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On the matter of Anti-Zionism

In response to this article by Brian Klug, posted Tuesday, 5:02 PM

I don’t see a problem with this article. It is making a distinction between legitimate criticism of Israel as a political entity, and the Jewish People, quite frankly along the same lines as the table in my Blog.Anti-Zionism is not always synonymous with Antisemitism – it can be, especially from certain radical factions on the Far Left and Right, but to oppose Israeli expansion out-side (I say 1948, others say 1967 borders) Israel proper is not Antisemitism, even if it is Anti-Zionism. Nor is it Antisemitism to oppose human rights violations or war crimes committed by Israel – as the article says – it becomes dangerous when there are double standards involved, or when the entire Jewish People is implicated, or when those human rights violations and war-crimes are attributed to the perpetrators’ Jewishness.

Israel is the Homeland of the Jews, also for those who do not live their, because for most, whether they are religious or not, it is as close as they feel they ever going to get to a fulfillment of a promise to their forefathers.

The only thing I do NOT agree with is the idea of Jews not being a People.

2 Responses to “On the matter of Anti-Zionism”

  1. Mel said

    Israel is a homeland embedded in an Arab homeland. Furthermore the Ashkanazis are descendants of the Khazars. It’s ludicrious to think that these people are the biblical Hebrews who are claiming their birthright. The biblical Hebrews vanished a long time ago, they intermarried, were persecuted ect… Recall that a large percentage of jews remained in Babylon after Cyrus liberated them.

    “also for those who do not live their, because for most, whether they are religious or not, it is as close as they feel they ever going to get to a fulfillment of a promise to their forefathers.”

    Very nice. I’m sure its comforting for the Palestinian family that is driven out of their land to know that some faceless individual will inherit their land because their ‘ancestors’ lived on it centuries ago. I like how that entire piece of land is reserved for God’s chosen people who can stay absent for centuries, then make their entrance at the point of a gun and just steal everything in sight.

    Oh you have the right to “criticize” Israel politically the zionazis will tell you, but doing so is like walking on eggshells. It’s ok to demean Muslims online in idiotic shows like Boston Legal and 24, but question Israeli barbarism in the occupied territories, and you can kiss your life goodbye. It’s ok to publish xenophobic cartoons on Mohammad, that’s freedom of speech, but if you publish literature questioning the holocaust then the same Zionists who love free speech so much will cart your ass of to jail.


  2. I fail to see how any of what you say has any bearing on the content of this blog. Which is why I have blocked you from further comments here, as it is clear that you are not here to comment, but to preach your Radical Left Garbage. If I want to read that I can get more intelligent comments from


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