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Dogs, It’s Raining Dogs 3

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 14, 2008

Remember the dog owner who had his dogs seized after they attacked another dog – Dogs, It’s Raining Dogs 2? – well it turns out that he is even worse than I thought. His excuse for not keeping his dogs under supervision says it all, people, all:

“there was no leash law at the time”…

So not only has he failed his dogs by not establishing who is the pack-leader, he would only do so if there’s a law that tells him to!

This guy really doesn’t deserve his dogs back. Really. He also said:

“The people had just moved in across the street with their German Shepherd, my dogs went over”

Who the %#&!*% lets their dogs meet and greet a new dog in the neighborhood without supervision?!

His dogs might not be dangerous, but he sure is! This guy shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs, his attitude and his failure to understand simple dog etiquette is appalling.

Well, fortunately the State of Virginia and the Prince Edward County Circuit Court realizes that this guy isn’t fit to be a dog owner and have impounded the dogs. Whether he gets them back depends on whether he agrees to

“to register them as dangerous, keep them in a special kennel, pay fees each year, have them on a leash and muzzle when out, spay and neuter, and carry $100,000.00 liability or surety bond on each dog.”

or not after the case appeal has gone through the courts.

I initially felt for this guy and his dogs – I still feel for the dogs, but any sympathy I had for the owner is gone.

“there was no leash law at the time”…

It’s a pity it’s illegal to euthanize bad, irresponsible and moronic dog owners.


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