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Peace is Possible

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 12, 2008

Yes, I believe that Peace is possible.
I believe that if you isolate the Extremists on both sides and Unite the Middle, give and take, you will eventually reach a point where Peace is more attractive to ALL than being right or having it all.
With small continuous concessions on both sides, small and continuous rewards on both sides Living will be more fruitful than Dying, for all.

2 Responses to “Peace is Possible”

  1. Dale Husband said

    Easier said than done, of course. Even a video game can only approximate real life. Humans, especially in volatile groups, are more unpredicatable than any computer.

    Meanwhile, the unbalanced Israel-basher DC is suggesting that the Palestinian territory called the Gaza Strip can somehow be compared with Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp:
    The Right to Equate Gaza With Auschwitz

    So, does freedom of speech include the freedom to LIE?!


  2. Dale,

    May be, but Rabin was very close and he did exactly what I have suggested. I don’t believe in violence, retaliation or heavy sanctions. I believe in co-operation. I always have.

    As for Freedom of Speech – yes, one may say whatever one like when ever one wants to, however one wants to, but not where ever one wants to.


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