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They aren’t for Life, they are for fetuses and themselves.

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 1, 2018

I do not often agree with Xians. But I do agree with John Pavlovitz. On many things. But this stood out this morning: The Fraudulence of ‘Pro-life, Christians’ Bullies

It is true what he says:

“If only these teenagers had stayed there in the womb: they’d be safe from the pro-life Christians.
There, they’d still be beautiful. There, they’d still be worth defending. There’ they’d still be sacred.”

The entire blog-post is so spot on I am speechless – and happy – finally a Xian who stands up to those bullies, those life-hating, war-mongering, gun-worshiping and fraudulent Xians, whose only positive concern is for those who agree with them.

Some of you know that I was once an evangelical Xian, albeit in Sweden and during the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90s, but I was just like those Evangelical Xians John speaks of. Fundamentalist, arrogant, life-hating and aggressive towards those who did not agree with me.

Given my personal experiences – which I will share about elsewhere – I think I can say with certainty that out-side a cataclysmic, personal and profound life-crisis, nothing will get through to the majority of them.

Why? Because at the core of their belief lies FEAR. However much they profess to be absolutely certain that G-d loves them, they do not really believe that. They believe that any little step, even in thought, out-side the narrow version of Xianism they are given by their pastors, will end them in hell with the rest of us.

They don’t trust G-d to be kind, gentle, forgiving, compassionate and present, much because they have split G-d in three. G-d the Father, whom they equate with a distorted understanding of the G-d of Israel – angry, hateful, vengeful and quick to anger and punishment; G-d the Son, whom they see as their Suffering Savior, constantly, desperately averting the impending doom and Wrath of G-d, and G-d the Spirit, whom they are taught is so fickle and sensitive, that just a mispoken word can rip said spirit out of their lives permanently. No wonder they have to be aggressive, fundamentalist, hateful and self-serving. They have no safety in G-d.

So all we, or rather Xians like John Pavlovitz, can do is try and catch the ones like me and give them a community that is not, 1. Fundamentalist, 2. Arrogant and 3. Self-serving.

I hope John gets through to some of them.


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