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On the matter of Gender Politics

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on February 18, 2009

Even when the person asked about their “shadow perpetrator” is a woman, does the conversation focus on the ills of men. “Do all men have an inner rapist?” The possibility of asking such a question about women doesn’t even register. Ok, well it actually did – for one line and only through the use of “human” instead of “men”.

Violence, domination , the need for and use of power is assumed when it comes to men, even by men themselves and any attempt to hold women accountable and responsible for violence committed against men and children by women is disregarded. Women and violence doesn’t even compute within the scope of a gender discussion.

What is this other than a willful invisbilization of men? What is this other than a willful denial of reality on the part of women? It is a crime against womanhood, committed by feminism and ultimately by women themselves, in that it denies women their full potential and paints an inaccurate and untrue picture of women and in the end keeps women from achieving any true equality. Feminism in that respect is just another “gender politics” that aims at maintaining status quo, while pretending to liberate women.

Without full accountability and responsibility there can be no true equality. Unless women step up and accept their full potential they will be forever locked in victim hood. Unless we demand of and allow the same for both genders, we cannot expect both genders to grow into Human, because maturity can only be had through accountability and responsibility.

In the 70’s a Finnish-Swedish author, Märta Tikkanen, wrote a book titled “Men cannot be raped”. The book tells a tale of a woman who avenges the rape she suffered at the hands of a man after a “night on the town”. The title of the book is the underlying thread that binds her actions together. She will get away with the atrocities she visits on her rapist, because it is assumed that rape entails two things women are assumed not to have: the physical strength to overpower a man and means by which to penetrate him. The book also assumes that men lack means by which to be raped. In the end the main character succeeds in her intentions to avenge herself and in raping her rapist. Without getting caught.

The book was received with loud cheers and a sense of triumph among Swedish and Finnish feminists as the ultimate revenge on patriarchy. It is still the staple diet of Scandinavian Feminists. While there is nothing wrong with wanting revenge on one’s rapist and it is quite understandable that one would want such a revenge, the general thesis of the book is symptomatic of what is inherently wrong with feminism; the assumption, which it shares with patriarchy, that men cannot, in any true sense, be violated and women cannot in any true sense violate.

A few years ago I hosted a men’s group on line. Women were welcome to participate in the discussions, which dealt with issues ranging from silly jokes to gender, equality and recognition of abuse, as long as they did so with the understanding that they were guests in the men’s home. A majority of the women held and expressed the opinion that men’s statements about being survivors/victims of abuse were offensive to women because such statements, by necessity, must be a negation of women’s reality as survivors/victims of abuse. Some even went as far as to demand that when men shared about their experiences of domestic violence and other abuse in the group, they must first qualify that women’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse are worse and more painful because 1. they are women and 2. there are more women that are abused by men than there are men that are abused by women.

What I am trying to say here is that it’s all good and well that men are being made to understand what kind of impact they have on women’s lives, but if we truly want gender equality and the eventual eradication of gender, we have to see both genders for what they are in terms of violations against humanity. This means that women too have to be made to understand what kind of impact they have on men’s lives and how feminism is screwing both genders to the bone and serving neither men nor women in the long run, but in fact cementing the skewed ideas we have about men and women.

4 Responses to “On the matter of Gender Politics”

  1. rachel cervantes said

    True equality, yep that’s my goal. And perhaps your points would be better received if women had as much power as men. To talk about the invisibilization of a high-power group to a low-power group is…”ludicrous” is the word that comes to mind.

    I am NOT advocating preference for women of any kind. I am saying that your concerns are premature. I am NOT saying it’s ok to harm (“abuse”) men in any way. I am saying that brutalization of women is such a huge problem to focus on a tiny minority (and in the abused population men are a tiny minority, although it does happen) seems a misplaced focus.

    So, I suppose my primary point is that yes, abuse of men (and etc) must stop. But shouldn’t we address the more wide-spread problem first?


  2. Keitho said

    Yes, Bear, I remember being a part of that online discussion. And the things you say here are still true, I see movies where if the woman is called a name or has something done to her that evokes an emotional response(especially anger), many times she will slap the man and that action is deemed acceptable, my first response is the she is physically abusive and why isn’t she being held accountable for her actions. If it was a man who slapped a woman for doing the same to him, he would automatically be labeled as a bad guy. A woman giving a physical response to her feelings being hurt is acceptable, but a man doing the same is a danger to society? Men are taught to repress their feelings and woman are allowed to express them any way at all. Where’s the equality there?

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    • Thank you Keith, what you say is very true, it’s just sad that most women cannot get their heads around this – I am sure that if they could, would, dared and had the guts to change their thinking, they’d change their attitudes, and thus the attitudes of society, which deeply sexist towards both genders.


  3. Rachel, that’s just the problem – by focusing on what you call the “wide-spread problem”, namely abuse of women, we are missing half the problem, and there will never be equality.

    “To talk about the invisibilization of a high-power group to a low-power group is…”ludicrous” is the word that comes to mind.

    This is exactly the attitude on the part of women, which will keep women stuck in the victim role. By denying that not all men are high-power, just as not all women are low-power, you are invisibilizing men and discriminating against them simply because of their gender. You haven’t asked if they are truly high-power or if they are said to have power.

    Patriarchy is not male-based, it’s political based, and feminism is a big part in maintaining its position by maintaining a view of gender as determinant of “power”. The gender structure in society is a product not of men or of the category male, but of a deliberate polarization between the genders conceived of and perpetrated by a political system that is gender-neutral in that it is driven by political aims within both the feminist and non-feminist camps.

    Until women and feminism accept their part in the game, there will be no true equality. Denial is the biggest player in the field of status quo.


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