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No More! – Keeping the memory of Shiri Negari alive

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 27, 2007

“Shiri Negari’s face and life is our face and life. She is our daughter, our friend, our sister. Every life in the Middle East we take is another Shiri Negari. Is her life worth wasting? Is any life worth wasting? Don’t let anyone ever try to tell me her life – any and all the lives – were worth wasting. Don’t try to tell me that lie.”[…]”Our choice. Hollow, dead excuses for wasted lives. Or the blessings of nourishing peace and life. We will not be given this choice again. Today is our last chance to make the right choice.” (My Friend Knate)

It really don’t need to be said any other way. Every life is precious – to see that and make sure that it becomes reality is our responsibility. No More!


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