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Anti-Semitism – An Essay



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On the Matter of Antisemitism 1 (Section2; (Section 3)
The matter of if some people are Anti-Semites or not – that issue originally came up in HRN after one poster repeatedly expressed himself in a manner that was clearly Anti-Semitic, and it got progressively worse as this was pointed out. For me the Issue of Israel/Palestine, as a matter of discussion doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Anti-Semitism per se. But when Anti-Semitic sentiments, expressions and ideas are laid open in such discussions, I again see it as my human duty to object. Unfortunately for some, there are strong elements of Anti-Semitism in what is generally called Anti-Zionism. When such elements surface, I again see it as my human duty to point this out and object. It is rather easy to see why there would be Anti-Semitic sentiments incorporated in Anti-Zionism. It is rather logical – Zionism in its simplest form is the political, and for some religious, struggle to create and maintain a National Homeland for the Jewish people. To be against this, i.e to be Anti-Zionist, ultimately means that one is against the rights of the Jewish People to have a Homeland, a Nationality, something that is clearly stated in UDHR Article 15 “Everyone has the right to a nationality.” Thus one is ultimately against the Jewish People, because one wants to deny them their human rights. It is regrettable that the Left, which has traditionally stood for equal rights for all, has in so many ways become allies with the Right on the issue of the Jewish People. I am fully aware that this is not true for most people on the Left, but it is certainly true for the Radical Far Left. In its endeavor to bring justice to the Palestinians and make sure they got their Homeland, the Far Left forgot that on both sides are People with the same basic rights. While one can justifiably and rightly bring criticism against the Israeli Government and those that command the IDF – and believe it or not, Israelis are usually the first to do so, which can be seen in the current National Criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defence Minister Amir Peretz, holding ALL Israelis, ALL Jews and ANYONE who choose to support the idea of a Jewish National Home responsible for the actions of a few can hardly be called justifiable or right. It is this that makes the Anti-Zionism embraced by the Radical Far Left Anti-Semitic, and those holding to those ideas Anti-Semites. As is often the case with Radical Movements, the Radical Far Left uses bigger words, harsher tones, extreme hyperbole, inaccurate comparisons and one-sided arguments when they want to bring the issue of Israel/Palestine to the fore. In doing so they risk stepping over a line that, whether they intend to or not put them in the same boat with the Extreme Far Right on the issue of the Jewish People. It is not uncommon that information is collected from Web Sites and Literature that is used by both Movements. Nor is it uncommon that information is collected from Web Sites that, without being directly connected to the Far Right, use the same Anti-Semitic jargong as those. One such examlpe of similarities in argumentation and sentiments is and – the former is decidely Extreme Far Right, the latter is decidedly Extreme Far Left – and both contain similar lists of Anti-Semitic documents, such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. By allying itself with the Extreme Far Right in this manner, the Radical Far Left looses not just its credibility as a voice for Human Rights for ALL, but it also in many ways become that which its claims to be objecting to. There really was no difference between The Dictatorship of General Franco and the Dictatorship of Chaiman Mao, in terms of Anti-Semitism and Human Rights. It is ironic that many of the first Leftists were Jewish, because if they were alive today I doubt they would recognize very much of their ideas in what has become the Radical Far Left.


On the matter of Anti-Semitism 2


A guy, whom I see as one of the most insidious Anti-Semites in Care2 posted this little Gem:


“here i am, the world’s newest Jew. Since I can be atheist and jew, I have chosen to be so. I don’t have a jewish mother. I don’t have any Jewish relatives. And since Dov so claerly explained what a Jew is in another there si nothing anyone, including he and Ket, can say to take away my right to be Jewish. I swear I’ll try and sustain a high moral quality, for I wouldn’t want to be a lazy Jew or an embarrassment to Jews worldwide. I swear, I’ll read my 2 favourite Jews all over again—Marx and Chomske. But they are infidels. maybe I shouldn’t. Darn it’s so difficult to be Jewish.But, as we all know, tell me off a bit too much, and I’ll use the anti-Semite card for anything even remotely resembling you saying anything 10 times removed about Israel or Jews or Judaism or Zionazis. So beware. i have a trumped deck—yep, 53 cards.

So now I can be better able to spew hate and pull out my card when attacked. The beauty of itall. No wonder […] and Dov love being jewish. You can’t lose. YET.

Maybe I should change my name from […] to “proud special status person”. I think we should have our own private Semite parking spaces and anyone we don’t like who parks in them should be called an anti-Semite and be duly punished by having their license revoked till it is reviewed by a Zionist triumverate to see if the infidel in the space is worthy of having his permit back.

I’m gettinmg so many ideas. That’s all for now.”

You might wanna take that up with a Rabbi – see you need a Rabbi for a formal conversion to be Jewish unless you were born by a Jewish Mother… so whatever you say – you’re not Jewish, and I doubt you’d ever pass through the eye of the needle – you’d fall flat on your face, stumbling on your own insincerity…and arrogance.


For the record: I said “The only way you can be or become Jewish is either through birth or conversion.” – you are using […]’s definition of who is Jewish, not mine – and […] isn’t Jewish, so her definition really doesn’t matter.


You can call yourself whatever you want […], but the rest of us all know that this is just another of your attempts at insulting the Jewish People. An anti-semite through and through.”


There was a lot of rattling and shaking of fists – and then the thread was brought back to some resemblence of order.


“I did not attack anyone on the first post. i simply put down in an overdone manner what you nad some others say. Show me where I have insulted anyone.”

Like I said – you calling yourself a Jew is an insult to the Jewish People – the entire post is an insult to the ENTIRE Jewish People. I don’t expect a man of limited resources as yourself to see that, but all in this thread, except you, have agreed on this – don’t you see that? Or is the fact that we all here, except you, are in agreement on this some sign to you that you are right, and no insult has been made by you?


“I attempted to show how Jews are seen by others and why they are seen in this way.”

And the reason that Jews are seen this way by others is because of Anti-Semitism. I know, you probably don’t believe me, but it is the plain truth. Those sentiments that you expressed through your “parody” are so deeply Anti-Semitic and go back in history so far that it is hard to know just where it started. To understand how those sentiments are Anti-Semitic, one has to understand the Jewish mind, one has to understand Jewish History from a Jewish point.


“The problem most people have with “jewish” is that it is unclear what a jew is and it goes deeper than having a Jewsih mother and being converted. The problem is that you also say that it is a religion, an ethnicity, and a culture. You also say that I can be an atheist and a Jew.”

Yes. Why is that a problem? It is all of the above – and the only requirement for being Jewish is that you are either born by a Jewish Mother or converted.


What makes you Canadian/Greek? What makes a Palestinian a Palestinian? How do you know that you are YOU?


It is only a problem if you want it to be, and if you think it is important to define someone as Jewish or Greek/Candian or Palestinian. Otherwise it is really irrelevant.


“but people make it relevant.”

Yes, and that is Anti-Semitism, it is ethnic/cultural/religious profiling, and that is racism, and racism directed at the Jewish people is called Anti-Semitism.


“They use religion to start wars and hate. Greek is not a religion. It is an ethnicity and a culture.”

Most Jews do not consider themselves religious, even if they practice Jewish religious and cultural Traditions, the Religion is inseparable from the Jewish Culture and Ethnicity, just as the Culture and Etnicity are inseparable from the Religion – which makes it an Identity, where all those parts are inseperable. Atheist Jews still practice Judaism.


“That’s where the problem lies with Judaism.”

It is a problem only if you make it a problem. The Arabs made it a problem for 1400 years. The Xians have made it a problem for over 2000 years, before that the Romans made it a problem, before that the Assyrians and the Babylonians made it a problem, and before that Egypt made it a Problem. The World in one form or another, regardless of who was the Ruler at the time has made the Jewish People a problem for themselves and the Jewish People, and that, […], is Anti-Semitism. Now you are making it a Problem – when there really is no problem.


For Millenia people have said: “if only the Jews weren’t Jewish, there wouldn’t be a Problem, for them or Us”.


The Modern Times version of this is very well expressed by Andrew Winkler, the Editor in Chief of


“In that sense, there is no such thing as a good Jew. For a Jew to become a valuable human being, they must recant Jewishness and become what’s known as former or recovering Jew. They must embrace unreservedly the rest of mankind as their equals, regardless of their heritage, nationality, religion or race. They must become Earthians, no more and no less.”

Note phrasing that implies being Jewish is a disease, something to recover from, like the plague. This kind of reasoning is no better than the reasoning used by Fundamentalist Xians when they attack Gays. In fact it’s exactly the same…


At least he’ll allow us to live – most other have taken their best shot at exterminate us to solve “the Jewish Problem”.


The guy I quoted in the beginning of this Blog Entry also said this:


“I thought it was time to bring up the Jewish question in order to see what behaviour would come out of it and how appreciated it would be in a progressive group.”

“The Jewish Question” – by all means put us back in the 19th and early to mid 20th centuries…


“A famous negative reply to the issue was penned by Bruno Bauer, The Jewish Question, (Braunschweig, 1843). he askes the question “The German Jews desire emancipation. What kind of emancipation do they desire? Civic, political emancipation.”

Karl Marx answers:


“The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.

A phrase that has been misunderstood and misused by the Radical Far Left to mean “The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from the Jews.Andrew Winkler hooks onto this misinterpretation of Marx’s words, demanding that the Jew stop being Jewish in a cultural and ethnic sense as well as religiously – but that is not what Karl Marx was saying. He wasn’t an Anti-Semite, nor was he a self-hating Jew – For Marx being Jewish is an Identity, i.e it is something he IS (even if he converted to Catholicism) – he never denied being Jewish. Karl Marx opposed any kind of Religion, also the Jewish Religion – but as Religion is not the only signifier for being Jewish (Marx would have known this, being Jewish) Karl Marx has no objection to the Cultural and Ethnic definitions of being Jewish.


Poor Marx, if he only knew that he was being used as an excuse for exterminating his People…


The mistake made here by the Radical Far Left is that they understand “being Jewish” from a Xian mind-set, i.e it’s connected to faith/beliefs – but Karl Marx approaches the issue from a Jewish Mind-set in which beliefs don’t have anything to do with identifying as Jewish.


On the matter of Anti-Semitism 3


Basic Tactics of the Radical Far Left

1. Ask Rhetorical Questions or Questions that in it’s body carries one or several assumptions/presuppositions.




“Why do you Zionists support a murderous and genocidal Government?”


The person asking this kind of question isn’t interested in getting an answer. He or she is disguising a truck load of prejudice, presuppositions and logically fallacious assumptions for the purpose of propaganda, in the form of a question. This is a set up that wants its target to start defending him or herself against the numerous allegations brought through those prejudices, presuppositions and logically fallacious assumptions – best answered by pointing out that the question is not a real question, like I just did. Note that “Zionist” is a RFL buzzword for “Jew” or someone either married to a Jew or not having displayed enough Anti-Israeli sentiments throughout the debate.


If you engage in answering the question, the person asking has succeeded in his or her mission, to distract attention from the real debate, which most likely is about some imaginary fact he or she brought earlier. Stick to debunking the fallacies of those facts using objective and verifiable facts from objective sources, and you will be fine. Remember that you are not debating the person behind the posting, you are debating the ideas expressed in the posting.


2. Make blanket statements about Jews and belittle them.


“Get a debate started and you’ll see that the Jews will lose the argument and the sentiment of the public in almost every turn.”


Here’s a blatant Anti-Semitic statement – it really cannot be any clearer than this. The best way to deal with that is to point out that it is a blanket statement that targets all Jewish People.


This kind of statement will surface when there are no other viable arguments accessible to the RFL – next will be the allegation that you are either a Nazi or a Racist. This is a sure sign that you have those people backed into a corner. You can safely leave the debate knowing that you did well.


3. Refuse to answer any questions pertaining to the issue – such as the source of their facts, and countering with more None-Question like above.

This is staple food for the RFL, especially if the person you are debating is not particularly intelligent or capable of gleaning information from diverse sources. Chances are that they have not understood your questions – chances are also that they have understood your questions, but doesn’t like the answers they come up with, and don’t want to be caught being incorrect. Most likely they are refusing to answer your questions as an attempt to silence you through ignoring you, at the same time try to make you look bad by bombarding you with questions based in prejudice, presuppositions and logically fallacious assumptions. Keep pointing out that they are not answering your questions – list your questions so that it becomes clear exactly what they do not want to answer – again remember that you are not debating the person behind the posting, you are debating the ideas expressed, and each post they make gives you an opportunity to debunk those ideas. That is why you are debating them.


4. Cut and paste News articles from sources that are viciously Anti-Semitic/Anti-Zionist, along with pictures that has little or nothing to do with the objective Topic of the debate.


This is the most aggressive tactic in their arsenal – apart from personal attacks and accusations of being a Nazi/Racist – and they have only one purpose: To derail any intelligent debate and appeal to iemotions. Those Cut and Paste Bombings are often given highly aggressive and unfactual Titles, intended to grab attention and steer the discussion away from rational arguments in to the quagmire of “defense/attack”.5. “Two wrongs always make One right” or “They did it first…”.


They will defend the use of terrorism by pointing out that Israel or Groups of Jewish people have in the past acted similarly, often accompanying their assertions with references to the Stern-Gang, Lehi and Irgun, using past incidents as justification for present acts of terrorism against Jews and Israel. They will, when the irrelevance of those references are pointed out, claim that you are supporting Israeli Military Terrorism against the defenseless Palestinian People, who are just defending themselves, and because you do that, Palestinian terrorism is naturally justifiable and right.


6. Re-Defining established definitions of concepts such as “Genocide”, “Anti-Semitism” “Terrorist”.

Genocide, in the vocabulary of the RFL, becomes any harm to or death of a Palestinian, regardless of who killed or why. Anti-Semitism in their dictionary has little or nothing to do with hate of the Jewish People. It now means “hatred for any person belonging to the Semitic language Group, EXCEPT the Jews…”. Terrorist is no longer a person that carries out acts of Terrorism against innocent civilians, iit is proud, patriotic and g-dfearing “freedom fighter” who is only doing what he or she needs to to achieve his or her goal – in this case the utter annihilation of the Jewish People.

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