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Right-Wing Jews and Christians “bonding”.

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on January 11, 2008

Sanhedrin to Bush: Declare That Israel Belongs to Jews
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(tags: Israel, Bush, peace, extremism )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
– 2 hours ago –
Right-wing rabbis pass on small letter to be delivered to US president on his upcoming visit which asks leader to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, declare Israel belongs to Jews, urge American Jews to make aliyah…

This to me is utterly outrageous. The Jewish Right seeking out the Christian Right to bring about something that is basically in G-d’s hands. It is also utterly hypocritical.

1. No Sanhedrin exists, and has not existed since 358 and it’s last Nasi, (prince) Gamaliel VI was strripped of his rank and killed in 425 by Emperor Theodosius II, so Rabbi Steinsaltz cannot be the “president” of a Sanhedrin. I used to admire Rabbi Steinsaltz for his work translating the Talmud in to English, but I must say, that I am deeply disppointed. Rabbi Steinsaltz may be an excellent translator of Talmud, but he is no, nor will he ever be a Nasi.

2. This proposed unholy alliance, between the Christian Right, represented by one of the bloodiest Presidents in US history and the Jewish Right, represented by a bunch of Rabbis, who honestly shouldn’t be called Rabbis, is just that – UNHOLY. Words like blasphemy, heresy, apostasy and other like words pump thorough my mind right now. It will not seve the Peoples of trhe Middle East simply because it’s contrary to what G-d has promised.

3. These people are trying to bring about something that is G-d’s job, not ours. People should make Aliyah because they want to, because they have a deep desire to live as Jews in Israel to return from exile, not because an American President forces them to.

Am I so arrogant that I dare claim that I know the pshat (plain meaning) of Torah and Tanakh better that a Rabbi? Yes, I am and I do. What he is attempting is in it’s very nature a violation of Torah. The only way for the Jewish People to “re-gain” the Land Promised to Avraham Avinu is by repenting and return to Torah (note that the People has NEVER been in possession of what G-d promised then in it’s entirety). There has never been another way. It’s in the Covenant, it’s in what every Jewish male bears in his flesh. So Rabbi Steinsaltz is teaching Chilul Hashem – Shaming the Name.

I shake the dust of my feet in his face.

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