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Christian Anti-Semitism in Sermon Topic Library

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on December 5, 2007

Many years ago a small Jewish boy asked his father, “Why must we surrender our Jewish faith and start to attend Lutheran services here in Germany’


The father replied, “Son, we must abandon our faith so that people will accept us and support our business adventures!”


The young lad never got over his disappointment and bitterness. His faith in his father and in his religion were crushed. When the lad left Germany he went to England to study at the British Museum where he formed his philosophies for life. From those intensive investigations he wrote a book that changed the world called, “The Communist Manifesto.


From that book one-third of the world fell under the spell of Marxist-Lenist ideology. The name of that little boy was Karl Marx. He influenced billions into a stream that for 70 years ruined, imprisoned and confused many lives. Today, that system of thinking is crumbling, but only after people got a good look at its tragic consequences. The influence of this father’s hypocrisy multiplied in infamy. Without godly faith, all of us are subject to distortions in our perspectives. From NETBible Sermon Illustrations

Why a Jewish father? Why not a Christian father in China or on Cuba? Because this Story contains two elements that are considered typical for Jews, according to antisemitic doctrine: “Jews will do anything to save their miserable lives and Jews will sell their loyalties for money.”

It really doesn’t matter that the pointer is about distortions and hypocrisy, when the idea is arrived at through distortions and hypocrisy.

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Economic Justice, Tzedakah, Marx and where Marxism fails.

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 29, 2007



From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” (Karl Marx) also read my blog entry: The Concept of Tzedaka

Karl Marx was Jewish, though converted to Xianism, he had been raised in the Jewish Tradition, with it’s concepts and ideas. Nowhere is this better seen than in the quote above.

It is a sound idea, because from a Marxist perspective it suggests a collective responsibility for each individual in the collective. It has been criticized, and those who criticize it most strongly do so from the perspective that those who need might need too much or, as Ayn Rand suggested “that people should receive as much as they ask for, and they argue that the unproductive will ask for more than they produce, or more than they deserve“.

But the problem is not with the Marxist concept of the collective responsibility, but with the bits and pieces that are missing. The idea of Tzedakah is based firmly in the Ethical Monotheism of Judaism. Marx rightly or wrongly criticized organized religion as something that kept people from aspiring for more than to be just what they were at one specific moment, thus they would never rise and shake off the yoke of financial slavery. He attempted to replace Ethical Monotheism with Marxism as a system to build a society from, using concepts that had originally been rooted in the idea that a Higher Principle could, would and was governing people’s actions and interactions. The incentive for keeping the principle of Ethical Monotheism was the very survival of the people. No such incentive exists in Marxism. Although Marxism is still concerned with the collective responsibility for the individual as in the quote above, it fails to address the “Why?”.

Marxism works fine in a collective where the common goal is the same and where some basic principles are incorporated prior to it’s implementation. Marxism needs a Higher Ethical Principle that puts an incentive on both the individual and the collective to stay within the parameters of what is good for both. Without such an incentive Marxism is just Theory and nothing else.

Those that have taken Marx’ theories and run with them “as is” have sooner or later ended up in exactly the same place that their society were right before the implementation of Marxism. Corruption, financial slavery, injustice and limited personal Freedom. Those who have based their Marxism in some sort of Higher Principle, and have encouraged people to use their personal freedoms to develop new adaptation of Marxism within the parameters of the Higher principle have succeed.

Generally it seems that Marxism is suitable for smaller units of people, rather than larger units, such as Nations. This might be the case because as humans we are not capable of over viewing larger units than a Clan or a Village. It is simply not possible to connect the smaller units structurally unless you allow for “collective-individual” adaptations that takes into consideration the specific needs of each unit.

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"I am not Anti-Semite!! – Stop harrassing me!"

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 26, 2007

Illustration is © Ketutar Jensen – used with permission.

The Illustration above is very telling – and true – point out to a Radical Far Leftist that his/her statements sounds Anti-Semitic, and he/she will furiously deny being an Anti-Semite – though no such accusation has been voiced. This, to me indicates the Radical Far Leftist is very much aware of being an Anti-Semite, and doesn’t want this fact to be publicly understood, because despite their profession to not really care about what people think about them, they are very sensitive to the stigma Anti-Semitism carries with it. Which is further evidenced by the fact that they more often than not hide their Anti-Semitism in violent Anti-Zionism.

So, are a person who uses Anti-Semitic expressions an Anti-Semite? Is someone who express themselves derogatory about Black people a Racist? I say that YES, they are.

Brian Klug, an Oxford research fellow and founder member of the Jewish Forum for Justice and Human Rights, states that “It is a staple of anti-Semitic discourse that Jews are a people apart, who form ‘a state within a state’.” He goes on to ask “What is anti-Semitism?” He defines an anti-Semite as one who sees Jews as “an alien presence, a parasite that preys on humanity and seeks to dominate the world. Across the globe, their hidden hand controls the banks, the markets and the media. Even governments are under their sway. And when revolutions occur or nations go to war, it is the Jews – clever, ruthless and cohesive – who invariably pull the strings and reap the rewards.

Brian Klug defines Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semites very well.

The Radical Far Left disagrees with me and Brian Klug on this:

“Just because I speak out against the Jews doesn’t make me anti-semitic.”

Off course you are not Anti-Semitic if you speak out against “the Jews” – it just makes you a Jew-hater… Like Wilhelm Marr . The logic of this statement is rather indicative of the up-side-down Orwellian Double-Speak that is the staple of Radical Far Left ideology:

Anti-Semitism is an unmistakable sign of solid mental health.” Horst Mahler, lawyer and human rights activist”

Hmm, so if you are not an Anti-Semite, you are by Radical Far Left standards mentally deranged. Welcome to the Asylum! This is just another version (see earlier blog entry) the idea that being Jewish is a disease that Jews need to recover from by ceasing to be Jews, though it doesn’t only target Jews, it also targets anyone who disagrees with the RFL’s ideology on the matter of “the Jewish Problem“.

“As an atheist, I say fight fire with fire. Let’s see how the Jews feel when the most painful part of their history gets mocked. […] “Why Jews? Well, why not? I say attack all if you want.”

Indeed. Let’s just create another version of the age old “The Jews Killed J*sus so let’s kill them”, after all they are not human – they are Jews…

“Although the holocaust may be a more than Jewish issue, it seems the Jews are monopolising it.”

How about Hitler monopolized the Jews for his genocide? Approximately 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust – for various reasons, disability, homosexuality, socialism, Catholicism, Lutheranism, being Romani or Black – and all those groups were killed because of something they could not change or would not change. And as such the Jews were no exception, except in one respect – they were the largest group ever to be targeted in this manner. Each of the other above groups have their Holocaust memories/Memorials one way or another, so why not the Jews?

“why aren’t you and her ashamed for what Jews are doing to others?”

What are the Jews doing to others? Let’s see…it seems the Radical Far Left owes a lot to the Jews:

The term Jewish left describes Jews who identify with or support left wing or liberal causes. There is no one organization or movement which constitutes the “Jewish left”. Jews have been major forces in the history of the US labor movement, the Settlement house movement, the women’s rights movement, anti-racist work, and anti-fascist organizing of many forms.

Many well-known figures on the left have been Jewish. These include people like George Soros, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, Eric Hobsbawm or Harold Pinter, who were born to Jewish families but have little connection to Jewish communities, Jewish culture or Jewish religion. It also includes people like Michael Lerner or Arthur Waskow, religiously devout and culturally identified Jews. And it includes many secular, cosmopolitan people who nonetheless remain connected to Jewish culture in some way, such as Emma Goldman, Rose Schneiderman, Muriel Rukeyser and Susan Sontag. Similarly, views regarding Zionism from the Jewish left can be quite varied, and are often independent of their other political and social views.

In the US in the last decade, the Jewish vote has gone to Democrats by 76-80% in each election, leading many to believe that the majority of American Jews are left-identified.

While many Jewish progressives root their politics in spirituality, there is also a long history of secular socialist and communist Jewish activist history (e.g. The Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring) as well as anarchist-Jewish activism which denounced religion while publishing newspapers in Yiddish.”

Then of course we have Albert Einstein…many would say that he has done more for the Sciences of Mathematics and Physics than the rest of Modern Scientist since Issac Newton… There’s the fact that all legislation of the Modern Western World, including the idea of Human and Civil Rights are based in Jewish Law. Oh yes the the Jews have done plenty to others, and the majority is something to be proud of. So why would we be ashamed?

“It seems you don’t want peace. It seems you want to invade other people’s property, take it over, and rape their wives as well.”

“The fact is that by “you”, I mean Jews and the people who support them. I would guess you are Jewish, seeing as you host a Jewish group. “

This guy was addressing a person whom he had never met before – he had gotten the information that this person is Jewish and hosts a Torah Study Group, from that person’s profile page – the prejudice and the hatred is stunning – but very typical of the Anti-Semitism embraced by the Radical Far Left. I’ll just leave it as it is, as it really speaks for itself.

“Jews are fair game for criticism, seeing as Judaism is a religion.”

Aah. It is very important for the RFL to define who is a Jew, or rather what is a Jew – because they don’t want to be caught emitting racial/ethnical slurs, so they have great problems with the concept of “being Jewish” as a indivisible combination of ethnical, religious and cultural Identity – they NEED “Jewish” to be one or the other or the third – because that makes their “criticism” safe from being criticized. They like to use Karl Marx’ criticism of Judaism in his response to Bruno Bauer (On the Jewish Question) as a proof text that Karl Marx was an Anti-Semite who had understood the dangers inherent in the Jewish People – but they forget that Karl Marx, because he was himself Jewish, didn’t criticize “being Jewish”, only the practice of religion as such. “The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism. I.e the goal is the social emancipation of the Jew – who will remain Jewish – by getting rid of the religious practices that in Marx’ mind is holding the Jew back from being part of Society – he doesn’t say one word about the Jew ceasing to be Jewish. The Jew can be Jewish as long as he is not religious. Marx was an atheist, and saw any kind of religion as straight-jacket put on the masses by the ruling class to control them.

You judge for yourself: Which is more probable – Marx was an Anti-Semite who was preaching the annihilation of his own people, or he was an atheist Jew who felt that the religious practices of Judaism was holding the Jewish people in Europe back from being all they could be?


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On the matter of Anti- Semitism II

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 6, 2007

A guy, whom I see as one of the most insidious Anti-Semites in Care2 posted this little Gem:

“here i am, the world’s newest Jew. Since I can be atheist and jew, I have chosen to be so. I don’t have a jewish mother. I don’t have any Jewish relatives. And since Dov so claerly explained what a Jew is in another there si nothing anyone, including he and Ket, can say to take away my right to be Jewish. I swear I’ll try and sustain a high moral quality, for I wouldn’t want to be a lazy Jew or an embarrassment to Jews worldwide. I swear, I’ll read my 2 favourite Jews all over again—Marx and Chomske. But they are infidels. maybe I shouldn’t. Darn it’s so difficult to be Jewish.

But, as we all know, tell me off a bit too much, and I’ll use the anti-Semite card for anything even remotely resembling you saying anything 10 times removed about Israel or Jews or Judaism or Zionazis. So beware. i have a trumped deck—yep, 53 cards.

So now I can be better able to spew hate and pull out my card when attacked. The beauty of itall. No wonder […] and Dov love being jewish. You can’t lose. YET.

Maybe I should change my name from […] to “proud special status person”. I think we should have our own private Semite parking spaces and anyone we don’t like who parks in them should be called an anti-Semite and be duly punished by having their license revoked till it is reviewed by a Zionist triumverate to see if the infidel in the space is worthy of having his permit back.

I’m gettinmg so many ideas. That’s all for now.”

You might wanna take that up with a Rabbi – see you need a Rabbi for a formal conversion to be Jewish unless you were born by a Jewish Mother… so whatever you say – you’re not Jewish, and I doubt you’d ever pass through the eye of the needle – you’d fall flat on your face, stumbling on your own insincerity…and arrogance.

For the record: I said “The only way you can be or become Jewish is either through birth or conversion.” – you are using […]’s definition of who is Jewish, not mine – and […] isn’t Jewish, so her definition really doesn’t matter.

You can call yourself whatever you want […], but the rest of us all know that this is just another of your attempts at insulting the Jewish People. An anti-semite through and through.”

There was a lot of rattling and shaking of fists – and then the thread was brought back to some resemblence of order.

“I did not attack anyone on the first post. i simply put down in an overdone manner what you nad some others say. Show me where I have insulted anyone.”

Like I said – you calling yourself a Jew is an insult to the Jewish People – the entire post is an insult to the ENTIRE Jewish People. I don’t expect a man of limited resources as yourself to see that, but all in this thread, except you, have agreed on this – don’t you see that? Or is the fact that we all here, except you, are in agreement on this some sign to you that you are right, and no insult has been made by you?

“I attempted to show how Jews are seen by others and why they are seen in this way.”

And the reason that Jews are seen this way by others is because of Anti-Semitism. I know, you probably don’t believe me, but it is the plain truth. Those sentiments that you expressed through your “parody” are so deeply Anti-Semitic and go back in history so far that it is hard to know just where it started. To understand how those sentiments are Anti-Semitic, one has to understand the Jewish mind, one has to understand Jewish History from a Jewish point.

“The problem most people have with “jewish” is that it is unclear what a jew is and it goes deeper than having a Jewsih mother and being converted. The problem is that you also say that it is a religion, an ethnicity, and a culture. You also say that I can be an atheist and a Jew.”

Yes. Why is that a problem? It is all of the above – and the only requirement for being Jewish is that you are either born by a Jewish Mother or converted.

What makes you Canadian/Greek? What makes a Palestinian a Palestinian? How do you know that you are YOU?

It is only a problem if you want it to be, and if you think it is important to define someone as Jewish or Greek/Candian or Palestinian. Otherwise it is really irrelevant.

“but people make it relevant.”

Yes, and that is Anti-Semitism, it is ethnic/cultural/religious profiling, and that is racism, and racism directed at the Jewish people is called Anti-Semitism.

“They use religion to start wars and hate. Greek is not a religion. It is an ethnicity and a culture.”

Most Jews do not consider themselves religious, even if they practice Jewish religious and cultural Traditions, the Religion is inseparable from the Jewish Culture and Ethnicity, just as the Culture and Etnicity are inseparable from the Religion – which makes it an Identity, where all those parts are inseperable. Atheist Jews still practice Judaism.

“That’s where the problem lies with Judaism.”

It is a problem only if you make it a problem. The Arabs made it a problem for 1400 years. The Xians have made it a problem for over 2000 years, before that the Romans made it a problem, before that the Assyrians and the Babylonians made it a problem, and before that Egypt made it a Problem. The World in one form or another, regardless of who was the Ruler at the time has made the Jewish People a problem for themselves and the Jewish People, and that, […], is Anti-Semitism. Now you are making it a Problem – when there really is no problem.

For Millenia people have said: “if only the Jews weren’t Jewish, there wouldn’t be a Problem, for them or Us”.

The Modern Times version of this is very well expressed by Andrew Winkler, the Editor in Chief of

“In that sense, there is no such thing as a good Jew. For a Jew to become a valuable human being, they must recant Jewishness and become what’s known as former or recovering Jew. They must embrace unreservedly the rest of mankind as their equals, regardless of their heritage, nationality, religion or race. They must become Earthians, no more and no less.”

Note phrasing that implies being Jewish is a disease, something to recover from, like the plague. This kind of reasoning is no better than the reasoning used by Fundamentalist Xians when they attack Gays. In fact it’s exactly the same…

At least he’ll allow us to live – most other have taken their best shot at exterminate us to solve “the Jewish Problem”.

The guy I quoted in the beginning of this Blog Entry also said this:

“I thought it was time to bring up the Jewish question in order to see what behaviour would come out of it and how appreciated it would be in a progressive group.”

“The Jewish Question” – by all means put us back in the 19th and early to mid 20th centuries…

“A famous negative reply to the issue was penned by Bruno Bauer, The Jewish Question, (Braunschweig, 1843). he askes the question “The German Jews desire emancipation. What kind of emancipation do they desire? Civic, political emancipation.”

Karl Marx answers:

“The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.

A phrase that has been misunderstood and misused by the Radical Far Left to mean “The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from the Jews.Andrew Winkler hooks onto this misinterpretation of Marx’s words, demanding that the Jew stop being Jewish in a cultural and ethnic sense as well as religiously – but that is not what Karl Marx was saying. He wasn’t an Anti-Semite, nor was he a self-hating Jew – For Marx being Jewish is an Identity, i.e it is something he IS (even if he converted to Catholicism) – he never denied being Jewish. Karl Marx opposed any kind of Religion, also the Jewish Religion – but as Religion is not the only signifier for being Jewish (Marx would have known this, being Jewish) Karl Marx has no objection to the Cultural and Ethnic definitions of being Jewish.

Poor Marx, if he only knew that he was being used as an excuse for exterminating his People…

The mistake made here by the Radical Far Left is that they understand “being Jewish” from a Xian mind-set, i.e it’s connected to faith/beliefs – but Karl Marx approaches the issue from a Jewish Mind-set in which beliefs don’t have anything to do with identifying as Jewish.


Next in the Series:

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