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Archive for July 22nd, 2007

search:sick puppies partition

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007

I have had one of those funny searches’ days on my blog today and yesterday.

What are people looking for when they type in “sick puppies partition“? Puppies cut in half? How to partition puppies before eating them? Wondering if their hard drive is sick and need special treatment? Really – people make some funny searches.

The day before yesterday someone wanted to see “bear fighting a dragon drawings“…okaaaay…it is true that I sometimes feel like I am fighting a dragon with multiple heads when going against anti-semitism, but what makes people think they will find drawings specifically depicting a bear fighting a dragon? What runs through peoples’ minds when they type in searches like that?

Since you so vigorously searched the net for it, here you go – compliments of my Wife:

Bear fighting a Dragon

This one is intriguing: “religious fundamentalism UN resolution” – I get the religious fundamentalism and the UN resolution – but where did the combination of those two originate inside someone’s head?

It sure would be wonderful if there was a UN resolution against Religious Fundamentalism. Then I could just walk up to my fanatical Xtian neighbor and say: “there’s a UN Resolution against you!” every time she tries to pander her religion to me and demand that she comply with the resolution. We could solve the problem of religious infighting by bunching the Fundamentalist Islamists, the Fundamentalist Xtians, Literalist Jews, Quirky Hindus, Marxist Stupidists and Annoying Atheists together and send them on the next NASA flight to Mars, all in compliance with a UN Resolution.

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Obama is a Muslim! Obama is a Muslim!! Oy vey!

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007

Associated Press has revealed that Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Democratic candidate for President of the United States, attend a Catholic school in Indonesia registered as a Muslim, further clouding the issue of where Obama was schooled in Indonesia and when. Obama, by his own admission in books that he has written, has said that he attended a Catholic school and a Muslim school while living in Indonesia with his atheist mother and Muslim stepfather. But now that Fox News reported that Obama may have been indoctrinated in Islamic teachings while attending the Muslim school in Indonesia…

Oh my G-d! Barack Obama is a Muslim! He’s running for President! The Qu’ran is being used to swear Congressmen into Office, Hindu Prayers are said to open the Senate!

Homosexuals can legally marry in Massachusetts, gay people sneak in and out of the White House…! Muslims are allowed to fly with American passenger jets, Palestinians have legal visas to visit the States! Help!

Why isn’t anyone doing anything?? Why, Why, Why? Shouldn’t here be laws against such things?

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Islamophobia as a way of life…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007



It’s All Hog Wash!

It is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of extreme hate. How can a peaceful person sanction members of their faith violently killing innocent men, women, children and even babes in arms. Even worse they will sanction the sacrifice of their own children in the killing of people they don’t even know. How can anyone harbor that much hate? Because they are told that only through “Jihad”, through holy war, can they hope to enter heaven. This is instilled within them from a young age and is combined with the incessant teaching of hate. If they can’t quite bring themselves to be a violent martyr or murderer they become a demonstrator or a passive enabler. A few become silent “moderates”.


If all this weren’t bad enough keep in mind it is also the prime tenant of Islam that everyone in the world must become Muslim and be subject to Shari’ah, Islamic law. Most people resist Christian evangelism simply by refusing to listen. How do you resist Islamic evangelism? The first step is to recognize the hog wash about Islam being a peaceful religion.

This is one of the most hateful, inaccurate and Islamophobic blogs I have ever come across. Thank you George W Bush for making it not only acceptable to be this Islamophobic, but indeed making it a way of life.

I read this and shiver, because it is reminiscent of  the kind of inflamed religious propaganda that f.i Martin Luther spewed about Jews or the Iranian President are spewing about Jews. I am sorry if this offends any Xtian, but this is exactly why so many people are opposed to any kind of Evangelical Xtianism – its hatred for anything that is not Xtian and its violent teaching about how to oppose that which is not Xtian.

For years I have been debating Xtians about the violence, hatred and bloodshed perpetrated against Jews, Pagans,  Muslims and Atheists by Xtians using the Xtian Doctrine as a weapon. Over and over I have been told that “Xtianism cannot be judge by the actions of some few mislead professors…” by Xtians of all kinds – also the kinds represented by the quote above.

Then I come across this kind of hatred – pulling all of Islam and all Muslims into one big bunch of hate filled  bloodthirsty monsters – and this is not the only place – I have seen it in Xtian Bible Study Groups on-line, in news items and in other blogs, and cannot help but feel that those who told me not to judge by the actions of a few are nothing but hypocrites.

Any religious doctrine can be distorted, any religious path can be used to further megalomania and fascism – however peace-loving it really is.

If Buddhism had been the prevalent religion among the terrorists that blew up WTC and the trains in London and Madrid, George W Bush and his hate-filled Disciples would have been ranting about what violent hog wash Buddhism is.

As it is Islamophobia has become a way of life among Right-Wing, Evangelical religious people, and I doubt it’s going to change any time soon.

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A Zionist Quote

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007

There must not be one law for the Jew and another for the Arabs….In saying this, I do not assume that there are tendencies toward inequality or discrimination. It is merely a timely warning which is particularly necessary because we shall have a very large Arab minority. I am certain that the world will judge the Jewish State by what it will do with the Arabs, just as the Jewish people at large will be judged by what we do or fail to do in this state where we have been given such a wonderful opportunity after thousands of years of wandering and suffering.” (Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error, Page 566 – written in December 1947 – [My Emphasis])

Oh, Israel, how you have fallen!Devarim 24:17: “Thou shalt not pervert the justice due to the stranger…”I cannot let go of this issue – because it is so grave.Where are the Prophets of today? Where are the men and women of G-d that will approach the King and spell out the Law to him? Who do we approach to make Jerusalem repent?

By all means don’t believe in Torah! Don’t believe there is a G-d! That is your choice, but don’t pervert Torah and don’t pervert what the Founders of the Modern State of Israel pledged themselves to. Don’t drag their good name in the dust and mud, just because you are overtaken by hatred and egoism and have forgotten that The Land is a gift to be shared with those living within Her.

This and several other Blog entries from me the past days are sure to confuse many of my detractors and opponents, because they so very strongly believe that I am a blind defender of Israel, who only wish to kill all Palestinians and develop “Greater Israel”.

They truly cannot be more wrong about that – but that they believe this is completely their own doing – nowhere have I said different than what I have been saying for the last three years (the time I have been discussing this in Blogs and in Care2).

Their own prejudices, antisemitism and blindness have crippled their understanding of what I have actually been saying. They have assumed that because I am Jewish I am also blindly accepting of anything the Government of Israel, the Settlers and zealous religious people have done or are doing.

What I have been doing – and will continue to do – is give a balanced and nuanced, fair hearing to both sides of the conflict. That they have fanatically and violently been giving voice to the Palestinians’ side has meant that I as a Co-Host of a large Human Rights Group, have been forced to, in the name of Justice, fight their biased, antisemitic, anti-zionist and violent propaganda with common sense, facts and reason. Anyone with a brain and a mind to use that brain can see that in anything I have written on the matter.

For some reason it has been rather quiet from that front (the Radical Far Left) lately, which has permitted me to clarify my position without having to “do battle” with fanatics at every turn.

Let those who have a mind to read, read and those who only wish to attack blindly without sense and reason remain blind and deaf to the truth.

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