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OTM of Wee Seedlings

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on January 8, 2010

“that some wee seedlings need to be kept safe from big storms until they’re strong and limber enough to play.”

What if the wee seedlings use the wee-ness to control and manipulate the storm? What if the wee seedlings are determined to tease the storm and go poke it, and when the storm roars at them they start crying and whimpering pointing at it and say: It is mean, it roared at me, I didn’t do anything, I just hopped about here with my friends having fun and it roared at me! Bad storm!

What then? Who dares to take the wee seedling to task and tell it that it is not ok to tease and poke the storm? Because the wee seedling is so wee and needs protection…after all it’s not the wee seedlings fault that it is so wee, is it?

Beware of Wee Seedling, ‘cause it can level an entire Forest worse than any Storm and control an entire City better than any Mayor, and it is never full, it always wants more, and it is always too Wee to take the consequences.

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