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Another Chauvinistic American Project

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 31, 2009

The Crane Project; What is It?

This project uses the symbol of peace and of long life to tell the story of loss in Iraq. The soldiers who lost their life in Iraq, the citizens of Iraq who died as a result of the conflict, the journalist covering the war who were killed doing their jobs. Different parties, with different interests. But all human beings, with lives ended too soon for those who love them and knew them.

Polymer clay cranes are being folded, with information about each individual, for the soldiers. They will be hung in strands to represent each week in the war, in order to present the passage of time, as well as a visual representation of their numbers.

Waxed paper cranes are being folded by volunteers across the country. These cranes will represent the Iraqis who have lost their lives. A count by the Iraq Body Count project is shown below. This is considered to be a conservative estimate.

Cranes will also be folded from newspaper stories about the war to represent journalists who lost their lives in Iraq. Without journalists telling the story, we would know even less about the cost of war.

Wonderful! Fold a crane to represent a dead victim of the war in Iraq… Excellent idea! My wife found the site, and at first she thought it was great…

But the entire idea fell flat, because the American chauvinism and arrogance poisoned the idea – polymer clay is almost indestructible, while news paper and waxed paper are perishable materials, so the cranes made for American soldiers are to last forever, but the cranes folded for Iraqis and journalists are to perish with time – moral: Only Americans are to be remembered…

And Americans wonder why the rest of the world think they are Arrogant, Loudmouthed, Bigoted and Chauvinist Idiots? Well we do, thanks to ideas like this…

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Turkey-Iraq agree security pact – The RFL keeps silent

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 28, 2007

Turkey-Iraq agree security pact

Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay, right, and his Iraqi counterpart Jawad al-BolaniTurkish and Iraqi interior ministers ironed out most of their differences

Iraq and Turkey have signed a security agreement aimed at curbing the activities of the Turkish Kurdish separatist group, the PKK. However, the final agreement does not include a key Turkish proposal that its troops be allowed to pursue PKK fighters over the border into Iraq.

The proposal had been strongly opposed by the Kurdish officials in Iraq. From BBC

This is horrifying news. Turkey and Iraq just signed an agreement that makes it ok for the two nations to chase Kurds to death on each other territories. Where is the Radical Far Left reaction, protests and analysis? Nowhere to be seen. The RFL have said absolutely nothing on the matter, despite the fact that the issue traditionally is right up their alley. It’s pathetic that a middle-aged, center liberal has to do their work for them, makes me feel very OLD.

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Entire Familys Go to War of Aggression- now that is sick..

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 10, 2007

In fact war is sick. This is not an entry on US in Iraq – this entry was inspired by a CBS 60 Minutes show that aired today here in Sweden. I saw the first 10 minutes and just had to turn off the TV when a middle aged man, grey hair and obviously in his 50’s came into focus as one National Guardsman, who was going to Iraq along with his two sons, barely out of High School. The idea of entire families going to war just sickened me – and then it hit me that WAR is sick. Immoral and unethical.

“Sunday, May 27, 2007
60 Minutes devotes its entire Memorial Day weekend broadcast to the 1st Battalion of the 133rd Infantry of the Iowa National Guard serving in Iraq. In a rare journalistic effort, Scott Pelley and 60 Minutes cameras follow the battalion and the families for nearly two years, exploring the American experience of war, in Iraq and at home. Shawn Efran is the producer. […](CBS) Rarely has our country asked citizen soldiers to shoulder so much of the burden of war. One third of the troops fighting are National Guard and Reserve—more than 400,000 soldiers called away from their civilian lives.”

One third of the American Troops in Iraq are “soldiers” who have received basic training, but nothing more. They have never seen combat, regardless of their age, and the hardest they have ever faced are forest fires and the occasional riot, if even that. And still they are being asked to go to a war they didn’t start, on a continent far far away – and many of them will never get home.

“In 2005, the call to war spread across the fields of Iowa.
There were about 700 calls to be made: a call to Andy Wendling and his brother, a call to Denver Foote, as he waited in the delivery room for his first baby, and a call to an old soldier, Mike Ites, never sent to war until now.
The battalion is a band of bothers, literally: there’s Ryan and Chris Gericke, a student and an electrician; Tom and Jerry Boge; the Moyers brothers; the Parmaters; the Veveras from Iowa City; the Gingrichs, a medical technician and a paramedic; and the Grieners, Mark, a plumber, and Kent, who wants to be a teacher. The list goes on.
Beyond the brothers, there are fathers, sons, uncles, even a husband and wife—one of 22 women in the battalion. Families have been joining the 1st of the 133rd since the Civil War.”

To me this is just sick. Sick, immoral and unethical. War in itself is sick, immoral and unethical. No Government should be allowed to start wars. And no Government should be allowed to send entire families into the front-line even in the case of a defense-war, much less in a war of aggression like this is.I know, many Americans, Brits, Danes, Swedes, Japanese are very proud of their sons, brothers, husbands and wives because they serve in the military. But if you look at it, what is there to be proud of? Really. They will either kill or get killed – how is that anything to be proud of? It’s insane, that’s what it is. Utter insanity.

There is nothing honorable about war and bloodshed. Now, if those “soldiers” had joined each other in a protest against war, and refused to go, despite being sent to jail because of their refusal – then I would be proud, that would be both honorable, moral, ethical and something to remember with pride.

Real MEN like Lt Ehren Watada – now that is a person to be proud of. Him I salute.


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Did you say they didn’t do it for OIL!?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 18, 2006

In a US State Department report dated 1945 it says:

“Controlling the oil-industry and oil sources in the Middle-East is extremely important.”

One by one during a period from 1945-1973 the oilproducing countries in the Middle-East have broken free from Western dominance, and said: “Enough’s enough, get the hell out of here”, so when an opportunity opens a window to gain control over all that richness again, who’s there, barging in and ‘taking over’, using any pretense possible to justify it? The one who lost the most between 1945 and 1973 – The United States of America. Oh, France and Britain lost some too, but no-one lost as much as the US. It must have hurt really bad when all the Americans were deported from Libya, only to be replaced by a less ‘hungry’ Russians…All that oil, just laying there, in the hands of sub-human savage Muslims – Oy! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the US has NEVER had any peace-keeping troops in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter – why could that be? Because the US is not interested in Peace – Peace is bad for business – War is good for business, and the US is built on Big Business – Weapons Business and Oil Business, and the businesses connected to the two big ones.

The Big Business Men never have to send their kids to any US wars – they don’t risk anything, they don’t pay – they just live off the blood of others, demanding ever more. The last abuse scandal/killing spree in Iraq was perped by soldiers who were on their third tour in Iraq…I am not surprised – it was probably so they would get sent home and not have to ‘serve’ anymore.

Is it a coincidence that the US, after invading Iraq is now looking lustily and greedily at Iran – using another “They have horrible weapons” excuse so they can go there and grab whatever they want and force the Iranians to subject to the West? There are another 2 years until the next American election – plenty of time to “liberate a people” – despite the fact that the people in question doesn’t want to be ‘liberated’.

Is it a coincidence that Sudan is getting support from the US, but Rwanda didn’t? No – Sudan has lots of OIL! Connect the dots.

George W Bush will go down in history as either the bloodiest President in the History of the US, or we can start calling him “King George III” after the English King who went certifiably Mad and ran around dressed in women’s underwear to the amusement and embarrassment of the Court.

George III of England was incidently the very King whom George Washington and the “Founding Fathers” were fighting in the War of Independence (1775–1783).

For some reason I find George in women’s underwear much more acceptable than the ransacking of sovereign states for money – don’t you?


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