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A Dead Muslim is a Good Muslim – according to Southern Baptists

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 24, 2008

“The Feds back Christian holy war in Iraq?Or, Southern Baptist Convention et al back the federal Christian holy war in Iraq? Or is it the same? Are these some of the “American contractors” the 3 candidates are so concerned about protecting in Iraq?

About This Video

American Missionaries and Generals in the American Military are working together in order to convert Helpless Muslims in Iraq to Christianity. Many of these Missionaries which are Supported by the Bush Administration are from Evangelical Christian Groups Such as Southern Baptist Convention, World Help and other Evangelical Christian Organizations. They go into Iraq as aid workers in Disguise or as American Private Contractors working in Iraq. Many of these people have been given support and Protection from American Generals in Iraq by providing them Housings in Americans Bases in Iraq to work from. When ever the American Military goes into a Village or a Town in search and destroy Mission these missionaries follow them and hand out Pamphlets promoting Christianity and also Also Anti-Islamic material to the helpless Muslims in Iraq. Many of them follow the American Military as well in their routine Night raids where the American Soldiers Kills or detains Muslim males from the families, Iraq is a traditional Society and most of the Support a family receives is from the Male, and once there is no Male guardian for the Family the family does not have a chance for survival. Many Muslim Women and families are being taken advantage of by these American Christians, since they provide them with food and Shelter or Money in Exchange for the Bible and Christianity the most Vulnerable of these families are Muslim women with children whose husbands and Sons have been killed or been detained by the Americans. These Muslim families have no other place to provide for themselves it’s either the missionaries and there is always a Danger for Prostitution for survival. Unfortunately Islamic aid Organizations are not allowed to work from Iraq since they would be labeled as Terrorists and Killed, or detained by the American Military. Many of these Islamic Aid Organization have completely abandoned their work in Iraq. Those few Islamic Aid Organizations who do risk the work to provide aid for their Brothers and Sisters in Iraq are being highly Monitored by the American Military and the Puppet Iraqi Government.”

Of course, any way you can kill a Muslim is a good way…

They did it with the Pagans of Europe, they did it and are still doing it with the Jews, now they are doing it with Muslims. And they claim that Xianism is not an Imperialistic Religion that strive for World Domination? Guess why I don’t believe them?

Sneaky, immoral, arrogant, murdering bastards. Nothing new under the sun.

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Fundamentalism Second Take

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 29, 2007

My first take is here: Fundamentalism


From Dale’s Blog

2000 years ago, J*sus warned his early followers: “Not everyone who calls to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do my Father’s will may enter. On the Judgment Day many will say to me, ‘Lord, didn’t we prophesy, cast out demons, and do many miracles in your name?’ But I will say to them, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you that do evil!’ ” (Matthew 7:21-23)

I would suggest that the thing which will condemn someone to hell, even though they profess to believe in J*sus, will be the person’s placing the Bible above God Himself. Fundamentalists have claimed for over a century that the Bible is the Word of God and is therefore infallible. This claim has no support whatsoever. Attempts to support it by references to the Bible are circular reasoning. Only God Himself should ever be seen as infallible, and since we have no direct contact with Him, we have nothing that may be considered infallible. The Bible, the Q’uran, and other religious books may be inspired by faith in God, but they are still human products, and are thus prone to error like all other human products. The Q’uran itself condemns the tendency of man to make partners with Allah, so should it be acceptable for any Muslim to make the Quran a partner with Allah?

In this physical world, there is NOTHING and NO ONE that may rightfully be called infallible!”

To which Harry responded…:

  1. Posted July 24, 2007 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    Soooo…..if the Bible is just a collection of men in past times idea of what God was trying to say, then – what? Surely without the acceptance that the Bible is handed by God to man through divine inspiration, as God’s infallible word to His creation, then any old oddball doctrine – say gold plates from Joseph Smith, Jim Jones Socialism or Reverend Moon oddballness can simply claim God tells me things and this is truth. We have to have a measure by which doctrine is measured, or else we have the mess which people such as yourself who preach atheistic materialism. You’ll be telling us next we’re all stardust, LSD is good and we should hug a tree for Gaia (because God tells you so).

I would like to commend Dale on his excellent exposition of Matthew 7:21-23! It has rarely been said so well :-).

I also agree with Dale on the rest. Only G-d is infallible and has the right to judge.

Let me respond to Harry point by point:

“Soooo…..if the Bible is just a collection of men in past times idea of what God was trying to say, then – what?”

Indeed then what? Only a person who needs the threat of hell over him to act ethically and righteously would have to ask. The rest of us have no trouble living by what Torah says, because it makes sense or because it’s a good idea in itself. To us it really doesn’t matter if Torah came down directly from G-d to Moshe, or if it is a collection of edited rules for good living – what matters to us is G-d.

“Surely without the acceptance that the Bible is handed by God to man through divine inspiration, as God’s infallible word to His creation, then any old oddball doctrine – say gold plates from Joseph Smith, Jim Jones Socialism or Reverend Moon oddballness can simply claim God tells me things and this is truth.”

Of course, and they have every right to do so – because G-d is merely interested in what you DO – not how you came about what to do. Torah doesn’t need to be “handed by God to man through divine inspiration, as God’s infallible word to His creation” – because in the end it’s all about what we believe it to be, and what we do with it.

“We have to have a measure by which doctrine is measured…,”

The bitch about any Holy Scripture – be it Xtian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist – is that the only measure we have by which to measure it is BELIEF/FAITH. All we can scientifically establish about religious scriptures is an approximate time period of when it was first put to paper, where it was put to paper, and some times also by whom – but the actual objective truth or values of it’s contents cannot be established by science.

“…or else we have the mess which people such as yourself who preach atheistic materialism.”

So by what measure are you measuring yourself after you violated Torah witnessing false against your neighbor? It sure isn’t Torah.

“(Exo 20:16) (20:13) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

(Deu 5:20) (5:17) Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

I have known Dale for several years – and he does not preach atheistic materialism – nor has he ever done so as long as I have known him. He professes to be an agnostic – i.e he claims that the existence of G-d cannot be either proven or disproven. Rather than being a materialist he is very much an ethical/spiritual sceptic, which is far from being an atheist materialist.

You, Harry, on the other hand is a dreadful example for your badly hidden beliefs – actually proving Dale’s point right with every word you utter here.


So far what’s happening on another Blog that I found interesting.

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From a Blog: Spiritual Daleks and Borg in real life

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 14, 2007

“We are the Daleks! Exterminate all humans! Exterminate the Doctor! Exterminate!!!” “We are the Borg. Resitance is futile. Your cultural and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Prepare to be assimilated.Sure, one may dismiss the Daleks of Doctor Who and the Borg of Star Trek as fiction, but isn’t it obvious that they are really symbols of racism and other forms of intolerance, including religious bigotry? Christian fundamentalists naturally favor a world in which there are only Christians like themselves, so they seek to “convert” others to their point of view, and when they fail to do so, they label anyone who disagrees with them as enemies. The Muslims of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda are much the same.

If we see the Daleks and Borg as evil, why not the spiritual Daleks and Borg in the real world?” (Dale Husband’s Blog: Spiritual Daleks and Borg in real life)

My Comment:

“If we see the Daleks and Borg as evil, why not the spiritual Daleks and Borg in the real world?”

I think we do, Dale. I know I do.

There are plenty of resistance out there – the problem is that we, in the Western World, have lived with the equivalent of the Daleks and the Borgs for 2000 years, and are conditioned to think in the manner of Daleks and Borgs – not in any really big ways, but our entire Society is permeated in Dalek and Borg Doctrine, it takes time to break free, and most people don’t even see it as a problem.

They have been taught that Dalek and Borg values are the only GOOD ones – that in fact you cannot be a good person unless you are Dalek or Borg.

Look around you – every bigger holiday is based in Dalek or Borg doctrine, and reaches into every crevasse and corner of Society – it takes a lot to SEE and to resist – especially if that is all you know.


Continued Comment:

I believe any Fundamentalism is inherently evil, because it demands blind faith and forbids free individual thinking – this goes for any Fundamentalism, Muslim, Xtian, Jewish, Hindu…

If Western Society is permeated in Xtian Doctrine, then Near Eastern Society is permeated in Muslim Doctrine – and as soon as you have DOCTRINE, you have the potential for Fundamentalism.

What’s worse – as I said above – if a Doctrine has been around long enough it tend to be pretty much internalized. Even people who normally wouldn’t call themselves Xtian celebrate Xmas, with all the basic trimmings. I am pretty sure the same is true for Muslims and Ramadan or Jews and Chanukah.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t resist – it only means that it’s not like deciding not to eat meat or buy Proctor and Gamble products – it’s a matter of resisting a mind-set that has been bred into us from the day we were born.


I don’t begrudge the Xtians, Muslims or Jews their holidays or their beliefs – I am Jewish, and religious at that – but I don’t like the way religious belief has overrun Society. I think Society needs to be strictly secular. With room for all beliefs to be celebrated on equal footing. After all, religious freedom not only guarantees the right to practice any religion in peace, but also the right NOT to practice any religion at all.

We seem to have forgotten this important detail.

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Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 4, 2007

All fundamentalism is Religious in nature. The MO of Fundamentalism is the same regardless of whether it is Evangelical or Marxist-Atheist. Both approach the world from the position of “I am right everybody else are wrong!”

“Please don’t ask me to read your holy book with an open mind. I can describe my mind as open, but not so open that my common sense fails me. Don’t you see? There’s a fundamental flaw with this request, and it’s staring you right in the eyes. There’s a huge elephant in the room, and yet you close your eyes to it! This is the assumption that a holy book can somehow validate itself.” Don’t ask me to read your holy books.

Fundamentalism of any flavor is based in the assumption that it is The Truth on the given subject. It doesn’t matter if you ask me to read the Greek Scriptures or Noam Chomsky…both will in the end turn out to be an attempt to prove themselves through themselves.

I am fully prepared to discuss the merits of just about any “Holy” Book or Doctrine but don’t tell me that I would change my mind if only I read it, because chances are that I already have and to suggest that I haven’t is both presumptious and arrogant.

One of the things I have done is question my own positions again and again. I actually do that more than any Fundamentalist, any flavor, I have met in real life or on line. Fundamentalism in itself is a negation of open-mindedness, because the very idea od fundamentalism is static, and an open mind is never static.

So I have read Marx, Chomsky, Finkelstein, the Greek Scriptures, the Koran and then some more – and sure they have all helped shape my thinking and my views on things, but nowhere in any of them have I found an Absolute that cannot be questioned.

Circular arguments are fun – it’s like watching a dog chase its own tail – round, round, round in endless motion,

and while it is amusing to watch for a few minutes, especially when you realize that it only takes a little poking to get the dog going again…, it becomes kind of boring after a while – just try it out, and see how fun you think that video is after you have watched it 10 times…

Most entertaining is the Fundamentalism of Atheists. Fundamentalist Atheists are most often VERY religious about their non-belief – even to a point where they will use books they do not believe in to prove their point!

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