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Another Jewish reason to oppose Militant Zionism

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 26, 2007

One of the principle motivations of the US foreign policy that backs every Israeli move, no matter how morally bankrupt, is the pathological belief by many evangelical Americans that all of Palestine must be incorporated into a greater Israel, that’s the only way the Rapture can happen. But what happens after the Rapture? Though I couldn’t find it in the Wikipedia explanation, I got it here.

Most Fundamentalist and other conservative Christians believe that The Rapture will occur when Christ first returns towards earth. Most believe that Christ will not actually land or stay on earth at this time; the “real” second coming will occur later, when he returns on a horse leading an army on horseback who will exterminate one third of the earth’s population in a massive genocide. It will be numerically the largest mass extermination of humans in history. In terms of the percentage of humans to be killed in a genocide, it will be second only to the flood of Noah.”

If for nothing else – to oppose this blasphemous, murderous idolatry, that not only aspire to genocide, but is targeting uneducated, secular Jews for their “missionary work”, and claim they are the true heirs of Avraham.So, opposing the idea of a Greater Israel is not just a matter of moral and ethics from a Torah point of view – but a matter of avoiding another Shoah – because that is exactly what those Xtians want – any Jew who does not convert to Xtianism will and should be exterminated by their “g-d”.

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