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The Nature of Evil

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on October 14, 2009

Americans are generally extremely stupid people. Appearances are all that matters. If people can laugh at you, you have “lost” the debate… it doesn’t matter that the joke is in reality on the joker, as it proves that the joker is just a clueless, ignorant idiot. You see, the audience doesn’t understand this. They see someone making a joke and laughing, and her friends laughing too, so they laugh too. It must be funny, why would people laugh otherwise? Extremely stupid. Ketutar, from In Reply

I commented on the post:

“Intelligence is the ability to combine and apply one’s knowledge to real life and practical situations.”

Unfortunately for most righteous and upstanding people, intelligence is a-moral and a-ethical.

It’s no comfort, Ket, but being a rocket scientist isn’t all that. Bullies are by definition evil (and I use the word evil in its most basic meaning here – ‘opposed to that which is good, moral and ethical’.) – it may be that they have become so as a result of having been bullied themselves at one time or another, and in the case of the rocket scientist I am sure that is the case – nevertheless, she’s evil simply be3cause she chooses to bully and think it’s a good thing.

“All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke ~

You were hurt because evil decided to attack you, and ‘good people’ did nothing. ‘Good people’ decided that they were either too cowardly or too busy to do anything.

You are absolutely right – bullies tend to have that effect on ‘good people’ – they give the bullies a wide berth out of fear of being bullied themselves. That is how a few malicious and evil people can take over and control an entire Online Community (or country) – through the ‘terror of what might happen to me if I say anything’ – the bullies don’t really have to do anything, all they have to do is ‘give a few examples’ and the ’suggestion’ of the ‘terror’.

That is the nature of bullying – the actual incidents aren’t the worst – they can often be just basic verbal fisticuffs, with very little substance – the worst is the ‘terror’ it invokes in the victims, the gnawing anticipation of another attack. That’s why it works.

You did well to leave Care2. I think all of us who left Care2 because of this bully, her cronies and their cronies, including all the sock puppets, which made them seem as if they were so many more than you, me and our friends (because we didn’t use sock puppets to harass people; did well.

Yes you are right, Americans as a people are extremely stupid. Not all Americans are stupid, but the American People is. They live in a country where ’shallow’, ignorant’ and ’selfish’ are considered virtues. Where ‘helping your neighbor by paying taxes’ is considered communism and ‘might is right’ is the personal and public creed and where the color of your skin, your yearly income and ‘fame’ either buys you the right to vote or excludes you from society all together. How can they be other than stupid, they are raised to think that being stupid is smart and evil is good, that if you convince enough people that you are right through threats, terror and name-calling, you must naturally be right.



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On the Matter of Feminism and Domestic Violence

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 23, 2009

“- Please be aware that in the midst of a serious discussion on gender issues, posting cruel or mocking humor tends to escalate things and upset people.  What seems funny to you might seem very offensive to someone else, and in any case distracts from the seriousness of such a discussion.” (From a Group’s guidelines on how to conduct a discussion on the matter of f.i Feminism)

– The guide lines were updated after “The Sweet Pink Rules of Feminism” (posted below) was posted and resulted in one woman sarcastically attacking a man’s sources of statistics and generally belittling men who are abused by women and another man pointing out to her that sarcasm is a form of verbal abuse and that he would not feel safe with her given the level of prejudice she exhibits through that  use of sarcasm and belittling.

The addition to the guide lines of that Group was clearly made to make sure that status quo is maintained – i.e women remain innocent victims of male abuse, and men remain monstrous perpetrators of such abuse in the minds of people – women are not perpetrators, because she has never seen any men, in her practice as a doctor, that were abused by women. And if they exist, despite her professional experience that they don’t, (she used her professional experience as leverage – it’s a logical fallacy called “appeal to authority” in the discussion so people will be convinced as to why she is right and the men’s statistics is wrong…so it’s only fair that this is called into question – her professional opinion.) they (implied) do so in such a small number compared to the number of women abused by men as to be (implied) negligible.

What does the number have to do with anything? Men are abused by women – they just don’t tell her about it, probably because they instinctively know that she’s not safe, despite her profession.

The fact is that women abuse men just as much as men abuse women, the methods of abuse just look different, and in the case of physical abuse the severity of the damage will differ between the genders, generally due to difference in physical strength  – if a 200lb male boxer beats his 100lb photo model wife, she is likely to be both bruised and broken, but if a 100lb photo model beats her 200lb boxer husband, she isn’t likely to cause more than bruises, unless she uses an implement (skillet, lamp, baseball bat etc), which means that she (if he beats her) needs to visit a hospital, but he (if she beats him) probably won’t have to do more than put on a band-aid and take a couple of painkillers. This doesn’t mean that some men aren’t seriously injured by women in domestic violence situations – a baseball bat will kill also in the hands of a woman. Add to this that men rarely hit back if they are hit by a woman, because despite what feminism claims men are still raised with the value that one does not hit a smaller or weaker person.

The amount of physical damage doesn’t determine whether abuse has taken place or not – whether the victim had to seek out the emergency room or not is irrelevant to the question of if abuse has taken place. If I steal a $100 from someone I am just as guilty of theft as if I had stolen $100.000 from some one.

Domestic violence is not a gender issue – it’s a serious issue, and it needs to be dealt with, but it’s not a gender issue, it never was and it never will be. The victim’s gender is and should be irrelevant – however, in the mind of the general public this is not acceptable reasoning, all because of what Feminism have taught about men and about women throughout history.

The Sweet Pink Rules of Feminism

1. Feminism requires you to talk about “equality” for both sexes but some sexes are more equal than others.
2. God could be a womyn, but the devil is most certainly a man.
3. We’re equal to men, and this makes us morally superior to them.
4. We are equally capable of doing anything a man can do and men can’t do anything right.
5. We must scorn behavior which is associated with stereotypical masculinity while whooping with praise when the same behavior is exhibited by womyn.
6. We must demand that womyn be allowed into military combat because we’re equally capable of smashing-in the faces of vicious terrorists. But we also laugh at the idea that a husband could be the victim of a wife’s physical abuse because everyone knows that women are never violent.
7. We seek to stop “violence against womyn” but girl-on-girl violence and lesbians who batter their partners don’t bother us quite as much.
8. We attack the gender-stereotypes that portray womyn negatively as we gleefully embrace the ones that portray womyn positively. It’s customary to invert this rule for “you-know-who”.
9. Helping womyn succeed is not nearly as satisfying as seeing men fail.
10. “Power” in the hands of men is always destructive, selfish, tyrannical and harmful. This same “Power” in the hands of womyn is always democratic, nurturing, honest, good for the environment and good for humanity.
11. Men of quality support womyn’s equality but womyn never have to do anything to prove that they are “of quality”.
12. Finally, us feminists are absolutely not anti-male and that’s why we rarely have any positive things to say about those penis-having bastards.
13. Women are just as good at everything as men are, except for things at which women are better.
14. We feminists are equal to men, and that gives us the elevated authority to pass judgment upon them.
15. If you’re not female then your opinion doesn’t count, you sexist bastard.
16. Any criticism of feminism is a form of Hate-Speech. A feminist’s own speech is allowed to be as hateful as she wants it to be.
17. If somebody has the temerity to criticize the behavior of feminists, you should dismissively sneer that they’re attacking “strawfeminists”– absurdist caricatures who don’t exist. Feel free to resume your usual attacks on strawpatriarchs every day of the week.
18. The only feminist you are officially allowed to criticize is Valerie Solanas. That’s because a feminist has to literally advocate the extermination of half the planet before the rest of us start to wonder if she’s got a screw loose.
19. You have 10,000 years of grudges to seek vengeance for in your single lifetime.
20. Collective guilt and collective punishment are anathema to a society which fulfills the feminist goal of treating people as individuals, which is why us feminists must constantly intimate the collective guilt of men and suggest that they need collective punishment.
21. You must demand that a father shoulder half of any effort to raise “his” children as you simultaneously demand that a mother be granted automatic sole custody of “her” children after divorce.
22. Whether or not you feel “offended” is the central principle to how the world should be re-organized.
23. A feminist must say “Patriarchy” at least ninety-seven times per hour. The ten millionth time you say “Patriarchy” you will trigger a shower of confetti and receive a fabulous prize.
24. As a feminist, you are opposed to the spread of stereotypes. But don’t let that stop you from constantly stereotyping men as being an over-privileged class of dimwitted exploiters who always get everything they want.
25. Ovaries good, testicles bad.
26. We believe every woman should have unrestricted access to any kind of abortion, no questions asked. We also believe that abortion should be tightly restricted in China to prevent millions of potential girls from being robbed of their lives.
27. We feminists must demand aristocratic levels of deference while never behaving with aristocratic levels of gentility.
28. We must grouse continuously about traditionalist expectations of women while we conveniently forget to pay half the check on our dinner-dates.
29. Men avoid us because we’re too gosh-darned smart.
30. If a man works 60 hours a week to support a wife who cooks and cleans, the man is a lazy shit who exploits his wife.
31. If a woman works 60 hours a week to support a husband who cooks and cleans, the man is a lazy shit who exploits his wife.
32. If the majority of women do not call themselves feminists, the root problem lies with the majority of women and not with feminism.
33. We demand respect for all women and their diversity. That is why we dismiss, infantilize, mock or denigrate stay-at-home moms, traditionalist women, pro-life women, Republican women, Catholic women, Protestant women, Mormon women, Orthodox Jewish women, Muslim women who don’t object to hijab standards, Hindu women who don’t object to dowries, women who care about their weight, women who wear cosmetics, female researchers who study innate behavioral sex-differences, women who look forward to marriage, women who warn about giving birth after the age of 40, sorority sisters, cheerleaders, girls who like playing with dolls and any other woman who doesn’t slavishly dance to our tune. Except for them, we demand respect for ALL women and their diversity!4. Falsely accusing a man of rape is a great way of raising his consciousness.
35. If a teacher were to beat black boys more than white boys, we’d excoriate him for hateful discrimination. If the same teacher beat only boys, that’d be fine.

The above list may seem to be tongue-in-cheek – but it really is not. It very accurately depict the ATTITUDE towards men (and women) fostered by Feminism.

While there was a time when Feminism was needed to get rid of some very basic injustices and inequality between the genders, it has now come to a point where it is damaging both men and women, and have in fact created injustices and inequalities, and we now need to get rid of Feminism.

Feminism has created some rather weird concepts, that have snuck into how various societal institutions operate in regards to men:

When a woman is taken to hospital due to physical injuries that are clearly not accidental and domestic violence is suspected (which is the rule) it is assumed by the medical staff that the perpetrator is male – despite the fact that the perpetrator could just as well be another female or the result of a mutual/reciprocal violent situation where the assumed victim was the instigator or a voluntary fight with another female.

Evidence it taken of all the injuries automatically, to secure DNA and photographic evidence, and most often a rape kit is used to determine if a sexual assault occurred.

When a man is taken to the hospital due to physical injuries that are clearly not accidental, it is assumed that he was in a voluntary fight with another male, domestic violence is rarely suspected, and no evidence is secured unless the man requests this, no DNA or photographic evidence is secured, and there is no assumption of sexual assault – there are no rape kits made that works sufficiently for male victims of rape/sexual assault.

When the police is called out to a domestic violence situation they automatically assume that it is a male who has beaten a female – in fact the expression “domestic violence as ” is so strongly wired into the very fabric of society that when one thinks “domestic violence” the images that it conjures up are of a man beating his wife. There are no neutral words for domestic violence in Swedish – it’s called ‘wife-beating.’ The term “domestic violence” was coined by Erin Pizzey in her 1974 book Scream quietly or the neighbours will hear”. While she never intended it to connote or denote ‘male-on-female’ domestic violence exclusively – which is evidenced by the fact that she is the patron of of the charity Mankind Initiative and “has expressed her dismay at how she believes the issue [domestic violence] has become a gender-political football, and expressed an unpopular view in her book Prone to Violence that some women in the refuge system had a predisposition to seek abusive relationships. She also expressed the view that domestic violence can occur against any vulnerable intimates, regardless of their gender” – the term has nevertheless become synonymous with male-on-female domestic violence.

If one uses the term ‘domestic violence’ and is talking about a woman beating her husband, one has to qualify this or one’s audience will automatically think “husband beats wife”.

Police, social workers and medical professionals are trained to assume that all domestic violence is ‘male-on-female’ – they have no training in how to get a male to speak the truth about his injuries or even open up enough for the authorities to be able to establish what happened, so that he can be treated adequately. This of course leads to charges never being brought against his abuser, who can keep on with her (or his) abusive ways.

Medical professionals are trained to assume that if a woman seeks out psychological counseling for depression, anxiety, panic disorders etc., the reason is her husband, and that is basically the first question they will ask – they will also assume that she is lying about being abused to protect her husband, they are also trained to encourage the woman to leave her husband, and will pressure her, coerce and manipulate her (if she stays in ‘therapy’) in such a manner that they eventually get what they have been trained to do, or she ends the counseling.

This is all because of the skewed view of men (and women) that feminism has imprinted on Western Society in the last 30-40 years.

Half of you who found this blog entry using the criteria ‘domestic violence’ did so because you were looking for information on ‘husband beats wife’, and I think that perhaps half of those are rather pissed at me right now 😀 for daring to rock the pink boat of feminism.

Here are some numbers for you:

In Finland, in a 2007 survey among men and women, the researchers found that 60 % of the victims of domestic violence are women, 40% are men and in half of the cases where the man was the perpetrator, the victim was equally violent. 60 % of the safe houses’ visitors/clients are violent in situ or have been violent in their relationships.

In a report to the Irish Department of Health and Children (March 2002) Kieran MacKeown and Phillippa Kidd found – going back as far as 1975 in Canada, UK and the US – that the number of female-on-male perpetrators of domestic violence was higher or significantly higher than the number of male-on-female perpetrators of domestic violence.

The Blog “Dads and Things” which is citing this report, with a link to the report in its entirety, then goes on to say:

“The report is based on an examination of a good number of DV studies from all over the world.  It confirms what those with open and objective minds have known for decades: inter spousal violence is not a male monopoly.  It is at least as often committed by women as it is committed by men.

That the myth of men having a monopoly on that aspect of interpersonal violence persisted for so long in the face of so much evidence from reputable and even government sources is nothing less than evidence of the power of feminist propaganda promoted by people in thrall to an oppressive totalitarian ideology.”

In a Finnish online discussion about domestic violence the topic of female on male DV was discussed and the Feminist view was declared:

Discussion about domestic violence: “when the wife beats”

“It’s just a question of that in the marriage where it’s the woman who beats, the woman has taken on the male role between the partners. It’s a question of men’s power in society and the oppression of women which has forced itself in to the family in a way that differs from the usual.
It’s the same phenomenon in lesbian marriages. In those too there is domestic violence, it’s the perpetrator has taken on the male role in the society. This can occasionally happen also in heterosexual relationships”

“So the woman must first take on the male role before she hits? weirdly one managed to turn this thing too into men’s and male society’s fault..:”

“And I thought domestic violence was because the perpetrator was a little sick case, nervous, stressed, can’t deal with things, has few tools, so one tries to solve problems with violence. But it’s a male model? A real man model? Wow.”

“One must deny the explanations where the domestic violence is due to the perp’s psychiatric disorders. It’s a question of how, in society as a whole, men oppress women  as a group and the tool of that oppression is family and domestic violence. That’s why in Sweden it is forbidden to treat domestic violence with the help of therapy. The societal culture and societal structures are seen as the cause and as that which oppresses women.”

The last quote there, I can, as living Sweden vouch for – some 10 years back the then Minister of Equality, Margareta Winberg suggested, in all ernesty, that men should be obligated by law to pay a gender tax. That’s right, Swedish Feminists have so thoroughly indoctrinated Swedish Society that it is seen as an axiom that ALL men oppress ALL women, and therefore should be collectively penalized on the grounds of their gender. Fortunately the Proposition was voted down in Parliament, but it made it there and it was a serious Governmental Proposition. Which says a lot about just how Feminism have hi-jacked not only the gender debate, but Society in general.

Just a week ago the Hot line and Shelter Center for Men – the only one in all of Sweden – was closed down because of a lack of government grants – no Hot lines or Shelters for Women have ben closed. Interestingly enough the Shelter Center for Men didn’t just help some 50.000 men during its 3 years in existence, it also worked tirelessly among young men at risk and convicted perpetrators to prevent violence, domestic and otherwise from occurring or reoccurring in their lives.

Acknowledging that men are abused too and that women abuse too isn’t enough, especially not if we doctor the statistics in such a manner that they show that female-on-male violence is the exception to the rule of male-on-female violence or create legislation that discriminates one gender.

We have to move beyond the false premises of Feminism and realize, deep down, that  domestic violence is not a gender issue, that women and men are equally perpetrators and victims and that moving towards a thinking where victims of domestic violence are qualified not by their gender, but by the fact that they are victims, is a necessary measure if we are to land in an equal society. I believe that without a mutual acknowledgment of suffering (without dragging along the measure tape to see who has suffered the most) we cannot find reconciliation between the genders, and thus no true equality.

Somehow we have to move from ‘feminism’ (and its implied gender discrimination) to ‘equalism’ – where it doesn’t matter what gender a victim of sexism, violence and discrimination is, and where its our humanity that empowers us, not a perceived gender.

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Sign the Petition

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 22, 2008

Children are Innocent

Link to Petition

We the undersigned respectfully request your attention in the name of Human Rights,

The United Nations is the outstretched arm of the global, International Community, and each UN Peacekeeper is, in reality, a representative for each individual member of that global community.

UN Peacekeepers and Personnel, when deployed, agree to be subject to an accepted mandate, to protect, serve, alleviate suffering, and establish peace in regions torn by war and conflict. Tacitly included in this mandate is the responsibility of each UN Peacekeeper/Personnel to represent to the civilian population of such regions, a beacon of hope, safety and trust, both for the immediate need and for the future.

UN Personnel are easily recognizable through their use of uniquely colored blue berets and helmets. When UN Personnel, both military and civilian, commit crimes against the local population in regions they are bound to protect, that trust and hope is betrayed and that blue color becomes tainted. If the crime committed is not dealt with quickly, is glossed over or is marginalized and not prosecuted, there can be no safety for those they are charged to watch over and safeguard.

When UN Personnel commit crimes of abuse against children in such regions, the betrayal is doubled, because those crimes not only smear the good name of the UN and its Personnel, past and present, throughout the globe, but the children who are the victims of such abusive crimes suffer the long-term effects that are the natural consequences of such horror, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an inability to trust, fear, and a whole host of psychological disorders and physical damage. Coupled with the fact that they are already in conflict situations that cause fear, the fact that those entrusted to care for them and make them safe have betrayed them, easily causes damage that will stay with them for life, and will engender fear and psychological problems they may pass on to their own children.

Internationally, the United Nations represents us all – the population of the World – and we, the undersigned, refuse to have our good names tainted by the despicable conduct of a few UN Personnel, who through their abusive actions against children in war zones, betray those children, their nation, and by proxy, the entire International Community.

We therefore, as part of the International Community, appeal to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon the Presidency of the International Criminal Court: Judge Philippe Kirsch (Canada) President, Judge Akua Kuenyehia (Ghana) as First Vice-President, Judge René Blattman (Bolivia) as Second Vice-President, the other two judiciary organs, the Security Council as presently constituted, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: Mr. Louis Moreno-Ocampo, the Deputy Prosecutor Mrs. Fatou Bensouda and what agents the office of the UN Secretary General may use to implement change and establish procedures for change, that measures be taken to put a stop to the abuse – sexual and otherwise – of children at the hands of UN Personnel in war zones. That criminal investigation begins immediately, the offending parties arrested in an expeditious manner and that a Tribunal is immediately seated to hear the case. To accomplish the above we urgently request the following be immediately implemented:

· Make all UN Personnel accountable to the International Crimes Court at in The Hague, alternatively establishing a permanent Tribunal for the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes committed against children in war zones and make UN Personnel accountable to such a Tribunal.

· Make immediate superior officers accountable for the conduct of their troops on pain of loosing their commission and being given a dishonorable discharge as well as prosecuted in an UN based Court of Criminal Justice such as the ICC and not in their home country.

· Create a screening process for all UN Personnel going into the field to determine their suitability for the work, with focus on their attitudes towards children and sex with children.

· Together with an independent children’s organization, such as Save The Children, create a mandatory educational program that focuses on the harm done to child victims of abuse (sexual and otherwise) both short-term and long-term, and stresses the importance of UN personnel protecting children in war-zones from such abuse and how to prevent such abuse from being committed by UN Personnel.

· Allow independent NGO’s such as Save the Children, The Red Cross, and Doctors without Borders to conduct regular and frequent independent investigations and bring to justice such UN Personnel that have been found to be engaging in crimes (sexual and otherwise) in relation to children in War Zones.

· Make it mandatory for Superior officers to investigate rumors and reports from the local population of this kind of abuse, and make sure that such UN personnel that have been found to be engaging in crimes (sexual and otherwise) in relation to Children in War Zones are brought to answer to those charges before an International Court of Criminal Justice.

· For the purpose of expediency and to make International Criminal Justice available to the victims of crimes committed by UN Personnel in war zones, establish an independent International Office of Justice in each Region in which UN Personnel are stationed, so that the victims themselves can easily and safely bring their charges for investigation.

· If feasible, given the circumstances in each region, provide UN personnel a rotation duty cycle that allows them a safe period to seek out legal forms of relaxation conducive to their religion, country of origin or region of service. Any lack in facilities for such recreation to be provided for under UN supervision in direct connection to UN Posts.

From our hearts and our strong sense of responsibility to the children who, through no fault of their own, are forced to struggle on a daily basis with the horror of the conflicts created by adults in their regions for power, greed and politics, we, the undersigned, demand that you make such changes to protect those rights established by your own body in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We thank you for your time and efforts for human rights world-wide.

Link to Petition

Funny – people are actually propagating for not signing this petition either because they dislike the UN or because they don’t think a petition like this will make any difference.

They are nit-picking about the “us” as not being “representative of them” – now how can one hold the idea that being against child abuse is not “representative of them”? Isn’t that condoning child abuse, rape and exploitation? I say it is. These people claim that there are other venues and channels, than the UN, through which the aim of the petition can be achieved – interesting… that’s like saying that if I want my government to change or legislate about some criminal actions or deal with their corrupt servants, I shouldn’t address my government, but the automobile company down the road, because the owner is more representative of my opinions than the government… Yup, that sure is making a lot of sense. I want you to change your behavior – and I talk to my neighbor’s dog about it. Very smart.

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A Case of Moronitis

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 3, 2008

I downloaded a tool for Firefox, that will let me open all my “daily web sites” in one go. Very useful, especially for me, as I host several groups and discussions on the Internet – I can easily check if there’s been any traffic during the night.

This morning I went to Human Rights Network and found that all the Hosts were being attacked, accused of not respecting the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of UN Peacekeepers and treating the subject as a joke – a preposterous allegation of course, but there it is. Some people suffer from Moronitis.

Upset is the least I am right now. As a survivor of sexual abuse I take sexual abuse very seriously, and I have track record to prove it. I just don’t believe in re-victimizing by making the abuse or the solution to the abuse about the victims – the solution has to be sought at the source of the abuse – the abuser.

That kind of accusations, in fact any accusations always leave me feeling slightly confused, because I know what I think and believe, and it’s ALWAYS on the side of the victims.

This issue is connected to this entry: The Solution?

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Women Would NEVER…or?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 2, 2008

Women can’t rape, men cannot be raped….

The Local – Woman Charged Over Violent Rape
World (tags: female rapist, female victim, aggravated rape )

Henric C

A 32-year-old woman from northern Sweden has been indicted on a charge of aggravated rape after forcing another woman at knife point to perform oral sex. The Prosecutor said that it is extremely unusual for a woman to be charged with aggravated rape.

The Local – Woman Held for Raping Man in Stockholm
World (tags: Rape, Female rapist, male victim )

Henric C

A 41-year-old woman in being held by police in Stockholm on suspicions of raping a 30-year-old man who went home with her after the two met at an area pub on Monday night.

Isn’t ironic that the very same day when there is a discussion in Human Rights Network, in which it is being claimed that rape and abuse in war-zones is a male thing, and not something both gender can commit, I find these two news stories?

I am going to savour this – not because I think rape is something acceptable, but because I found RECENT news refuting the idea that women don’t rape and men cannot be raped.

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Of course they protest – they are the main perps

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 31, 2008

Queue a parent who’s sole point was basically, this shouldn’t be given to the under 10s (the booklet is written for the 9-11 age group). But her point was that parents should be given the right to choose about whether and how this information is distributed. Which is laudable in most families. But not in others – in some families leaving it to the parents simply won’t work because it is parents who are abusers or parents who are protecting abusers. To claim, as she implicitly does, that parents can’t be part of the problem is naive and blinkered. Lets run that again – this is a booklet on child abuse, most physical abuse is committed by parents or caregivers, neglect and emotional abuse is committed by parents or caregivers, sexual abuse can be committed by parents or caregivers. Prioritising the parent in this discussion misunderstands the intention – to inform children that their rights are not reliant on their parents allowing them access to them.

Of course the Parents are going to protest – as parents are abusers more or less by definition, from the child’s point of view. Naturally they won’t want their source of drug/fix let go or be informed of its rights.

I’d report the parent that objected to the police as a suspected sexual abuser or protector of an abuser.


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The Solution?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 28, 2008

How do we, the People, do something about the abuse and exploitation of children being committed by UN Personnel around the world?

One thing we can do is petition the UN to put some safety-guards into their recruiting process, take some legal action and give their personnel “safe sex”

Here are 7 points that I would put in a petition:

1. Make UN Personnel accountable to the International War crimes Tribunal in Hague.

2. Make Superior officers accountable for the conduct of their Troops on pain of loosing their commission and being dishonorable discharged.

3. Create a screening process that all UN Personnel going into the Field has to undergo, to determine their suitability for the work, with focus on their attitudes towards children.

4. Allow independent NGO’s such as Save the Children, The Red Cross, Doctors without Borders to conduct yearly investigations.

5. Make it mandatory for Superior officers to investigate rumors and reports from the locals of this kind of abuse, and don’t just trust their sense of honor to do this.

6. Exclude from deployment troops from countries where sex with children is part of the culture – such as Thailand, Indonesia etc.

This last point is controversial – but it addresses part of the reason why this happens.

7. Provide UN personnel with “safe sex” through the creation of UN supervised and UN controlled brothels in direct connection to UN Deployments. There’s nothing wrong with prostitution as long as we are talking about consenting adults, and those consenting adults are given health-care and decent (and controlled) pay for the services rendered.

Some may balk at the last one – especially those feminists that consider any kind of sex-work to be abuse of women.

However, not all prostitution is bad or demeaning to women. In fact many sex-workers will tell you that to them it’s like any other work, and they will also tell you that if there were Unions for sex-workers they would join.

Others may think that excluding people from some countries is discriminatory, and it might be, but Thailand and Indonesia are well known for a big child-prostitution sector that the government is not doing much about, so it’s safe to say that there is a culture of acceptance towards sex with children.

Yet other may feel that it’s a bad idea to make UN Personnel accountable to the War Crimes Tribunal – but if you think about it, it’s logical.

UN Peacekeepers serve the International Community, it is only fitting that should they commit crimes they should answer for those crimes in front of an International Court.

There have always been a tradition that the Superior Officers are responsible for the conduct of the troops under their command – so making the Superior Officers face real consequences if their troops misbehave, should make them a little more likely to protect civilians.

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How DARE they!?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 27, 2008


Save the Children – UK News

World (tags: Children, Save the Children UK, UN Peacekeepers, Abuse, exploitation )
Despite recent political commitments by governments and international organisations to tackle this problem, the report exposes the chronic under-reporting of such abuse, which leaves many children around the world suffering in silence.

Aid Workers Sexually Abusing Children in War Zones and Disaster Areas

World (tags: sexual, sexually, abuse, abusing, aid, workers, children, child, welfare, war, disaster, sudan, ivory coast, save the children, organization, charity )

Many aid workers are sexually abusing children they have been sent to help, a leading charity claims today. One aid worker on the Ivory Coast told Save The Children: ‘Many agencies working here feel they are beyond reproach.’

Companion Articles:

BBC NEWS | Americas | UN troops face child abuse claims
BBC NEWS | Americas | UN to discuss child abuse claims
The U.N. Sex Scandal
UN to hold inquiry into Sudan child abuse – Telegraph

I read the above and I am speechless with anger – How dare they!? How dare they put on that Blue Beret and do THAT to children?

The UN represent all that is good, decent and hope inspiring in the world, and they dare defile this with their perverted, cruel, sadistic and inhumane practices…!

Those children…That Blue Beret stands for the help those kids have a right to expect from its bearers, and they have their trust crushed by vile desires and unbridled immorality. Those children, the weakest of the weak, the smallest of the small, with the inborn right to protection and support that the Blue Beret guarantees, are being abused and exploited – in MY name, in my father’s name, in the name of the world…of all the vile things humans can do, THAT is the vilest.

My father was a UN Peacekeeper and those vile humans desecrate his memory, his good heart and his willingness to serve humanity in that Blue Beret.

This is one of those instances when I believe a good Company Punishment would be just fine.

Let the perpetrators run a gauntlet among their peers, put them in jail and throw away the key. They are not only a disgrace to every decent soldier in the world, they are a disgrace to the entire human race. Break their sabers and exile them from humanity for the remainder of their lives.

May G-d have Mercy on their souls, because they are going to need it.

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Memorial Day Lie 2

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 25, 2008

I post things like:

The Memorial Day Lie

and people call me America-hater. I think they over-dramatize. I think they have irrational knee-jerk reactions born out of a misguided patriotism that unfortunately for the world in general means that we cannot count on the American public to correctly understand the impact US Politics have on the world.

They don’t realize that as the US IS the largest political force on the International Arena, who is in power in the US is of concern to the entire world – free or otherwise. The will of the American People expressed through Elections has consequences throughout the entire world.

When the United States of North America violates Human Rights and International Laws through their Troops deployed out-side US proper this impacts not only the countries the US attacks and their citizens, but also the citizens in countries where Human Rights and International Laws are already being violated.

China, Sudan, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Burma and others can leisurely go about violating Human Rights and International Laws, because “if the US can, so can we…”

When the US refuses to ratify and comply with International Accords like the Kyoto Accord, because it might mean they cannot use fossil fuels as much as their economy would like, or that they would actually have to go after big business for their violations of Environmentally sound legislation, it gives less economically stable countries carte blanche on how to deal or not deal with f.i their part of global warming.

If you want to be the Biggest and the Best – as Americans so want to keep telling the world that the US is, then you have to live with the responsibility of being just that – and that means the rest of us have a right to criticize to our hearts content.

The question is – do I hate Americans? No I don’t. I never did. But just as I can criticize my own country of origin (Denmark) and the country I live in (Sweden) for its vices and failures on the national and international level without this in anyway being a sign of hatred, I can likewise criticize the United States of America.

Unfortunately for many Americans they live in a country that has a record of war of aggression that supercede every other nation in the world, a nation whose soldiers are known and feared all over the world for their war crimes, arrogance and violence against civilians. A country that not only condones torture, capital punishment and general humiliation of other nationalities out-side its borders, but actively practice those based on suspicion rather than proof and due judicial process (as if torture and humiliation can ever be acceptable methods of punishment!?). I do hold the American General Public responsible for the current state of affairs.

“But I am not a Republican, I didn’t vote for Bush in the last election…” True, but you didn’t vote for the Democratic Candidate with the biggest chance of throwing Bu$hco of the White House either, now did you? No, you didn’t, you voted for some independent to satisfy your own political self-interest, instead of thinking about what’s best for the US, and as the US is as it is, what is best for the entire world. So every soldier deployed out-side the US after the 2004 election is an American responsibility – regardless of political affiliation. Truly. If you did not vote for John Kerry in 2004, you are responsible.

The day after the election there should have been a Revolutionary Committee formed, so that Bu$hco could have been ousted. There should have been protests and demonstrations throughout the US, lead by the parties that “lost”. Demonstrations, riots and rallies – but were there? No. Why? Because most Americans are complacent and politically lazy.

Instead of eulogizing, immortalizing and canonizing American Soldiers this Memorial Day – spend some time practicing remorse and study up on how to get the civil courage to get a peaceful revolution going – a revolution to have the Constitution repealed and re-written to include a prohibition against sending US troops out-side the US without direct request from the International Community.

From On Memorial Day:

“current Memorial Days are not celebrations. We are grieving for the lost, lives lost for no good reason. Savagery and butchery with no ennobling purpose. The sacrifice of blood and treasure for the benefit of politicians, oil company executives and foreign oligarchs.

So despite the parades, picnics and baseball games, despite the unveiling of statues and monuments, despite the plaques freshly dedicated with the new names of “those who made the ultimate sacrifice”, I still feel that the only legitimate celebration of Memorial Day in 2008 is to find some posturing blow hard politician and kick him right in the nuts.”

Go ahead, mourn your dead – but also remember that it is your responsibility to make sure there are no more dead of any nationality anywhere.

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The US-ual disregard for human life

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 23, 2008


(CBS) The Department of Veterans Affairs came under fire again Monday, this time in California federal court where its facing a national lawsuit by veterans rights groups accusing the agency of not doing enough to stem a looming mental health crisis among veterans. As part of the lawsuit, internal emails raise questions as to whether top officials deliberately deceived the American public about the number of veterans attempting and committing suicide.

CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports.

In San Francisco federal court Monday, attorneys for veterans’ rights groups accused the VA of nothing less than a cover-up – deliberately concealing the real risk of suicide among veterans. “The system is in crisis and unfortunately the VA is in denial,” said Veterans Rights Attorney Gordon Erspamer. The charges were backed by internal e-mails written by Dr. Ira Katz, the VA’s head of Mental Health.

In the past, Katz has repeatedly insisted while the risk of suicide among veterans is serious, it’s not outside the norm. “There is no epidemic in suicide in VA,” Katz told Keteyian in November. But in this e-mail to his top media advisor, written two months ago, Katz appears to be saying something very different, stating: “Our suicide prevention coordinators are identifying about 1,000 suicide attempts per month among veterans we see in our metical facilities.” Katz’s e-mail was written shortly after the VA provided CBS News data showing there were only 790 attempted suicides in all 2007 – a fraction of Katz’s estimate.

“This 12,000 attempted suicides per year shows clearly, without a doubt, that there is an epidemic of suicide among veterans,” said Paul Sullivan of Veterans for Common Sense. And it appears that Katz went out of his way to conceal these numbers. First, he titled his e-mail: “Not for the CBS News Interview Request.” He opened it with “Shh!” – as in keep it quiet – before ending with “Is this something we should (carefully) address … before someone stumbles on it?” Today we showed the e-mail to Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., who chairs the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. “This is disgraceful. This is a crime against our nation, our nation’s veterans,” Filner told CBS News. “They do not want to come to grips with the reality, with the truth.” And that’s not all.

Last November when CBS News exposed an epidemic of more than 6,200 suicides in 2005 among those who had served in the military, Katz attacked our report. “Their number is not, in fact, an accurate reflection of the rate,” he said last November. But it turns out they were, as Katz admitted in this e-mail, just three days later. He wrote: there “are about 18 suicides per day among America’s 25 million veterans.” That works out to about 6,570 per year, which Katz admits in the same e-mail, “is supported by the CBS numbers.” In an e-mail late Monday to CBS News, Katz wrote that the reason the numbers were not released was due to questions about the consistency and reliability of the findings – and that there was no public cover-up involved.

This really does not need any comment – it stands on it’s own – as an example of the usual US disregard for human life in general and US lives in particular.

If nothing else it’s a nice way to save money – dead people don’t need pensions and health care…

Follow up: VA Struggles With Vets’ Mental Health.
How we got the numbers behind the story.
VA Doctor on Veteran Suicides.
FYI: Suicide Risk Resources and Warning Signs.

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