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Pro-Isms vs. Anti-Isms

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 8, 2006

Something struck me yesterday, when contemplating the Raging War between the those in support of Israel and those opposed to Israel.

The pattern of reasoning, the techniques used to propagate the ideas of each side, the deceptions, the selective reading of arguments that don’t fit the own view etc., is the same regardless of what you put after the “pro-” and the “anti-” It places the pro and the anti at opposite ends of a linear scale where 0 is the position of not taking sides.There can never be understanding, compromise, openmindedness and peace where there is polarization. Like I said in another Blog-entry “Extremism is the opposite of Truth.”

I usually get accused by the Anti-Israeli Camp of being Anti-Palestinian. When the truth is that I am Pro-Both.*lol*

That is really interesting – it seems that if you consider yourself to be Anti-Something you a more or less assume that “the opposition” is Anti-SomethingOther. While those who are Pro Something, usually think that their “opposition” is Pro-SomethingOther.

Negative thinking and Positive thinking…

No-one seem to be able to contemplate the possibility of changing the approach. Of thinking that perhaps it’s possinble to be Pro both Something and SomethingOther, without having to compromise.

If the General Scale looks like this:

Then you can apply it to anything – and place the Pro and the Anti at each end – now imagine that you place your Pro at the end of one scale and the “other’s” position at the PRO end of another scale – like this:
See what happened? Your position and the position of “the Other” is exactly the same. This is Absolute Equal – not being in the middle of the scale. By applying this “Dual Scale Model” it is possible to be equally pro or anti two seemingly opposite positions.

The best of it all is that you get rid of the polarization.

It seems to me that if you look at the pictures and think about the + and the – what you find is that those who position themselves on the AntiSomething/AntiSomething Other end up in Negative thinking, while those who take position of ProSomething/ProSomethingOther end up in Positive thinking. The former negate both, while the latter affirm both. The Anti-People don’t get either. The Pro-People get both.



One Response to “Pro-Isms vs. Anti-Isms”

  1. M E DuPrey said

    Thanks. Few realize “extemeism” is the enemy… not people.

    Peace & blessings,



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