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Dr Phil’s Islamophobia…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 9, 2008

I just saw a show from last November… about the relationship of American Katherine(18) and Palestinian Abdullah(22).

A Daughter In Danger?
A Daughter In Danger? II
Katherine Returns
I have seen only the two first parts, but there were things I found awkward already there… The Palestinian bloggers found even more awkward and upsetting things…KABOBffest: He said Palestine..

About Mahtab and Betty Mahmoody (why is she still using his last name?)
Without my daughter
Vilified in Hollywood, father still without his daughter

Does anyone know if he has his daughter again? Original author: Ketutar, used with permission.

I actually watched all three episodes, and I read the entire KABOBfest Blog
Dr. Phil is a mainstream media figure, which as we know, sparingly use the word “Palestine.” Why would he incessantly use the word if not to substantiate any negative images already in the minds of most Americans about Palestinians?
I have to agree with the assessment made the blog entry author, Will. It becomes even more obvious as the show(s) continues. What is sad about this particular Dr Phil Show, is that Dr Phil seems to have bought the whole prejudiced view of Arabs, and Palestinians, pandered to the world by America. He can’t distinguish the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, and he consistently makes it out to be suspect that Abdullah hasn’t gotten that visa already after 2 years. He even let’s his guest speculate on the possibility that Abdullah might be a terrorist, because of this “failure” to produce a visa. Doesn’t he know that with the current hatred by the US Authorities for anyone coming from the Middle East not being Jewish, it’s virtually impossible to get a visa unless you are heavily loaded with money?
Throughout the entire second show, Dr Phil uses every method of manipulation in the book to lure Katherine back home to the US WITHOUT Abdullah.
Example: ““Katherine, how about the end of the week? Let’s do it Friday. You’ve both said it’s a good idea. Will you let me make the arrangements and bring you home Friday? You can go back if you want to. I’m just saying, come home, look your family in the eyes, let them take you to McDonald’s,” Dr. Phil says.Katherine smiles at the mention of her favorite restaurant. “Oh, man, I want to go home really bad, yeah. I just want to talk about it with Abdullah first. But I do want to come home. I just don’t know when.”
I am sorry, but Katherine is an adult, yet she is being treated like a child.
The way he treats Abdullah is even worse:
““And then we’ll work with you about working with the embassy and getting a visa,” Dr. Phil tells Abdullah.”
A promise he doesn’t keep, and have no intention of keeping when he makes it. The lying bastard:
““Well, I don’t think anybody here believes a word he said, right?” Dr. Phil asks. He tells Tamara, “And the reason I stopped you is because at this point, I’m trying to get her home. So I didn’t want to create discourse. I totally agree with what you’re saying. I mean, come on, two years? We’ve talked to the embassy. We’ve been all over this. It’s not an instantaneous thing, and post 9/11, the challenges are greater, particularly from the Middle East, but it’s doable. It’s absolutely doable. I have one goal right now. My immediate goal is to get her back on U.S. soil, get her back home when he isn’t here, and then we’ll put you on her like a duck on a June bug. But the main thing is to get her here because we don’t know what’s going on over there.”
Lying to 22-year-old simply because he is a Palestinian and an Arab. It becomes very clear as he doesn’t counter Katherine’s mother when she says:
“I believe that [Abdullah] has been lying because there’s some reason why he can’t come here, and I’m wondering if it’s not because he may be a terrorist.”
Right. He is Palestinian. He is an Arab, a Muslim. Despite the fact that it’s clear by what he says about his family, that they live in Jericho, which is in the West Bank, and is a SAFE place, the show, including Dr Phil consistently paint a picture of immediate danger to Katherine by placing her on the Gaza Strip.
Just what does Dr Phil think has happened? Abdullah has more or less kidnapped Katherine or acted like a predator:

“And enticing her over the Internet and then having her go over there, where she is shut off from her family, is the wrong way to do this.”

I am shocked and horrified over the Islamophobia, dishonesty and hypocrisy displayed by a man who demand rigorous honesty from others:
““Abdullah can’t hear us right now, and do you really care what people in the Gaza Strip think about you?” Dr. Phil asks Katherine. “I don’t often say this kind of thing, but I think I’m entitled to the truth! I think I have earned the right to have the truth. Do you realize how many people we’ve had working on getting you back here safe? And I don’t think you even know how close to harm’s way you have been.

Why shouldn’t she care about Abdullah and his family? And how is Dr Phil entitled to the truth, he who has lied and manipulated an inexperienced 18-year-old deliberately and knowingly to accomplish HIS own ends. How in anyway was Katherine in danger that the people of the West Bank isn’t accustomed to? Why is Katherine more important than Abdullah and his family?. And what harms way? Really? WHAT HARMS WAY? The answer is obvious – that of being with a Muslim, an Arab, a Palestinian.

Shame on you Dr Phil, you lying, manipulative, bigoted, hypocritical Islamophobe!


4 Responses to “Dr Phil’s Islamophobia…”

  1. yep, I caught the re-aired shows and just posted about it myself…it just made me so frustrated and sad. all most Americans will ever know about the middle east are the trite stereotypes perpetuated on that set of shows.


  2. purva said

    there is something like islamophobia because all muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims.
    and dr.phil is absolutely right.


  3. purva said

    i dont understand what bullshit jihaad is?????????????????????????????????


  4. Lucinda said

    A ‘thank u’ from Holland for your blog. Yesterday this show was on Dutch TV and I was shocked especially for ““Abdullah can’t hear us right now, and do you really care what people in the Gaza Strip think about you?” . How can you say this!!!! Like this is lower kind of people. I got so angry for this, also because this show pretends to learn people something. I don’t want to think in stereotypes but Dr. Phil shows a real American right wing-face. I am Dutch girl with Turkish boyfriend and for 1 year we live happy together. He is very good for me and we really don’t have problems he’s from other country (he came 1 year ago from Turkey 2 me). Let love rule!


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