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That’s what they’re really waiting for

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on January 17, 2009

“We used to make headlines when we did our job right. Now they bury them in the back of the paper. […] You make the front page today only if you screw up. They only know your name if you’re the unlucky s.o.b sitting on 500 tons of dynamite. That’s what they’re really waiting for.” (Colonel Belt about the press/media, X-Files, season 1 “Space“)

Interesting statement – and totally true. Just look at one day’s head-lines – do you see any POSITIVE head-lines? No, it’s death, destruction, pain, suffering,  malicious lies about this and that, people being harassed by the press, statistics being exaggerated, all sorts of avarice.

Unless you screw up, the press is not interested, unless there’s blood, death and gore, the press is not interested, unless there’s something involving human tragedy, the press is not interested.


4 Responses to “That’s what they’re really waiting for”

  1. Dale Husband said

    Hasn’t it always been that way?


  2. No, not always – there was actually a time when serious journalists made an effort to bring objectivity to their stories and shied away from emotional reporting and graphic descriptions of death, destruction, pain, suffering, and double checked their sources and would give their editors anything unless they could verify the truth of the stories.


  3. Fire-Starter James said

    We do still get some good news on local services, but the large networks have little interest in such. Their version of reporting good news is planned “breaking news” interruptions of Saturday morning cartoons, to report on Obama’s “triumphal entry” into Washington.


  4. Fire-Starter James said

    Wow. Who knew back then I’d be doing something about it now? I’m in danger of feeling a little smug.


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