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On Israel and UN Resolutions

July 27, 2006 3:42 AM

these two UN resolutions:

Palestinian have the right to Self-Determination.

General Assembly Resolution 3236, November 22, 1974

Affirms “the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine…to self-determination without external interference” and “to national independence and sovereignty.”

Reaffirmation of a Palestinian State.

Security Council Resolution 1397, March 12, 2002

Affirms “a vision of a region where two states, Israel and Palestine, live side by side within secure and recognized borders.”

Are hardly against Israel and hardly contested by Israel. Show me where Israel has ever denied a two state solution? OR the Palestinian People’s right to such a state.

Do you know WHY Israel decided to capture all of Jerusalem in 1967?

Because the Arabs controlling it, blocked Jewish citizens from visiting the Western Wall and other important religious sites, something that had been a stipulation at the division in 1947 – that the Jewish People should have access to their Holy Sites without harassment and risk to their lives.

Do Arabs have free access to the Temple Mount? Yes.
What happens if s Jew decides to visit the Temple Mount? The Arbs decide to start another intifada by throwing stones at the Jews who are praying below them at the Western Wall – killing among others a nine month old baby.

One problem with UN Resolutions is that they can only be issued to Sovereign States.

Some “genius” tried to use the fact and the number of UN Resolutions against Israel as “proof” that Israel must be a really bad guy, or the UN would not have to issue all those resolutions…

Lets look at the facts.

A Geographical overview:
The blue speck in the middle is Israel…
This is the proportion of votes in UN when it comes to resolutions against Israel – 22 to 1 – then Israel might be able to pick up a few votes, the US certainly, perhaps one or two stray countries – but the Arabs are sure to pick up Russia, China (who will both vote against the US, and the majority of European countries – now we can start to speak about disproportionality – don’t you think?

The “Genius” from above also tried to make a case for the Palestinians through the fact that they had no UN Resolutions against them…

The fact the only actual Sovreign States can be subject to them plays directly into the hands of the Arabs. It means that as long as the Palestinians refuse to actually SETTLE within the borders of 1948, in the Homeland that they are guaranteed, by both the UN and Israel, there is no way the UN can issue resolutions against them for their Terror attacks on Israel, right?  Makes you wonder what is the real reason the Palestinians have not settled down…

And then we have the matter of disproportionality again – 22-1 with a few stray votes here and there – but 22-1 is always the base proportion.

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