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the searches get sillier and sillier

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 26, 2008

I just have to share this entry from another of my blogs – I know it’s a repeat post, but it’s good:

search: bondage ants..
search: libanon gay bears gay…
search: arab bears gay
search: leviticus silly
search: silly history facts
search: porn cruel israel
search: silly math problem

The most puzzling of those search terms is the combination in the first… “bondage ants”. Ants that are into bondage – why on earth would one do a search on that, unless of course the searcher is looking for some rather kinky animal pornography…and have a special fetish for ants…

Perhaps it was made by the same person who made a search on “ass-humping dog” and ended up being pissed at me in another Blog of mine, because he didn’t find what he was searching for? He then went on to rag about my presumed hatred for the US and it’s imperialistic use of the term “Americans” as a designation for US citizens only…

The second most puzzling search term combination is “porn cruel israel” – unless you are of the belief that Israelis somehow use pornography as a means to violate Palestinian human rights, it is really hard to imagine just how someone came up with that idea, but then I guess the Radical Far Left will believe anything their mentally deprived brains can concoct.

There is of course always the possibility that the search was made by a bunch of Palestinians looking for an Israeli Dominatrix…just too bad the IDF uniform is not the least sexy…and a Nazi Uniform just doesn’t work on brunettes…

What’s next?

Oh, yes, the Gay Arab Bears…what were they thinking? Bears humping each other in Arab garb? Bears humping Arabs? Gay Arabs humping Bears? Some how those images doesn’t work as well as the Dragon Fighting Bear

What’s with this obsession with sexually loaded search terms to find my Blog? Are people afraid to put the terms “Silly Old Bear’s Grins and Grumps” together in one line?

Do people really believe I spend a large chunk of my time writing about sexually loaded matters involving Arabs, Israelis, Lebanese Ants and Bears? Apparently.

But then, we all know that those search terms are silly little codes for “Silly Old Bear’s Grins and Grumps Blog”, a web place you (and you all know who you are :-p) really don’t want to admit that you are looking for, not even to yourselves.

If I wanted to include Lebanon (not Libanon) in my Blog, I wouldn’t be writing about Lebanese Gay Bears, Gay Rights in Lebanon perhaps, but not Gay Bears. Gay Bears are just fine where ever they are, whatever ethnicity their Bear Passports sport.

Keep them silly searches coming – you are cracking me up -)

I still don’t get what’s with the enslaved ants though…

4 Responses to “the searches get sillier and sillier”

  1. Holly said

    LOLOL SB! Thanks for the great start to my day – these are great! *hug* 😀 I’ve been pretty fortunate, so far, in that I haven’t had any weird/funny search terms coming up at my place. If I ever do start getting them, though, I’ll be sure to follow your example; some of them are just too funny (the ants came marching one by one… ROFLMAO!). 😀


  2. Thank you Holly 😀


  3. Good morning, dear friend. (((HUG))) Just stopping in to tell you I did something I’ve never done, and it’s at the Tree, if you feel like checking it out. It’s a first attempt, but I think it turned out pretty decent… 🙂


  4. Ummm…. Are comments being moderated now?


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