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About This Blog

The reason for this Blog:

I was pointed to a book “Judaism, Human Values and the Jewish State” written by Yeshayahu Leibowitz – after reading half the first chapter I was intrigued and decided that I would read it and comment on it in an open blog.

Let’s see where I end up…:-)

About Me:

I started all my dreams when I was 16, and was doing a short internship with the local News Paper – my first assignment: Writing a two page piece about children of Divorce for the mid-section of the Sunday Issue…That’s kind of heavy-duty if you are 16…ever since I knew that I had two options in life – I either become a Journalist or a Man of the Cloth.’tis Me

I became neither – and yet I some times function as both – my two main avenues of thought are G-d and exposing bigotry, educating about balanced source use, debunking news that is not news and going head to head with Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semites. I some times write about G-d – and some times I write about Human Rights, and am not sure those two are not synonymous.

“if we start haggling with human rights we end up in a society where the only one having any human rights is the one who has deprived everybody else of theirs.”

You will find my other Blogs here:

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In Reply – joint with my Wife

Trekking Torah – My thoughts on the Weekly Parasha, G-d, Faith, Torah


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