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Archive for the ‘Cyber Littering’ Category

Why the 404 Messages on Searches?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 22, 2008

Because the searches on specific topics in my blog became rather obsessive – a certain Dutch Shock Artist, whom I wrote about about a year ago became the main search and visit magnet, not only for regular readers, but for porn-bots, sleaze balls and people obsessed with sex.

Another entry that drew a lot attention was my piece on Men’s Mental Health – no one ever commented, they just wanted to gawk at the crying soldier. So I made those entries private. Same thing with the entries on Hairy women and Miss Pree-Teen Competition – people and bots came to look for sleaze and porn, not to read my blog.

Sorry guys, if you cannot be more responsible and less in the gutter when reading and searching for things, I’ll have to be your mongoose.


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Zionists murdered Chris Benoit

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 23, 2007

This must be the most conspiratory search I have ever seen – someone managed to connect Chris Benoit’s death to Zionists.

[Note to my Anti-Zionist/Anti-Semitic detractors: If you want to find my Blog or the sister Blog run by Ket and me – just bookmark the page – or even better, subscribe to it via Email, then you wont even have to use your keyboard to read it… Or you could just ASK – I am sure a lot of people will help you with a link…your searches are getting rather transparent, you know.]

Who did the search is rather obvious to me. Do I care? No, it’s good entertainment to find those little “litterings” that tell me so much about those people. It’s nice to have an audience, even if it’s booing and whistling and at times throw rotten tomatoes. The echoes of their voices tell me that I am on the right track with where I am going.

Have a happy week!

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