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Search:cursing bear

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 2, 2007

I have Blog Stats on my Blog. This: ‘search:venezuelan freedom of speech controversyhas the most hits today – 12. People even do searches on ‘search: hitler bear‘ – now who in their right mind would connect Hitler to a Bear?! or suggest ‘search: cursing bear‘?! Unless of course the Bear is cursing Hitler – now that would make perfect sense.

The Blog stats are a very neat little tool – it gives me all sorts of ideas of what to write on – here’s one: silly camp names – All I will have to do is search the Internet for “Silly Camp Names”, and then list them here with some witty comments, right?

How much can a blogger get out of: silly pictures of governments? Well, sure a lot of Bushco pictures, that’s for sure – but who would want Bushco all over their Blog? I sure don’t.

On a more serious note we have: define term collateral damage – now there’s a Topic for you – how to define collateral damage. That is a good Blog Topic, but too heavy for tonight I am afraid. And if you just have to read about collateral damage tonight – there is an Entry here.

I love this one: disabled normies – whoever did a search using those words sure had a knack for contradictions in terms. Sure there are times when I would definitely want to disable normies and keep them that way. I wonder if hysterically laughing at this specific search request would disable the normies?

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