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FITNA – The Movie

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 28, 2008

Fitna – The Movie
Screen Shot of the Video INtroYes, the Movie is highly Islamophobic. Fully on par with any propagandamovie made by Josef Goebbles. The quoted Imams, Muslims and Mediaarticles in the Movie are fully on par with any Extreme Fundamentalist Xian or Jewish Clergy, believers and what is written about them in the media. I could easily substitute every quote from the Quran given inthe movie with similar or worse from both Torah and the XianScriptures. I could make a Xianophobic or Judeophobic Movie – simpleand easy. That has been done, it will be done in the future. Nothing new there, my friends.The Quran, as the Bible or Torah, is subject to interpretation. If one choose to read it literally one will find all kinds of horrible things in it, as can be done with the Bible or Torah. But why should we judge Islam any different than we judge Judaism or Xianism? Why should we deem the Fundamentalists of Judaism and Xianism less dangerous than Islam? Why should we read the Quran any different than we read the Bible or Torah? We seem to have forgotten that Extreme Fundamentalist readings of Torah and the Bible have lead to, and will continue to lead to the same kind of violence as that described in “Fitna” –

Christian terrorism

Jewish Terrorism

Timothy McVeigh

Meir Kahane

To mention a few we all know about. We don’t claim Xianism orCatholicism as a violent religion because of Timothy McVeigh did or Judaism as a religion of terror based on what Meir Kahane did. Therefore it’s absurd to claim that Islam to be a religion of terror based on 9/11 or other violent attacks committed by people professing to be Muslims.

Judge the Extremist Interpretation of the Quran, not the Quran itself or all the Muslims in the world.


Due to threats, the Movie has been removed from LiveLeak, it can be found here on Google 


11 Responses to “FITNA – The Movie”

  1. Connie said

    It wasn’t an extremist interpretation. It is what the Qur’an says. Study it.


  2. It wasn’t an extremist interpretation. It is what the Qur’an says.

    Actually, it is an extremist interpretation. The Quran, just as the Bible and Torah has to be read in a historic-cultural context to make sense in our modern society. That some don’t do that isn’t the Quran’s fault, nor is it Islam’s fault.

    As I say above, I can easily make a “Strife” Move that is based on accounts of Xian or Jewish Terrorism from Modern Times, using texts from the Bible and Torah that justify such Terrorism against unbelievers, gays, women, etc. It’s so easy to pick out a few verses and connect them to things one doesn’t like or agree with and then paint an image of an entire religion and all its adherents as bloodthirsty savages.

    The questions you and I have an obligation to ask ourselves
    1. is such a conclusion reasonable?
    2. what is the motive of the creator of the movie?
    3. what in the Holy Text contradicts the conclusion arrived at in a 15 minute Movie?
    4. why are we listening more to what a non-Muslim is saying about Islam than to Muslims who are not Extremists?


  3. Connie said

    Geert Wilders is right about Islam. The Qur’an teaches hate and bigotry. It should not be used to instruct children or be used in prisons as a conversion tool.

    Islamophobia? Who are the true Islamophobes? Network Solutions and YouTube? Those who try to silence the truth-tellers out of fear? A phobia is an irrational fear. Understanding the true motives of Islam and wanting to stop Islamization is not irrational.

    Islam is the antithesis of our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Muslims will tell you Islam means peace. What is meant by this is that all will be peaceful under Islam – if one accepts Islam. If not, those of other faiths can exist by paying the jizyah. This is what Islam teaches. Paying jizyah (tax) to Allah in order to be allowed to practice a religion other than Islam is not freedom of religion. If Islam spreads and becomes the dominant religion, how long before the right to freedom of religion is abolished to be in line with Qur’anic scripture?

    Study the Qur’an and the ahadiths. A rational human being can only come to the conclusion that Islam was developed by a man who, because he thirsted for power, developed an ideology based on his deliberate perversions of Judaism and Christianity in order to create hatred for the followers of those religions. Create the hatred, then create an army to ravage and take control of the lands of the People of the Book (Jews & Christians). Islam is not just a religion. It is an ideology with political, military and religious aspects. It is a total belief system.

    The Crusades were, of course, the quest to retake the lands stolen by the first Jihadists – Muhammad and his followers.

    Do you realize that the Siege of Vienna took place on September 11, 1683? Why do you think September 11 was the date chosen by 19 Islamists to fly planes into our buildings? It was a message to us that Islam was again on the rise.

    Interfaith groups seem a noble cause, but they only promote Islamization, because the attempt on the part of naive non-Muslims is not reciprocated with the same noble intentions on the part of Muslims. This is not to say all Muslims are gifted in the “art” of taqiyya (lying) and use it. In fact, there are many Muslims who do not even know the finer points of their faith and who have become secularized or they are indoctrinated and do not question their faith.

    Muslims will tell you that you cannot understand Islam properly if you do not know Arabic. (There is some indication that Arabic was not the original language used) And, of course, if you do not understand Arabic, then you must only study with a Muslim who does. Don’t listen to them who say this. Certainly, one can listen to, read, study both sides, if one is interested in “being fair-minded.” But quite frankly, within the first several days of studying Islam, I was able to to easily see how and why Islam came to be. I was appalled by the so-called prophet of Islam and by the Qur’an, which is, as Wilders called it, fascistic in nature. Muhammad not only lived in the Spin Zone, I am quite sure that he created it. He said Allah said something, but then when that thing conflicted with something Muhammad wanted or did, he simply explained it away with a new saying from Allah to justify his behavior.

    Contrast Muhammad with Jesus Christ and there is no comparison. Muhammad was a brutal warrior and Jesus was only peaceful. God bless Pope Benedict for playing the very dangerous game of chess with Muslim leaders. He is a brilliant man and I fear that priests and others who are doing interfaith work do not have the knowledge to engage in it properly. Islam in America is here to win, not to merely live side-by-side with other faiths.

    CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing case regarding contributions to Hamas, claims to be nothing more than an advocacy group for Muslims, but instead, they are engaged in fake lawsuits to promote the Islamization of America. They are here to make sure our children’s text books say nothing bad about Islam. They are here to make sure footbaths are installed in public institutions and to accustom us to call to prayer. They use the excuse that we have church bells, but church bells are used for many reasons. Call to prayer only has one purpose. In various places around the globe, call to prayer goes on forever at 2 a.m. When I hear call to prayer, it reminds me of 9/11. It is a sound that does not belong in this country. It causes distress for too many.

    Many former Muslims are warning us about Islam. Listen to them. Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali; to Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist who converted to Christianity, to Bat Ye’or, to Nonie Darwish, to Wafa Sultan, to Robert Spencer.

    If not for those of us who speak of the dangers of Islam, Turkey would not be attempting revision of the ahadiths. That should tell you something – that Islam in its present form is unacceptable.

    There are those Muslims in America who are attempting reform or pushing a New Age version of Sufism, but can Islam be reformed? Muslims believe the Qu’ran is the word of God handed to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. How does one reform what is supposedly the word of God? Muslims have begun a campaign to disassociate themselves from the Taliban, from violence, from what they call a perversion of Islam, but the Qur’an itself calls for violence. The jihadists follow the true Islam.

    As the saying goes, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

    If you are truly open-minded, you will seek out all opinion and treat it fairly. You will not accept the false idea that only Muslims understand Islam.

    Watch Islam: What the West Needs to Know

    *Ironically, the link I gave in the article for the above is no longer good. Banned by Google. I found it on YouTube (where it was also banned), but they haven’t found the Finnish version yet. It’s in English, but has a Finnish title and Finnish subtitles.

    I am hyperlinking only Part 1 because as long as YouTube hasn’t pulled them, the rest (2-13) can be found in the sidebar scroll at YouTube. These have Finnish subtitles, but are in English. The originals were pulled by YouTube.

    Part 1


  4. Connie, I am allowing you to post here only in the name of Free Speech.

    You are an Islamophobe, and you are no different than the Nazis who spread lies and distortions about Jews. It’s nice to be able to speak eloquently about what you hate and fear – but however nicely you package it, you are just another hate monger.

    The Battle of Vienna took place on September 12, 1683, not September 11. This small but, in the context of your comment, significant distortion of History is there only so you can create the idea of a Conspiracy. However, all it does is spell out your motives, the fear of and the hate of Islam that you wish to spread.

    Xianity was once unacceptable in its basic form. Judaism was once unacceptable in its basic form. Reform, adaptations and development has removed all the violent practices from Judaism and almost all from Xianism. Yet there are far more Xian Fundamentalists out there terrorizing innocents than there are Muslims or Jews. Reform is possible, but reform is not achieved through hatred and spreading of lies. Lies and distortions only serve evil.



  5. A friend said this about your comment about Yeshu ben Miriam and Muhammad – ”

    Contrast Muhammad with Jesus Christ and there is no comparison.
    Muhammad was a brutal warrior and Jesus was only peaceful.

    Wrong! Even Jesus was recorded as saying, “Think not that I bring peace to the world. I bring not peace, but a sword.”


  6. Dale Husband said

    That was me, Silly Old Bear. I’d like it noted also that Christianity was just as violent, just as oppressive, and just as lacking in understanding in the Middle Ages as any form of Islam today. It is absurd to judge one religion by comparing its worst features with the best features of another one. All the arguments made against Islam by Connie apply just as much to Christianity. Whatever else the Prophet Muhammad did, he still founded a great civilization on Islam, while Christanity actually led to the FALL of a civilization (the Roman Empire)!

    ANY religion that has absolute power is destructive to freedom. That’s why we have separation of church and state in America. And Christianity, not Islam, is the dominant religion there. Get it?


  7. I totally agree, Dale. Unfortunately for Islam, the Arab European League chose to respond in kind to Wilders – which naturally is only going to give Connie more fodder for her distortions.

    Read my entry on the “Almouftinoun” movie made by the AEL.



  8. Connie said

    “All the arguments made against Islam by Connie apply just as much to Christianity. ”

    No they don’t.

    The difference is as plain as the difference between Jesus and Muhammad. What Jesus brought was compassionate tough love. He did not form an army. He did not murder.

    “Whatever else the Prophet Muhammad did, he still founded a great civilization on Islam…”

    by aggression and theft.


  9. Dale Husband said

    The difference is as plain as the difference between Jesus and Muhammad. What Jesus brought was compassionate tough love. He did not form an army. He did not murder.

    If you beleive in Jesus, you must also beleive in Moses and Joshua, who DID lead an army and wage a campaign to conquer and exterminate a people, the Canaanites, and take over their land. That brutal war was recorded in the Book of Joshua. It actually makes what Muhammad did look tame. Jesus wouldn’t have even had a ministry without the teachings of Moses to act as a background for his own work. Or would you also condemn the ancient Hebrew kingdoms that resulted from what is said in the Bible itself to be God’s commandments?

    by aggression and theft.

    I would suggest that, if you feel so bad about that, don’t live in any state that once had such policies. Oh, excuse me, most of them did at one time or another.

    SO CAN THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE! Your double standards, Connie, make me proud to be agnostic!


  10. Again I totally agree, Dale *yes*


  11. It was an Islamophobic movie indeed. Many worse things can be found in the Talmund and Bible. I hope human beings come to terms with reality that we are humans, first and foremost. And that we are all equal before God, instead of believing God can be racist and “Choose” people… All humans are equal.


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