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In War, Truth is the first casulty.

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 30, 2006

They say that in War, Truth is the first casulty. Nowhere is this so graphically illustrated as in the on-going Verbal War between the supporters of either Israel or the Arab Palestinians. Anything presented by those of more moderate minds is blatantly disregarded as “Zionist propaganda” or “Terrorist Propaganda” – posters are refered to as massmurderers, Nazis, by implication/insinuation compared to infamous Nazi doctors and had their intelligence insulted.

Every coin has two sides – and while those of more moderate minds tend to strive for balance in discussion – i.e present “the other side” when the other “other side” seem to present nothing but malicious propaganda – which is the case here. The actual FACTS are either buried in inflamatory rhetoric or attacked as lies.

The truth is always somewhere in-between two extremist points. The problem is that in this case the moderates are considered “extremist” by the Extreme Extremists… so the middle-ground is pushed and shoved at as if they were the “Extreme Other Side”.

That is not fair, nor is it conducive to a fruitful debate.

If we claim that we want a fair and just resolution to the conflict in the Middle East, ALL have to step up and stop being extremists.

Extremism is the complete opposite of Truth – it always have been it always will be. Extremism, whether Right or Left.

The Left-wing Extremism and Anti-Semitism is really no diffrent than the Right-Wing Dito – both are hard at work with Assasinating Truth, Justice, Intellectual Honesty and Objectivity.



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