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OTM of The Logical Fallacy of Life

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 10, 2010

"Religion is not the opiate of the masses, religion is the placebo of the masses." (House season 5 episode 15 – Unfaithful)

Yup, doesn’t do anything but makes us believe that it does, right? Perhaps that’s why so many religious people don’t actually change after they have ‘got religion’?

I mean some do – alcoholics get sober, gamblers stop gambling and thieves stop stealing after having a religious experiences – but the large majority doesn’t. Not really. What they do is believe that religion is the little red pill, they took it so it’s working because Dr. Edgemar said it would.

That’s why so many religious people keep doing whatever evil they did prior to ‘getting religion’. They believe that not only have they changed, but the nature of their actions have changed and suddenly become ‘not-evil’. Because they believe religion has fixed them, and they are now ‘good people’ they believe that they cannot do anything evil or bad.

“But hey”, you say, “that’s not what placebo does, it either does nothing or the belief that it’s the right medication causes an actual ‘mind over matter’ cure of the disease!”. Yes. But go back to the beginning – Dr Edgemar said that it would work, so whether the placebo actually did something or not, is irrelevant because they don’t believe in the placebo, they believe in Dr Edgemar, and he said it works, so with or without physical changes, they must have changed. The Logical Fallacy of Life.


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