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Obama is a Muslim! Obama is a Muslim!! Oy vey!

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007

Associated Press has revealed that Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Democratic candidate for President of the United States, attend a Catholic school in Indonesia registered as a Muslim, further clouding the issue of where Obama was schooled in Indonesia and when. Obama, by his own admission in books that he has written, has said that he attended a Catholic school and a Muslim school while living in Indonesia with his atheist mother and Muslim stepfather. But now that Fox News reported that Obama may have been indoctrinated in Islamic teachings while attending the Muslim school in Indonesia…

Oh my G-d! Barack Obama is a Muslim! He’s running for President! The Qu’ran is being used to swear Congressmen into Office, Hindu Prayers are said to open the Senate!

Homosexuals can legally marry in Massachusetts, gay people sneak in and out of the White House…! Muslims are allowed to fly with American passenger jets, Palestinians have legal visas to visit the States! Help!

Why isn’t anyone doing anything?? Why, Why, Why? Shouldn’t here be laws against such things?

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People, rats, cats and dogs…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 17, 2007

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Live rats are being trucked from central China, suffering a plague of a reported 2 billion rodents displaced by a flooded lake, to the south to end up in restaurant dishes, Chinese media reported. Rat vendors had been doing a roaring trade thanks to strong supply over the last two weeks, the China News Service quoted vendors as saying.”Recently there have been a lot of rats… Guangzhou people are rich and like to eat exotic things, so business is very good,” it quoted a vendor as saying, referring to the capital of Guangdong province, where people are reputed to eat anything that moves.”

Needless to say this article caused all kinds of reactions when posted in a Public Forum’s News Section. The Chinese are BAD people, because they eat rats, cats and dogs…

What people seem to forget is that cultural differences not only vary from country to country – but from time to time, and is very much dependent on circumstance and opportunity. Humans are basically opportunistic omnivores, and very versatile in terms of adaptation to their environment and available resources. We will scavenges for survival.

There is nothing to indicate that this in any way is a matter of morals, ethics or “development”.

There really is nothing that says that “our” way of doing things is the better way – just imagine how many poor and destitute would/could get a meal if rat was accepted as a food source in the West…or cats, dogs or pigeons, that would be caught and euthanized anyway, because we do not want them in our cities…

It seems to me that the Chinese have a good idea here – and though it seems repulsive to us – it seems to work for them, so why be morally self-righteous about it and show how culturally imperialistic we in the West are?

Feeding their poor on rat is a small issue, compared to the violations of human rights and civil rights going on in China. Nuh?

Now, this article should actually cause more ruckus, funny enough it didn’t…

Olympics highlight human rights in China

By JUSTIN PRITCHARD, Associated Press Writer

“Child labor. Forced abortions. Religious persecution. Jailed dissidents. Cultural cleansing in Tibet and ethnic cleansing in Africa. For China, the run-up to next summer’s Olympics in Beijing is looking like a marathon through a human-rights minefield.

It’s been decades since the games focused on which athletes were faster or stronger. But the Olympics have not been this politicized since the U.S.-Soviet boycotts of the 1980s.

China sees a chance to wow the world as it hosts its first event watched by billions of people. The increasingly image-conscious country will measure success both with medals and whether the 2008 Olympics burnish its rising star. That gives activists, governments and celebrities with a cause an opportunity to influence policies they’ve long assailed.

It’s tragic – rats, cats and dogs take precedence over humans and their rights not to be violated. I am not saying that we shouldn’t care about animals and their conditions. I truly think we should. But to me a news item about China, human rights violations and the Olympics is heavy-weight news in comparison to an article about how a Chinese Province tries to solve a problem that is a result of a natural disaster.

But then, what do I know, perhaps those rats, cats and dogs were humans in a former life…

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Lock up the victims and let the perps run rampant…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 21, 2007

“It is nice that the university is taking care of us, but on the other hand it’s absurd that our freedom is being limited because of some militant groups,” said Liah Ganeline, a second-year medical student from Israel.

In a normal, democratic country the authorities don’t obey the interests of these groups, but on the contrary protect people from them,” she told The Associated Press by telephone.” Moscow Dorms Shut Before Hitler Birthday

It has become rule that Right-Wing and Left-Wing Extremists are “protected” by the Law Enforcement, not their victims, not only in Russia, but generally all over Europe. Despite the fact that f.i Neo-Nazi Groups are forbidden in some European Countries.

The incident 2007 in Moscow is not an isolated event.

Honestly, I am all for people exercising their democratic human rights – but to lock up the potential victims of such exercise is simply ridiculous. It sends the massage that those Extremists are in the right, that their message is sacrosanct, not the lives and activities of those who they would violate.

What is surprising here is the apparent lack of knowledge of history displayed by the Associated Press and Central News 13 in this article – Santayana’s “He who does not learn from History is condemned to repeat it.” comes to mind. One should be able to expect historical accuracy from one the World’s largest News Agencies:

“Russia has seen a marked rise in racism and xenophobia over the past several years, with nonwhite or dark-skinned residents, foreigners and Jews bearing the brunt of the violence. According to the human rights center Sova, which monitors xenophobia, 53 people were killed in 2006 and 460 others were injured in apparent hate crimes.”

I am sorry AP – where have you been the last 200 years? It cannot have been on planet Earth. It’s not like anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia has ever NOT been rampant in Russia. The Jews in Russia have always been discriminated against – the masses of Jewish immigrants to the US is plenty of evidence of that.

We shouldn’t forget the millions and millions of any kind of dissidents, foreigners, “…nonwhite or dark-skinned residents, foreigners and Jews…” imprisoned, murdered and harrassed during the rule of the Soviet Dictators.

A long history of condoning xenophobia and anti-semitism in the sly doesn’t work as a very good excuse for continuing the practice, even if what used to be Politically InCorrect has now become Politically Correct and therefore more visible. Visibility only confirms it.

When I read this kind of News I begin to appreciate the Swedish Law Enforcement practices of surrounding any demonstrations by the Extreme Right or Extreme Left, leading them on a pre-set route – under the pretense of “protecting them from opponents” – if that is what they(the Extremists) want to believe, as long as they are kept in check away from decent folk, that’s all ok with me *lol*.


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