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The Orange

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 11, 2006

Someone asked me this Question:
“should the palestinian people be erradicated in order for israel to be a state?”
My very simple answer is NO. What saddens me is that the people asking this Question don’t hear the answer, because they are so entrenched in the idea that if you think Israel has a right to exist you must automatically think the Palestinian People doesn’t have that same right.

They don’t see the stream of “cause and effect” – they only see one side, and only half of one side – the don’t see the other half of “their side” and they definitely do not see any of the halves of the “opposite side”.

They don’t see that it takes two to tango, and that for every action there is a re-action. Therefore they do not see that a Palestinian State and a Jewish State is not mutually exclusive. There is only one Orange, so the two brothers will have to share – the Orange was cut 60 years ago – there is no putting the two halves back together, because one of the brothers have already dug out the seeds in his half and have planted the seeds to grow an Orange Grove – it isn’t his fault that the other brother have not done the same.

Nor is it his fault that the other brother has spent these last 60 years protesting that the Orange was cut instead of busying himself with finding the seeds and grow an Orange Grove. Had he busied himself with taking care of his half of the Orange, instead of incessantly burglarize his brother’s Orange Grove and kill the workers, he would have had a beautiful Orange Grove today, just like his brother.

But his lot is empty, and he blames his brother for that, he doesn’t see that he himself is responsible for that. That what damage has been done to his lot when his brother had to chase him out of his Orange Grove, was the result of him not wanting leave his brother’s Orange Grove workers alone, and having to be dragged kicking and screaming of the lot into his own or down to the City Jail.

He doesn’t see, and he never will, if he insists on staring at the shivelled up remains of the half Orange, he was given, refusing to pick up the seeds and use them as his brother has.

No-one is going to do it for him – he has to get rid of the street-thugs he has hired to burglarize his brother and focus on hiring workers that can plant his Orange Seeds and work the Orange Grove that will grow from them.

And if he doesn’t it’s not his brother’s fault.


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