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Archive for May 24th, 2008

Now, THAT is censorship

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 24, 2008

“This has happened with numerous stories , by a variety of posters all of which pertain to Human Rights violations in Africa. Is there no interest or is there another reason. What do you  think, does HR get fair play on the C2NN front page in all areas or  could I be missing something?”

She joined to spread the word to the north. She joined several groups noted for posting news (She didn’t have a large friend base and its hard to develop one while you are on the run) One day in November she sent the same message to all groups she had tried to get interested asking why none of the stories re Argentina & Paraguay were being promoted in their groups (the host/ Co-hosts were deleting every post) The OVERWHELMING response was that this isn’t interesting to people on Care2. Source

Deleting someone’s posts because you hold the opinion that the content is of no interest to people is censorship. Deleting a post because general decency dictates that it’s abusive and offensive is not censorship, since it is fully possible to express oneself sharply without being abusive or offensive.

Random deletions due to an automated filter that needs some tweaking is not censorship – it’s an automated filter that needs tweaking.

Care2 is replete with animal activists who couldn’t care less about Human Rights in Argentina or Peru. As long as they can fight to keep any blind, deaf, lame and sick mutt alive for the “quality of its life”, they give a %#&!*% about human rights. Really.

Only yesterday I was witness to a discussion where it was clearly said out loud by animal activists, that as long as you are willing to kill for animal rights, being abusive towards HUMANS is inconsequential and irrelevant, in fact it almost seemed as if the speaker consider it a desired mode of action to be abusive. Source

So mapping mass graves or identifying remains, the result of atrocities committed against humanity, is not something the average C2 Activist consider note-worthy or news worthy…Perhaps because you actually have to be in the field to do such activism, you actually have to care about PEOPLE to do that – and the activists who support verbal abuse, like the guy in the second source above don’t care about people. He only cares about his Cause.

If one looks at the news on the front page, the popular stories, what people have got their golden notes for, you’ll see the Care2 hierarchy very clearly. What matters is animal “rights”, conspiracy theories and anything supported by extreme fanatic militant fundamentalists. If you get all three together, you have a winning concept for Care2.

They will make front page news about an antisemitic speech held 40 years ago (and not because it’s antisemitic, no… because it’s “the truth”), a blog entry about something very subjective, personal, irrelevant and totally uninteresting to the whole world except these people; about how horrible it is that one may not keep one’s dogs whom one lets wander around freely and attack other people’s dogs; about how horrible it is how someone can even consider euthanazing a 18 years old dog who’s blind, has heart problems and cancer; about an artist/taxidermist who kills the animals she uses in her art by herself; 9/11 conspiracies; antisemitism and islamophobia; libel against people these people don’t like…

THESE issues and others like these are for some reason VERY important and these people will fight with all their might to keep these topics on the front page, and will start screaming about censorship and dictatorship and Goddess knows what if the abusive “news items” are being deleted…

I’m sorry, but this is the reality in Care2. If these militant extremist fundamentalist fascist fanatics don’t get their way, they put you on their black list and start harassing you, spreading all kind of lies and inventions about you, organize witch hunts and what not.


HRN has never been very popular in Care2, because we put the people’s rights before the animals’ rights, we care about ALL the people’s rights, even taxidermists’, criminals’, Israelis’ and neo-cons’ and because we are moderate and sensible people.

No-one is saying that animals don’t have rights, but they don’t take precedence over human rights. Activism is important – but activism that express itself through abuse of other people and their rights, is unethical and immoral, and should be excluded from human company.

Unfortunately, especially for a site like Care2, the militant extremist fundamentalist fascist fanatic activists may not be the largest group of activists – but it sure is the most vocal, the most abusive and most prone to violating other peoples’ human rights simply because they don’t care about people. They care for the Cause – for the Fight – but whom or what they hurt, harm or kill on their way to achieve their goal has no meaning to them – they even kill some animals if it can be used to further their image of themselves as the Ultimate Activists.

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