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UN Resolution 194 part 2 – The Refugees

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 12, 2006

“A refugee is a person seeking asylum in a foreign country in order to escape persecution, war, terrorism, extreme poverty, famines, and natural disaster. Some regional legal instruments further include those seeking to escape generalized violence in the definition of a refugee. Those who seek refugee status are sometimes known as asylum seekers and the practice of accepting such refugees is that of offering political asylum. The most common asylum claims to industrialized countries are based upon political and religious grounds.” (from Wikipedia)The refugee is a person actively seeking asylum – not his or her children born in the new country or in transit to the new country. This is the definition of a refugee, and by that definition only 1/6 of the Palestinian “refugees” registerd with the UN are actual refugees. And only a third of those are actually refugees from Israel proper. The rest are refugees from Gaza, the Westbank, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon. And they actually hail from these countries, but were expelled or made persona non-grata from and in those countries, by laws passed after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

“The historian Shmuel Katz in his book ‘Battleground’ [21] argues that the Arab refugees were not driven from Palestine by anyone. The vast majority left, whether of their own free will or at the orders or exhortations of their leaders, always with the same reassurance-that their departure would help in the war against Israel. The [Palestinian]Arabs are the only declared refugees who became refugees not by the action of their enemies or because of well-grounded fear of their enemies, but by the initiative of their own leaders. For nearly a generation, those leaders have willfully kept as many people as they possibly could in degenerating squalor, preventing their rehabilitation, and holding out to all of them the hope of return and of “vengeance” on the Jews of Israel, to whom they have transferred the blame for their plight. Haled al Azm, the Syrian Prime Minister 1948-49, stated the following in his memoirs. “Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave. Only a few months separated our call to them to leave and our appeal to the United Nations to resolve on their return.” From Wikipedia

In fact, the above Arab countries were forbidden by the Arab League to accept Palestinians as legal citizens in any Arab country. Jordan is the only country which has historically granted citzenship to the Palestinian Arabs, before 1948 – Now why on earth would the Arab League do such a thing? ““to avoid dissolution of their identity and protect their right to return to their homeland” hm, sounds fishy, considering that 80% of the people who identify as “Palestinians” actually are JORDANIANS – yes, 80% of the land area that made up the Brittish Palestinian Mandate before 1948, was annexed by the Hashmenites and turned into Jordania – over the heads of the Palestinian Arabs.

But off course all of this is the doing of Israel…and you cannot believe one word of what I have said here, because it was said by a Jew, as a part of a secret and devilish plan to accomplish Jewish World domination.


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