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What I said:

Welcome to this Collection…

…of every thing I have said on the matter of Israel-Palestine. Over the years I have been accused of being Blindly Pro-Israeli. People have accused me of being an Israel Apologist, Nazionist, Racist, Islamophobe, Anti-Arab and other things all implicative that I am violently against the Palestinians and hypocritically for Israel. Not even when I have clearly spelled it out have people seen or heard the truth about what is really my view.

So I decided to collect every post and comment I have ever made in Care2, so that people can easily access it and verify for themselves what I have actually said and not said, and from that form an opinion as to the truthfulness of the above mentioned accusations.

Below are all pages in this Blog pertaining to some thing I have said or posted in Care2 on the matter.

Note: This collection is a work in progress, so each page will be either added to or new pages will be written, please check back for up-dates.

Silly Old Bear aka Dov aka Shadow Bear aka Henric Jensen


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