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Welcome to reality

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 9, 2008

(CNN) — Thousands of Afghans packed a sports stadium in the western Afghanistan city Herat Saturday to protest the reprinting of the same Danish cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked rage in the Muslim world two years ago.

Afghan protesters burn a Danish flag

Afghan protesters burn a Danish flag during a demonstration last month in Kabul.

Several newspapers in Denmark reprinted the controversial drawing last month after Danish authorities arrested several people who allegedly were plotting a “terror-related assassination” of the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

The protesters shouted slogans in their native Dari language that, translated into English, included “death to enemies of Islam” and “death to Denmark and Holland and the insulters of Islam.” Anti-American slogans were also heard.

“We have gathered here to express our anger against this inhuman act of the Danish paper that insulted our Holy Prophet,” said Faqir Ahmad Herawi, a scholar who helped organize the protest.

I support their right to protest, provided they do so in a civilized manner. In return they actually have a human obligation to accept that FREEDOM of SPEECH and FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is a democratic principle on which any civilized society is based.

Threatening people because they exercise this Freedom is not acceptable. Trying to kill people because they speak their mind is not acceptable.

I don’t try to kill President Ahmadinejad because he denies the Holocaust nor do I attempt to murder Robert Faurisson or Norman Finkelstein because they claim outrageous things about Jews and Israel.

Someone claimed the other day that Moses was on drugs during the Revelation on Sinai, and you don’t see me or anyone else trying to kill or threaten to kill that nut-case.

Religious Satire and Political Satire has always been part of critical thinking and of democracy. Religious and Political Fanatics on the other hand have always tried to silence Satire. Because it always carries a grain of truth – that is the point with Satire.

Welcome to reality


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Why people spewing Anti-Semitism are not JOKES II

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 24, 2007

Illustration is © Ketutar Jensen – used with permission.

It seems that calling a spade a spade is not appreciated by the “general public” and causes the Powers That Be to interpret the laws of the land rather widely and arbitrarily for this reason I cannot attribute most of those quotes – but if you email me in private I will verify the authenticity. But no matter – the fact remains that Anti-Semitism flows through the ether, and despite what many believe is not a phenomenon of the Past.

So what do Modern Anti-Semitism look like – what do Modern Anti-Semites say, and what does it mean? I have written before about how people on the Radical Far Left with or without deliberation use the three concepts, Israelis, Jews and Zionists interchangeably. Those who do it deliberately do it because they have an Anti-Semitic agenda – they really truly believe that not only is there a Jewish conspiracy, they also believe that any Jewish person who does not publicly renounce their birth-right and themselves become Anti-Semites is a part of this conspiracy and a worthless human being – example from an earlier blog entry:

“In that sense, there is no such thing as a good Jew. For a Jew to become a valuable human being, they must recant Jewishness and become what’s known as a former or recovering Jew. They must embrace unreservedly the rest of mankind as their equals, regardless of their heritage, nationality, religion or race. They must become Earthians, no more and no less.” ( Jewish consciousness and the river of denial my bold)

It can hardly be said any clearer. The only good Jew is a Jew that is not a Jew. And as long as he is a Jews he is not human.

When Jews stop being anti-everyone except themselves will we be able to come to a peaceful understanding.”

This is just an echo of the old idea that a Jewish person has no loyalty for the country he was born and raised in, and will betray that country either in favor of other Jews or simply because he/she is Jewish. A modern repetition of the Dreyfus-affair in sentiment.

“There needs to be equality. If there were, then we would not have to condemn the Palestinians and find excuses for the Jews.

This is a really interesting statement, because it on one hand calls for equality, and on the other hand sets the entire Jewish People apart as something that is somehow being excluded positively from the rest of humanity. It also implies that the entire Jewish People needs to be excused for something; in this case something the author believes the Palestinians are being condemned for. This is a common reasoning on the Radical Far Left, if one is not condemning every Jewish person alive or dead for all the bad that happens to the Palestinians, one is making excuses for “the Jews”.

“I respect people’s right to their beliefs and think that this is just another ploy by the Americans and Jews to make the Muslims more equated to terrorism.

The Americans and Jews needed another example of how Muslims get too emotional and violent over what most of the world might deem as “trivial”.

“And when all is said and done, I’ll go a step further and say that the militant wings of Islam have been made possible by its oppressors. Yes, the U.S., Israel, and Jews around the world.

“There’s no denying that these 3 groups—Israelis, Jews elsewhere, and Americans, are working hand-in-hand to make Muslims look bad.

I “like” those four – that Muslims are being equated with terrorism is not the result of the actions of a few terrorists, but the doing of all Jews and all Americans…and how some Muslims re-acted to the Muhammad Cartoon Controversy is not the responsibility of those few Muslims, it’s was all orchestrated by the American s and the Jews, and that there are militants among Muslims is the doing of Israel, the US and all the Jews in the world. Then the idea that there is a conspiracy to make the Muslims look bad…all directed by the Jews, with some help from the Israeli and the Americans. Do you hear how this is beginning to sound like the screen-play for a filmatization of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”?

I don’t think it was a co-incidence that the PEZ originated in Pre-Leninist/Stalinist Russia, where the need for the rulers to control the masses through conspiracy-theories were greater than in the rest of Europe. That in my opinion is also why the PEZ is revered by the so many people on the Radical Far left, especially in this day and time – after all, in the Western World, enemies to do battle with are getting fewer and fewer, as more and more proletarians move up the social-economic ladder and become middle-class. See earlier entries

“Again, you are making ridiculous requests that I prove how every Jew around the world thinks. Haven’t you heard of representative populations?

This is a most “innovative” response to a protest against the author making blanket-statements about Jews as having some sort of “hive-mind” that makes them incapable of independent thinking, and the subsequent request that he give some substantial evidence of this.

“Representative populations…” Indeed Benjamin Disraeli was right about lies – there are three kinds, lies, damned lies and statistics. But it falls back to the idea that the Jewish People are somehow exclusive and disloyal because they are Jewish, or bound to follow some sort of Jewish party-line, regardless of their own personal inclinations.

Why are all of those quotes Anti-Semitism? Simply because they express prejudice against an entire People. One can easily substitute the word “Jew”/Jews” with “Black”/”Blacks” and then just sit back and wait for the angry “Racism!” retort from the Afro-American Community. Try it – just alter the statements to fit in “Afro-Americans” and see how it looks.

Those quotes are not Jokes, and not a laughing matter, because in the end they do target an entire People and make an entire People fair-game for all sorts of abuses – from discrimination in the work-place and schools to genocide. There is nothing funny about that. It wasn’t funny when the Romans did it, it wasn’t funny when Hitler or Stalin did it, and it is not funny now when Iran, the Radical Far Left, the Extreme Right and and their sympathizers do it.

The Radical Far Left often profess that they are not targeting all Jewish people, only the one’s in the Israeli government that are responsible for whatever bad things the Palestinians are going through that specific day, but if that was true, one really have to ask: Why not change the rhetoric to reflect this intention? After all, isn’t it better to be heard clearly than to be drowned out by accusations of Anti-Semitism and constantly having to explain that you are not criticizing the entire Jewish People?

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