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OTM of Integral Spirituality and Love

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on November 5, 2010

“Here’s what happened from my point of view:”


This point of view, this collection of thoughts, I do not care for.


Here’s what’s true for me Dov. I know that I am. This much I know for sure. I know that I exist. The day this woke up within me is one of the happiest days of my life. As far as ‘I’ am concerned, ‘I’ have awareness, beingness, a soul or energy body, a mental body, an emotional body, a personality and a physical body. I know that I have all these things; but ‘I’ see myself expressing through these various aspects of mind, heart, soul, spirit, movement, physicality and personality. What’s funny to me, maybe more to me than most, is that nearly every personality I’ve ever met, including my own, is fucking weird. This filter of personality is bizarre because each personality is its own little world living apart and separate from all other worlds. Personalities never come together, they never join. Sure, they can relate, but only from a very narrow perspective. And because they cannot truly join, life from the perspective of the personality is lonely and fearful. Dov, if I have offended your personality, I do not care. I have no love for personalities.

I don’t think I have ever seen a mail or PM that so profoundly and thoroughly invalidates and nullifies the receiver so quickly, already in it’s second line.

I give a rat’s hairy ass about your point of view, because you are nothing but a ‘filter’ to me!” Well, I’ll give this guy credit for being blunt and bare-knuckled in his approach.

On the other hand, I do love your heart, your soul and your spirit. I love these dearly. I love these immensely.

I am sure you do. It costs nothing. Loving what you define as ‘me’ is easy, because it lets you be in control of what ‘me’ to ‘love’. You can create and pick such parts of your creation that please your sensibilities, and remove the rest and then tell yourself that you love ‘me’. In reality what you claim to love has nothing to do with me, simply because my heart, soul and spirit are what makes up my personality, my characteristics, my being. Without my personality my heart, soul and spirit would have no expression.

But I suppose that is what you think it should all be. Integral Spirituality.

“If I believe you are me and I am you, and I cannot see where you begin and I end and you are my beginning and I am your ending, then I am never alone, and all is well. Nothing I do or say is ever me, because it’s really you, and nothing you do or say is ever you, because it’s really me, but since you are me and I am you, neither of us are responsible for anything, and neither of us will ever need to reach out to the other. We never have to reach out either to ask for help and support or to offer help and support. We don’t have to care anymore, about anything or anyone. Ultimate Selfishness disguised as Ultimate Spirituality.”

Heart, soul, spirit – that in which you feel we are the same, that is what you say you love. That which separates, that which makes you and me unique individuals, that you don’t care for. You love your own reflection in me, yourself in me, not me in me – that is nothing but worthless chaff to you.

Oh, brother Narkissos

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