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An Anti-Semite Quoted

The guy quoted below claims that he is not an Anti-Semite…read and judge for yourselves


  I am NOT an Antisemite!!


“I never separated the Zionists and the Jews in this thread or anywhere.”


“When Jews stop being anti-everyone except themselves will we be able to come to a peaceful understanding.”


“There needs to be equality. If there were, then we would not have to condemn the Palestinians and find excuses for the Jews.”


“I respect people’s right to their beliefs and think that this is just another ploy by the Americans and Jews to make the Muslims more equated to terrorism.”


“The Americans and Jews needed another example of how Muslims get too emotional and violent over what most of the world might deem as “trivial”.


“And when all is said and done,
I’ll go a step further and say that the militant wings of Islam havebeen made possible by its oppressors. Yes, the U.S., Israel, and Jews around the world.”


“There’s no denying that these 3 groups—Israelis, Jews elsewhere, and Americans, are working hand-in-hand to make Muslims look bad.”


“Again, you are making ridiculous requests that I prove how every Jew around the world thinks. Haven’t you heard of representative populations?”


“Although the holocaust may be a more than Jewish issue, it seems the Jews are monopolizing it.”


“why aren’t you and her ashamed for what Jews are doing to others?”


“It seems you don’t want peace. It seems you want to invade other people’s property, take it over, and rape their wives as well.”
[note: those two are connected – I asked what he meant by “you” and he explained what he meant]:
“The fact is that by “you”, I mean Jews and the people who support them. I would guess you are Jewish, seeing as you host a Jewish group. ”


“Jews are fair game for criticism, seeing as Judaism is a religion.”


” I suppose that the Jews have no propaganda, right?”


“except for Bear being ethnocentric and part of the Jewish propaganda machine.”


“Just because I speak out against the Jews doesn’t make me anti-semitic.”


“The Zionists swearing on a stack of Bibles means nothing because they are prejudiced in this matter.”


“But you must admit that a Zionist swearing on something related to a Palestinian-Jewish conflict means nothing.”


“Get a debate started and you’ll see that the Jews will lose the argument and the sentiment of the public in almost every turn.”


“Here I am, the world’s newest Jew. Since I can be atheist and jew, I have chosen to be so. I don’t have a Jewish mother. I don’t have any Jewish relatives. And since Dov so clearly explained what a Jew is in another there si nothing anyone, including he and Ket, can say to take away my right to be Jewish. I swear I’ll try and sustain a high moral quality, for I wouldn’t want to be a lazy Jew or an embarrassment to Jews worldwide. I swear, I’ll read my 2 favourite Jews all over again—Marx and Chomsky. But they are infidels. maybe I shouldn’t. Darn it’s so difficult to be Jewish.


But, as we all know, tell me off a bit too much, and I’ll use the nti-Semite card for anything even remotely resembling you saying nything 10 times removed about Israel or Jews or Judaism or Zionazis. Do beware. i have a trumped deck—yep, 53 cards.


So now I can be better able to spew hate and pull out my card when attacked. The beauty of it all. No wonder … and Dov love being Jewish. You can’t lose. YET.


Maybe I should change my name from … to “proud special status person”. I think we should have our own private Semite parking spaces and anyone e don’t like who parks in them should be called an anti-Semite and be duly punished by having their license revoked till it is reviewed by a Zionist triumvirate to see if the infidel in the space is worthy of having his permit back.”


“I only said that Jews in Canada control the media.”


“You see, it is easy to hide Jewish-owned “things”, like media by hiding behind your ethnicity.”


“Agreed, I did interchange Israel and Jews incorrectly sometimes, but you have to admit that Jews and Israel are most often interchangeable.”


“Yes, in this matter, I WILL blame the Jews if it is they who are governing Israel and causing this apartheid.”


“I’d love to have you 3 zionists in Montreal. You’d be muzzled in no time.”


“What a funny lot Zionists and their lovers are. Have you people no shame? Have you people not an ounce of regret for what you are promoting and/or defending?”


“Get a clue and realise that we are now past the stage of denying the evils of Israel and the Zionists and have reached the stage of a backlash against said groups for the bloody terrorists they are.”


It really doesn’t get more anti-semitic than this. Sad.


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