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Holy Homophobic Crap!

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 25, 2008

Gay Rights

SUMMARY: Massachusetts‘ Jason Hair-Wynn, going to Ghana to fight AIDS, needed a new passport with his married name; the feds tell him to change his name back.

The U.S. State Department will not issue a new passport to an international AIDS educator under his married name, which is a hyphenate combining his and his partner’s surnames, Massachusetts newspaper The Sun Chronicle reported.

Jason Hair-Wynn married his partner in 2005 in his home state of Massachusetts, the only state that has legalized same-sex marriage. Hair-Wynn received a letter from the State Department saying the federal Defense of Marriage Act prohibits it from recognizing his new name. Under DOMA, only heterosexual marriages are recognized by the federal government.

Hair-Wynn intended to go to Ghana this summer for AIDS education and volunteer work but needed to update his passport to reflect his married name. While he has successfully changed his name with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security Administration, he hit a roadblock with the federal agency.

“When I got the letter, I said, ‘I can’t even process this. This is legal discrimination. It is weird to get discrimination in writing,'” he said to The Sun Chronicle. He intends to change his name back and reapply for a passport. (The Advocate)

If you’d like to know more, you can find stories related to Feds deny passport to married gay man.
This is ridiculous, totally on par with the trouble British trans people had prior to 2003 when they eventually won the right to marry and have their gender changed in their birth certificates. This so outrageous that it’s silly. What does it really matter to the Feds what name the man wants in his passport, as long as one of them is the same as before. This is nothing pure sadistic discrimination on the part of the Federal Authority. He is legally married in the State of Massachusetts, his driving license has been changed to reflect his status as married. In what way is it any of the US State Department’s business? Really…?
I am pretty sure that if a heterosexual man wanted to adopt his common-law wife’s name as part of his surname to reflect his dedication to her without a marriage certificate, that wouldn’t be a problem for the Homophobes in State Department.
Holy Homophobic Crap!

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Silent, underhanded, homophobia

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 1, 2007

“You’re not the same [name edited out] who went crazy when I used the word sissy……. are you?
…not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

This makes me so angry. Because it’s in the context a discriminatory and derogatory comment meant to hurt and degrade a Gay man I know and care about. The quoted person has a habit of making this kind of veiled and underhanded harassing comments.

Homophobia. Pure unadulterated  homophobia. What a jerk!

And he probably doesn’t even realize just how hurtful, homophobic and heinous his expression of his own prejudice is – he thinks he is just joking, and when called on it he will say something to the effect of “But I am just joking, don’t be so sensitive! You have no sense of humor!”

But there’s a PERSON at the receiving end of that joke, that derogatory comment, a person whom I know is hurt by this, whom I know feels harassed and whom I know does his best in the community, to work against prejudice and hatred like this. A person with a heart of gold, a caring spirit and a helping hand where there is a need – but to the quoted person he is just “Gay”. What an asshole.

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