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Archive for the ‘Idolatrous Messianic Nationalism’ Category

Idolatrous Messianic Nationalism

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 2, 2007

Amazing how easy it is to substitute Israel for the US in this Clip…

clipped from
Religious language is always double edged. It is properly used as prophetic critique that calls for repentance. But it can be twisted into a self-sacralizing rhetoric that associates God with human projects of power. The United States has often fallen into this temptation to use religious language as idolatrous messianic nationalism. When this happens it is the duty of the churches to challenge such language and reveal its opposition to the authentic good news of the gospel. In 1934 the German theologians of the Confessing Church disassociated themselves from a German Christianity that identified Christianity with Aryan nationalism. I believe
the Americans churches must make a similar critique of American messianic
nationalism today.

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Actually it’s not hard at all, after reading some Leibowitz and thinking about it. I wonder…where this puts me religiously…???

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