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The Nature of Evil

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on October 14, 2009

Americans are generally extremely stupid people. Appearances are all that matters. If people can laugh at you, you have “lost” the debate… it doesn’t matter that the joke is in reality on the joker, as it proves that the joker is just a clueless, ignorant idiot. You see, the audience doesn’t understand this. They see someone making a joke and laughing, and her friends laughing too, so they laugh too. It must be funny, why would people laugh otherwise? Extremely stupid. Ketutar, from In Reply

I commented on the post:

“Intelligence is the ability to combine and apply one’s knowledge to real life and practical situations.”

Unfortunately for most righteous and upstanding people, intelligence is a-moral and a-ethical.

It’s no comfort, Ket, but being a rocket scientist isn’t all that. Bullies are by definition evil (and I use the word evil in its most basic meaning here – ‘opposed to that which is good, moral and ethical’.) – it may be that they have become so as a result of having been bullied themselves at one time or another, and in the case of the rocket scientist I am sure that is the case – nevertheless, she’s evil simply be3cause she chooses to bully and think it’s a good thing.

“All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke ~

You were hurt because evil decided to attack you, and ‘good people’ did nothing. ‘Good people’ decided that they were either too cowardly or too busy to do anything.

You are absolutely right – bullies tend to have that effect on ‘good people’ – they give the bullies a wide berth out of fear of being bullied themselves. That is how a few malicious and evil people can take over and control an entire Online Community (or country) – through the ‘terror of what might happen to me if I say anything’ – the bullies don’t really have to do anything, all they have to do is ‘give a few examples’ and the ’suggestion’ of the ‘terror’.

That is the nature of bullying – the actual incidents aren’t the worst – they can often be just basic verbal fisticuffs, with very little substance – the worst is the ‘terror’ it invokes in the victims, the gnawing anticipation of another attack. That’s why it works.

You did well to leave Care2. I think all of us who left Care2 because of this bully, her cronies and their cronies, including all the sock puppets, which made them seem as if they were so many more than you, me and our friends (because we didn’t use sock puppets to harass people; did well.

Yes you are right, Americans as a people are extremely stupid. Not all Americans are stupid, but the American People is. They live in a country where ’shallow’, ignorant’ and ’selfish’ are considered virtues. Where ‘helping your neighbor by paying taxes’ is considered communism and ‘might is right’ is the personal and public creed and where the color of your skin, your yearly income and ‘fame’ either buys you the right to vote or excludes you from society all together. How can they be other than stupid, they are raised to think that being stupid is smart and evil is good, that if you convince enough people that you are right through threats, terror and name-calling, you must naturally be right.



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Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 28, 2007

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me!”

I really wish we’d stop saying the above – because it is one of the biggest lies ever told to mankind. Millions and millions of kids and young adult world-wide are bullied every day, by schoolmates, siblings, parents, teachers, team-mates, and so called friends.

As a survivor of bullying, I still suffer the consequences – social anxiety, panic attacks, night-mares, PTSD, physical pain-reactions etc. Only compassion with those who would have to clean up after my bullycide have kept me from actively killing myself as a child, a young adult and later.

How ever macabre it seems – I like the word “bullycide” – because it puts the responsibility for the deaths of many, many kids and young adults squarely where it belongs – with the bullies.

Bullying is nothing but delayed murder, regardless of whether the victim kill themselves or not.

The most horrifying thing about all of this is that as a Society, we encourage bullying, we endorse it. By teaching our kids that being the best, the smartest, the most beautiful, slimmest, strongest etc, we set them up to point at others as “second-rate” human beings, objects of ridicule, disrespect, violence and bullying or we set them up to be victims of those who consider them second-rate human beings. Either way, the responsibility is ours.

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USA – A Society of Bullies?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 5, 2007

“Your Rights end where My Rights begin.”

“If you are not with me, you are against me.”

“Freedom of Speech means I may say anything I wish, and you may not say everything you wish.”

“If I think you are inferior to me, it is because you are.”

“Self-defense means I have the right to intrude on your space if I think you are wrong or pose a threat in my imagination.”

So does this mean you’re still the greatest country in the world?
You can bet your a** we are!

The USonian sentiment in a nutshell.

But let’s take the statements above the horizontal line one by one:

“Your Rights end where My Rights begin.”

This has been grained into the USonian National mind during the short time it has existed (231 years) to such a degree, that pointing out the error of this thinking seems futile. The entire US National interaction with the rest of the world is based on this idea – that the USA have rights that other Nations do not have, either because they (in the National USonian mind) are inferior to the US or because they do not share it’s opinions or because they choose to disagree with the Foreign Policies of the USA, or because the USonians say so.

Most USonians I have met on-line seriously believe that they have the right to determine what are the rights of others, and when or in what way those rights have been violated – which by their reckoning is never, since they think that they never violate the rights of others, regardless of nationality of “the other”, but especially non-USonians. If you disagree you are engaging in US-bashing and hate USonians.

Typical Bully Thinking.

“If you are not with me, you are against me.”

No-one has said this better than the current President of the USA:

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” – thus saying that ANYONE not immidiately cow-toeing to US policies in relations to not just the few terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attack, but any kind of Foreign Policy that could be construed to by implication be in relation to anyone opposing the US in its policies regarding the attack on 9/11 is by automation against the US. But this is not just a present idea – it has been the mode of thought in the USA since it’s inception.

The same was true of the USA of George Washington and the Founding Fathers of the USA, it has been true of any USonian Government that in anyway has perceived itself under some kind of attack. The result has always been the same – attack or repercussions.

To many USonians I have met on-line disagreement with their point of view or opinion is a personal insult, for which they will retaliate with insults, name-calling, verbal witch-hunts, lynch-mobs and above all continueous harassment and bullying whenever they have a chance. If you lack in proper respect (which is arbitrarily determined by them from instance to instance) for their superior USonianism you are automatically seen as the enemy of them personally, and of the US in general.

Typical Bully Thinking.

“Freedom of Speech means I may say anything I wish, and you may not say everything you wish.”

Nowhere has the concept of Freedom of Speech been abused so much as in the USA – it doesn’t matter that Freedom of Speech (originally a Finnish concept) was invented to safe-guard the right of the people to criticize their government without fear of reprisal – in the application of the USonian Constitution it has come to mean ANY kind of speech, not just that which criticizes the US government, but any speech also between individuals, totally in disregard of any social and cultural conventions, that normally govern human interactions.

Most USonians I have met on-line have this peculiar idea that Freedom of Speech is not only to be defined by them from instance to instance (the major tool for assessment is whether they agree with what is said or not) but it also means that they may engage in name-calling, slander, libel, verbal harassment and general bad-mouthing, but you may not defend yourself or speak up against such speech, because then you are violating their Constitutional right to trash you in any way they like. And you most certainly may not respond in kind, because that is not your right.

Typical Bully Thinking.

“If I think you are inferior to me, it is because you are.”

“Strength and Might is everything” and “Whoever has the most toys at the end of life wins…” These ideas have governed the USA relations to the World ever since it came into being. If it’s possible to force anyone to agreement, submission, or concessions, then the one forcing must be right – the methods, manners and means used to accomplished this is irrelevant, as long as the USA can claim to itself that it is Superior to all others.

Most USonians I have met on-line truly believe that any non-USonian is inferior to them, by default. Circular thinking at best, and supreme arrogance in general. You are inferior to them simply they say so. Those USonians are NEVER wrong and few of them would admit it if the thought by chance ever crossed their minds. Apologizing is admitting that one is wrong, being wrong is a weakness and that is why many USonians never apologize even when it’s clear that they have stepped in it.

Typical Bully Thinking.

“Self-defense means I have the right to intrude on your space if I think you are wrong or pose a threat in my imagination.”

No Nation has ever been as prolific in its illegal warfare as the USA. It has invaded more other nations in the name of defending “Our Freedom” than any other nation during the last 231 years. The USA National Entity not only operates under the notion that anything not USonian is a threat to the USonian State, it truly believes that it has the right to attack other nations simply because those nations do not share its ideas and policies. No wonder that so many USonians believe they have the right to attack in defense of themselves even before they have been attacked. Their National Identity is built on the idea that anything not specifically USonian is a threat to their freedom.

In short this can be translated “Offense is the best Defense” – and since most USonians I have met on-line feel that any disagreement is an attack on their person, they will preempt any such attack by attacking you first. Those USonians never attack anybody, they merely defend themselves.

Typical Bully Thinking.

I am sure that I will receive bunches of hate-mail and hateful comments on this post, especially, I think, people will claim that I am accusing all USonians of being bullies – let me put it this way – if the shoe fits, wear it. I really don’t care, those who can read and care to understand what I have written, will see the absurdity of such claims.

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A Xtian Call to accept and endorse bullying

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 5, 2007

“Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.The Christian Action League has just learned that the pro-homosexual “The Bullying Bill” is scheduled to be heard in the N.C. Senate Judiciary 2 Committee next Tuesday, July 24. We need you to contact your member of the State Senate NOW and ask him or her to OPPOSE this bill!If you recall from earlier this session, the State House passed House Bill 1366-School Violence Prevention Act. This bill, also known as the “Bullying Bill,” would grant special legal protections for individuals (namely public school students and employees) identifying with or engaging in homosexuality, bisexuality, cross dressing and other “alternative” sexual behaviors.”

This isn’t News – and I should have posted on it much earlier – but never got around to it. As said the uproar in the Christian Action League, is not news. The general Xian approach to GLBT people has always been one of hatred, bigotry and intolerance, so that they would oppose a legislative move that actually protects GLBT students and employees is no surprise.

They apparently do not realize that they by opposing such a legislative measure are in fact admitting that they not only accept bullying in schools, but in fact are endorsing it. But then again that isn’t really news, or even surprising – Xianism has always carried within it this kind of sentiment. In my entries Sanctimonious Bullshit and Sanctimonius Bullshit Part 2 I address this inherent hatred for anything non-Xian:

“Coming from an adherent of one of the most murderous religions on earth. Next he will be saying that we cannot judge Xtianism by a “few bad eggs” during the last 2000 years – yet that is exactly what he is doing with Islam. He is judging an entire religion and all its adherents as “not peaceful” on account of a fraction of 300 million Muslims…How about reading about not judging instead of praying?

“Mat 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. ”

“I am judging Xianism for what it is today – and it is still murderous. It still preaches the Global conversion of Jews, Pagans, Muslims and others, to whom it’s equal to spiritual suicide to convert to a religion not of their ancestors. Unfortunately this command to commit spiritual murder is in the Greek Scriptures, along side a whole lot of other Anti-other-religions speech.

If you believe that Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists and all others who are not Xians should convert to Xianism, then you are an adherent of one of the most murderous religions on earth – TODAY.”

And from this Entry: The finer points of Hypocrisy…

“That you are a Xian and believe as you do should have no bearing on anyone else’s behavior – but yours, and you just managed to tie yourself a nice little intellectual noose made up of 4 curls – happy hanging!”

The pivotal point being Matthew 28:19- 20:

“Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

Under this “umbrella” most Xians, not all, take the view that not only is everybody else’s view of G-d and spirituality inherently wrong and needs correction, they (Xians) have the right to “point this out” at every convenient or inconvenient occasion.

This hysterical opposition to a Bill that would safe-guard the physical and emotional well fare of hundreds, if not thousands of school kids and students and employees, is just another expression of this megalomaniac, arrogant and intolerant view of humanity.

They are more concerned with their view of “morals” than they are about real young people being bashed, harassed, bullied, possibly killed because they do not meet the “moral requirements” of a specific religious interpretation, in a society that is Constitutionally bound to separate religion from politics.

When that Secular Society decides to extend to its citizens the rights and protections that are Universally accepted as the rights and protections of all people, the Christian Action League opposes this measure and attempts to impose its religious values on that Secular Society, to the endangerment of people who, in the narrow-minded world of the CAL have no right to protection, because they are “sinners”.

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How to Manipulate and Confuse People…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 25, 2007

into doing your dirty work.

  1. find a really juicy piece of gossip, “news”, and/or blog entry – look anywhere in the Net if you have to.
  2. find a discussion forum post that attempts to make a point through exaggerated violent and threatening language in which the author explains that the exaggeration is for illustration purposes only, and not intended to be anything else.
  3. find the biggest picture of the Blog Entry Author and use that as an illustration for a news post on a News Story about the two items you found in step 1 and 2 – make sure you post in Trebuchet 8pt, so it’s hard to read.
  4. send out email messages to all your friends and their friends in a site that has more than 6 million members telling them how the Blog Author and the Exaggerator is threatening their personal security. Make sure that you have your Martyr Cap on, so people will forget to separate the two issues from each other out of sympathy for you and your closest friend.
  5. conveniently edit out the explanation from the Exaggerator’s comment when you speak about it – so people get the impression that there really was a genuine threat expressed.
  6. as people gather to eat from your hand use the Chicken Little approach and fuel their fears.
  7. Used expressions such as “these people”, “gang”, “thugs” etc, so it seems that you’re speaking of MANY, and not just #1 and #2.
  8. This is guaranteed to make all who see your news so confused that they will note it or digg it out of pure misunderstanding.
  9. mix in large amounts of garbled conspiracy theories. Sit back and watch the chaos evolve and character assassinations run their course.

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