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Archive for March 19th, 2008

An Activist Choice

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 19, 2008

I received this in my mailbox today:
Boycott Bejing
Big, nice and strong. The sender asks me to boycott the Olympic Games in Bejing. A request I respect although I am not going to do that. There are many reasons for this, however the most prominent reason is that SILENCE and IGNORING isn’t going to change anything. Focusing the world’s spotlights on China, its Human Rights Violations and speaking up during the Games, will eventually give results.
Another reason is that if I were to resort to boycott as a means of protest against human rights violations, I would have to boycott every country in the world, stop eating anything I have not grown myself (including not using any seeds grown elsewhere than in my own garden, which I do not have) and possibly move to a non-existent island somewhere, G-d knows where. I believe that there are other ways and other means to protest and achieve my goals.
Will I be silent? No. Will I stay away from the Games? No. I plan on be blogging about the Games and about the Human Rights violations that takes place in China during the time of the Games. So many people are not aware of what takes place in China. Media will not be silent – see even if the media representatives in China cannot say anything, the media out-side China have no obligation to be silent, and I doubt it will. People who are not normally interested will be informed, awareness will reach out into homes world-wide, where China at best is known for making cheap toys at worst is a white spot on the map.
If, and only if, the entire world chose to implement a sports embargo on China, like it did with the Republic of South Africa, then we would be talking about measures that would work in the way boycotters wish. Against such measures I have no objection. I just wish there would have been a movement PRIOR to the IOC suggesting that China host the Olympic Games in 2008.
I think my choice to not boycott, but instead intensify my vocal protest is as much activism against human rights violations as that of those who chose to boycott.

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