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Archive for April 26th, 2008

The Kettle is throwing horse manure in a glasshouse…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on April 26, 2008

A working reactor would make Syria the first Arab nation with nuclear capability and potentially would put nuclear weapons in the hands of a regime that the United States accuses of committing human rights abuses and supporting international terror groups.

Whoa! Didn’t they just claim that Iran was…?

Any way, how credible is this claim, considering that the claims made about Iraq were nothing but pure Texan horse manure?

The United States has a history of trying to prove that countries have stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, he said, comparing the new claims to former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s presentation to the United Nations about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

The United States not only has a history of falsely accusing other nations of having nuclear weapons and such, they also have a history of wanting to divert attention from their own human rights abuses by pointing fingers at others.

The truly is a case of the kettle throwing horse manure in a glasshouse – and as said in the article:

“Don’t be gullible and fall for this,”


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