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The Nature of Evil

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on October 14, 2009

Americans are generally extremely stupid people. Appearances are all that matters. If people can laugh at you, you have “lost” the debate… it doesn’t matter that the joke is in reality on the joker, as it proves that the joker is just a clueless, ignorant idiot. You see, the audience doesn’t understand this. They see someone making a joke and laughing, and her friends laughing too, so they laugh too. It must be funny, why would people laugh otherwise? Extremely stupid. Ketutar, from In Reply

I commented on the post:

“Intelligence is the ability to combine and apply one’s knowledge to real life and practical situations.”

Unfortunately for most righteous and upstanding people, intelligence is a-moral and a-ethical.

It’s no comfort, Ket, but being a rocket scientist isn’t all that. Bullies are by definition evil (and I use the word evil in its most basic meaning here – ‘opposed to that which is good, moral and ethical’.) – it may be that they have become so as a result of having been bullied themselves at one time or another, and in the case of the rocket scientist I am sure that is the case – nevertheless, she’s evil simply be3cause she chooses to bully and think it’s a good thing.

“All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke ~

You were hurt because evil decided to attack you, and ‘good people’ did nothing. ‘Good people’ decided that they were either too cowardly or too busy to do anything.

You are absolutely right – bullies tend to have that effect on ‘good people’ – they give the bullies a wide berth out of fear of being bullied themselves. That is how a few malicious and evil people can take over and control an entire Online Community (or country) – through the ‘terror of what might happen to me if I say anything’ – the bullies don’t really have to do anything, all they have to do is ‘give a few examples’ and the ’suggestion’ of the ‘terror’.

That is the nature of bullying – the actual incidents aren’t the worst – they can often be just basic verbal fisticuffs, with very little substance – the worst is the ‘terror’ it invokes in the victims, the gnawing anticipation of another attack. That’s why it works.

You did well to leave Care2. I think all of us who left Care2 because of this bully, her cronies and their cronies, including all the sock puppets, which made them seem as if they were so many more than you, me and our friends (because we didn’t use sock puppets to harass people; did well.

Yes you are right, Americans as a people are extremely stupid. Not all Americans are stupid, but the American People is. They live in a country where ’shallow’, ignorant’ and ’selfish’ are considered virtues. Where ‘helping your neighbor by paying taxes’ is considered communism and ‘might is right’ is the personal and public creed and where the color of your skin, your yearly income and ‘fame’ either buys you the right to vote or excludes you from society all together. How can they be other than stupid, they are raised to think that being stupid is smart and evil is good, that if you convince enough people that you are right through threats, terror and name-calling, you must naturally be right.



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