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The Republic of Kosovo – World Nation # 197*

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on February 18, 2008

Kosovo Flag

Poor Albanians… You still don’t get it.

You are under educated as much as the Serbs are. Your incompetent little joke of “country” will never be independent. You have only changed the boss.

Do you really think Americans help you because they like you? Or because you suffered? Do you really believe in American fairy-tales about the world democracy and human rights?

I am pretty aware why US want Kosovo independent. In fact, they do not want it independent as much they want it OUT of Serbia.

I think most other people too are aware of why the US wants Kosovo out of Serbia, just as we all know why Russia and Serbia wants it to remain inside Serbia.

The reserves of Kosovo coal is enough for the needs of the whole Serbia in the next 200 years (17 billions of tons)
The soil samples from Kosovo indicate enormous reserves of the oil – though very deep in the ground (but not unreachable). Also, Manas Petroleum Corp. confirmed this researching oil reserves in North Albania (visit their website here)
The reserves of galena ore and zinc ores are practically inexhaustible. These ores are concentrated in the mine of Trepca (read: Trepcha), the second biggest lead and zinc producer in Europe
Big reserves of rare minerals such the ores of boron (used in nuclear technology), nickel and cobalt.
The agricultural potential is said to be bigger than the one in Vojvodina (Serbian North)
Fresh water – no comment

    It is obvious, very obvious. An Independent Kosovo is a very rich country in terms of raw materials.
    However, this has nothing to do with the reason why Kosovars want out of Serbia. They want out for the same reason Finland wanted out of Russia, East Timor wanted of Indonesia, India wanted out of the Brittish Commom Wealth, Palestine wants to be a Nation of their own and Abkhasia declared their independence – People have an innate desire for self-determination. They also have the right.
    Kosovars aren’t Albanians, nor are they Serbs, Turks, Romani people, Goranis, Bosniaks or other ethnic communities. They are Kosovars. That is why, ultimately, they want to be the Republic of Kosovo. That is why we should hail them as the newest member of the 194 country strong International Community, and support their efforts to remain independent and free of imperialistic interventions from the US, Russia and Serbia or any other nation who wish to strip Kosovo of her rich natural resources that are rightfully hers and her people’s.

    *“Definitions of what constitutes a country also vary. Some will go with the simple view that if it is a member of the United Nations(UN) it’s a country. By that reckoning there are 192 countries in the world. But Vatican City is undoubtedly a country, and not a member of the UN, so that means the total must now be 193! Oh and then there are Taiwan and Tibet – so that’s 195.” This site is not counting East Timor and Kosovo, so…that makes 197.

    6 Responses to “The Republic of Kosovo – World Nation # 197*”

    1. I thought that was a good post.

      Funny how some on the left, don’t recognize the national chauvinism at the recent demonstrations in Belgrade. There was nothing progressive about them.

      Good analysis.


    2. Ilir said

      Freedom cannot be given, It is everybody’s right from the day he is born.


    3. am1ri said

      Hmmm soo good


    4. Shkendije Rexhepi said

      I don’t understand why people are shocked or surprised about the Republic of Kosovo. It’s common sense! Kosovo doesn’t belonge to (God forbid) Serbia, or USA,Albania,Russia etc. Kosovo has fought for it’s independent like all the worldwide contries and it is independent. If all other contries got their independence somehow why can’t Kosovo get. We’re human being like any other contrie’s people. The whole country has moved on and it’s making a very good progress, and so Serbia has to move on by recognising our independent otherwise they will get stuck and waste their lives for nothing. What is done, it’s done. Time to move on, Time live happy. Our lost blood at war is unforgivable but it heales as the time passes by and our wish is filled; our country is independent now, we’re a contry, a pure nation. Long life to Republic of Kosovo and to those who support and recognases our independent..!!!


    5. Ivan of Belgrade said

      Nice post by Henric, though no one mentions the terrorists financed by drug trafficking and other means, centuries old Orthodox churches and monasteries at Kosovo and Metohija, pogrom of Serbs from their homes by as you say Kosovars, rapes, killings, lies of EU and US politicians regarding the Rachak that started the final stage of this illegal act.

      These people do have right to live in there own country maybe but not in this way. There prime minister was a terrorist and all of a sudden he is a politician?! Just like some other of their politicians were…

      No world country has ever gained its independence in this way, so this represents the precedent on large scale, backed by the world’s biggest bullies – USA. The common sense tells us that if this is possible the international law counts for nothing.

      I am not going to say anything against Kosovars as you call them, even though they often say a lot of bad things against Serbs, and I really don’t know who they are?! Serbs, Turks, Romani people, Goranis, Bosniaks… all live in Kosovo and Metohija too and the Albanians are the only ones who wanted to get out from Serbia.

      They want there own country but they don’t want a large number of people who live there?!

      God bless America and have i nice life living on your own


    6. MikyjKco2 said

      Wonderful way of thinking. I love it. Many thanks for posting


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