place for EVERYONE…


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