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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Problem.

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 11, 2007

They have governments in every country, they own the majority of the land, make up the bulk of each nations financial structures, legislative bodies and educational systems. They control the media, the medical care systems and the religious doctrine. Where ever one turns, there they are, involving themselves in everything from simple business to complex political decisions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a serious problem on our hands – a problem that reaches out to us for a solution. It is clear from all the matters I enumerated above, that not one single area in our Community is safe from them. The Question I ask of you, my esteemed colleagues and fellow Citizens, what are we to do with this problem? How do we best handle this urgent puzzle?

I speak of course of the Gentile Problem.

It is necessary to curb this violent, scheming and quite reproductional prolific race, before they overrun us completely. Just look at our schools and workplaces – they demand equal rights for their religious beliefs and unions for their workers – soon they will be demanding that we allow them to marry our sons and daughters!

I suggest we create legislation that will effectively bar them from any association with us, in schools, workplaces, business establishments, religious congregations, academic institutions and administrative responsibilities as well as the media.

Knowing how cunning and manipulative the Gentile is I envision this as a three step solution, that will secure the complete segregation between them and us, eventually they will cease to be a threat to us altogether:

1. To secure our educational system, we need to take control over our schools and higher educational institutions and the media through re-locating their students, teachers and media employees to more suitable institutions where ever such can be found.

2. By reducing their access to our business establishments, workplaces and religious communities, they will be forced to seek their livelihoods and religious sustenance in more appropriate establishments.

3. Finally, ladies and gentlemen, to cleanse our society from this nefarious scourge taht is the Gentile, we need to accomplish a permanent and logical solution. As a result of step 1 and 2 they have lost most of their means for support, so to offer them work in establishments created specifically for this purpose is not only a necessary measure, but in fact a mercy.

Now I don’t pretend to believe that this will be a simple task to accomplish, nor that it will be easy in its execution – doubtless many will protest and object to these measures, but my dear colleagues, with determination, steadfastness and absolute dedication it can and will be fulfilled.


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