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Being Jewish is Separatist and Discriminatory…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 11, 2007

“By calling it a Jewish State, whatever that is meant to mean, it appears to be separatist, to be discriminatory.”

All Nations are Ethno-centrists in terms of being focused on a common identity. Sweden is a Swedish nation, Denmark is a Danish nation, the US is an American nation, why should Israel, which was created to be a Jewish Homeland, be any different? It’s not like people of other identities are not welcome or do not have any legal rights. All nations have problems with attitudes towards foreigners and immigrants – it’s called racism – and Israel, as a Jewish nation has that problem just as every other nation. Every other nation in the world, at least if it’s somewhat democratic has difficulties with supremacist groups, why should Israel, as a Jewish State be any different.

Finland have Swedish Finns and Finnish Finns, it also have two very different languages – just like Israel has Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis and two different languages – it really is that simple. Yes, Israel wants to remain Jewish, because that is majority identity in Israel – Sweden wants to remain Swedish – if the Poles or Assyrians, or for that matter the Finns (which are the largest immigrant group in Sweden) came and demanded that Sweden stop being distinctly Swedish, that in fact Sweden should cease to exist – because it’s Swedish – and 8 million Swedes should suddenly over night become Finns, because the two groups share a common land mass, and once upon a time Sweden occupied Finland, then you’d have Sweden and the Swedes up in arms about it, demanding that Sweden remain Swedish, and most likely the Finns living in Sweden would be deported to Finland.

Now, by claiming that the problem with Israel is that its majority identity is Jewish and that it wants to remain Jewish, you are actually making being Jewish something BAD, which, like it or not, smacks of antisemitism.

Instead of attacking Israel for being Jewish, it would be more fruitful to attack those policies within Israel that makes being something other than Jewish less than being Jewish.

Also, funny isn’t it – my Blog wasn’t about Israel being Jewish or about the relations to the Palestinians, but about Neonazi/White supremacist Groups within Israel, and the rather complacent attitude taken by the Israeli Government on the matter. My Blog is about the fact that Jews are being attacked for being Jews inside Israel.


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