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Palestinian Perspective

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 11, 2008


“It’s miserable, the Israelis have killed 118 people so far. Yesterday [Sunday], they killed a neighbour of mine, he was 15 and was playing football in the street.

They suddenly attacked a house near where he was playing. One of the shells hit him, I saw it happening about 100 metres away from me.

Six others in the area also died and some of his friends were injured.

I am staying at home now. I was supposed to go and study in Amsterdam, but I haven’t been able to leave. I had visas for January and February and I’m still here.

I am not politically active. But I do want to live in peace without any trouble. We are in a political war.

Hamas are the only ones fighting the occupation – they are the cause of this invasion. They are the ones to blame.

On the other hand [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas has been shaking hands with [Israeli Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert – at the same time Olmert is giving orders to kill us.

Abbas gave the Israelis the chance to invade Gaza because of the divisions between Hamas and Fatah.

We, the people, are the victims. I think Israelis and Palestinians are all exhausted by the bloodshed.”

This guys isn’t blaming the Israelis. He isn’t specifying “people”. A moderate Palestinian. Interesting that the Anti-Israelis don’t support this guy instead of Hamas and Hezbollah. I suppose they don’t want peace.

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