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The Most Conspiratory Conspiracies of them all

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 11, 2006

The world is in shambles, people are suffering in every country, the governments only tell us what they want us to know, and they rig the elections so the “right” guy will win every time, gay marriages are being named acceptable by the g’dless atheists, there’s death and starvation in Africa, nuclear weapons in Pakistan and India, political oppression in China, Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and off course in Palestine. Russia’s biggest oil company is bancrupt, mosques are being burnt in Scandinavia, the Intenational Air travel is being threatened by terrorists that are really hired by CIA and MI5 to hide that Israel wants to expand all the way to China, Iran refuses to comply with the UN, the US refuses to pay their dues to the UN, Kofi Annan is a thief, the children in Sudan are dying, countless animals are being used for experiments, the vegetables we eat have lost more than 2/3 of their nutrients, the hosts of ACH actually believe that there is such a thing as jewish nukes, the media in Canada is owned by Zionists. Mordechai Vanunu was an Israeli plant, to feed the World false information about those Jewish Nukes, the Forrests are burning in St. Petersburg, and your mother lied to you about masturbation…of course all this must be the doings of a World Wide Jewish Plot! What else could it be?! It’s all the Evil Jews’ fault!But of course you can’t believe a word of this, because a Jew said it.


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