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GLB Hypocrisy

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 5, 2008

Jay Leno made a booboo – he asked actor Ryan Phillips to give his “gayest look” on national TV and the Gay Community is up in arms demanding Leno apologize. He did.

At the same time a Trans Man (female to male transsexual) is being referred to as “she” and lambasted as “damaging the GLBT’s chances of having Civil and Equal Rights by going public with being pregnant”, by members of the Gay Community. Here’s a quote that summarize the stance of some:

[I am] “caring deeply about what his act of self promotion has done to my fight for basic civil rights and the perception at large of our community.”

This comment is trans phobic.

Why? Because the the writer fears that the fact that a trans man choosing to become pregnant and going public with it, which might actually be good for other trans people, as well as people not yet aware that they are trans people, will adversely affect how the US public will see him (the Gay writer) and the Gay Community in general. It is fully comparable to a family disowning their Gay son, out of fear of what their neighbors and neighbors’ neighbors will be thinking of THEM. We all say that is homophobic. This Gay Man is doing the same with Thomas Beattie, and it is connected to Thomas being a trans man, pregnant and publicizing it. If he wasn’t there would be no story and no reason for the Gay man in question to fear that he will be perceived adversely by the general Public.

The hypocrisy of Minorities is sad.

Why are members of the GLB Community allowed to be this blatantly trans phobic while at the same time demanding that non-GLB’s apologize for perceived offenses against Gays?

I as a Trans Man have absolutely no difficulty seeing how “give your gayest look…” is offensive to Gays. However Gays apparently have great difficulties seeing that referring to a man as “she” is derogatory, offensive, and in this case trans phobic.


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