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Why Usonia?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 21, 2008

Usonian Flag

Does that mean all other states in North America are divided?

There is only one other state in North America – Canada. Canada, however does not aspire to occupy the two American Continents merely through its name. Canada doesn’t express an inherent imperialism by what it calls itself. So Canada doesn’t need to be distinguished from the other nations on the American Continents to negate its aspirations and its imperialism.

Is one saying that some people have no right to name their own nation?

Of course people may call their nation whatever they like, but if they chose to call it something that implies that it is a two-continent nation, they may actually have to accept that others disagree with them.

Having a problem with the term America, or Americans~ and the Amerinds probably would not respond so well that term, or the maybe even the Canadians, and when we call Europeans Europeans, French or Germans there does not seem to be a problem.

The French and Germans are part of Europe, Europe is the name of the continent, but they do not claim that all of Europe is France or Germany. There is no imperialism or negation of other Sovereign nations in their nation names, nor in the name Europe.

Of course, the European Union is made of of nations, France, Germany, Italy, etc.

The European Union is first and foremost an Economic Co-Operative, the sovereign nations that are members of it have not entered into a Federal Republic, and nor has Europe itself attempted to erase those sovereign nations, situated on the European Continent from consciousness by naming itself in a manner that implies that only one nation – “Europe”- exists on the continent.

Why this particular singling out the United States of America~ and it does say of America~ because of the narrowing of the term to ‘America’, because of the actions, sentiments, or words of a few, because of the recent incarnation of the government, or even long term policies that may have been going on, done by the government, perhaps in cahoots with some businesses?

Because “United States of America” hijacks two continentsNorth and South America, and implies that it is the only American Nation in existence, or even the only Nation on the American Continents. That’s why its being singled out. To make a point. Is it a protest against the current administration? No. Is it a protest against some businesses? No. It’s a protest against the inherent national arrogance and long-term imperialistic attitude that is reflected in the name Usonia gave itself.

“The word Usonian appears to have been coined by James Duff Law, an American writer born in 1865. In a miscellaneous collection entitled Here and There in Two Hemispheres (1903), Law quoted a letter of his own (dated 18 June 1903) that begins “We of the United States, in justice to Canadians and Mexicans, have no right to use the title ‘Americans’ when referring to matters pertaining exclusively to ourselves.” He went on to acknowledge that some author had proposed “Usona,” but that he preferred “Usonia.” Perhaps the earliest published use by Wright was in 1927.” From Wikipedia


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