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Note-worthy from a Christian

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on October 16, 2007


This might be somewhat controversial, and I really don’t want to stir up any unpleasant feelings.

To me Jesus is in every human being – or could be. By my understanding, He likes to visit us – like in Tolstoy’s ‘Shoemaker Martin’ – and often He is “disguised” in the most despicable – at His time it was the poor, the prostitutes, children – at our time it’s different people we look down on…

Pietà is a Catholic form of church art depicting Christ dead or dying in arms of His Mother or others who love Him… In “Ask the Pastor” Pastor Walter Snyder says “we may use it in our devotional thought to remind us of our own grief at the Savior’s death, especially since it was for our sins that He was crucified.”
I think we could use it in our devotional thought also to remind us of that God might visit us in very unexpected shapes…

Now, this is where the controversy comes in…

This is Pietà by William Bouguereau, 1876

This is Pietà by Elizabeth Ohlson Wallin; from the exhibition Ecce Homo, 1998. The woman is holding in her arms a homosexual man dying of AIDS.

This is Pietà by Said Khatib; a Palestinian fisherman shot by Israeli war ship in December 2006

As far as I know, all three of these are among the despised according to the Right-wing Conservative Evangelical Christians of USA… Catholics, homosexuals and Palestinians. I would like to hear how one can justify not loving some people like brothers and sisters simply because of what they believe, whom they love, where they were born.
Or would you tell your sister her understanding of God is wrong because it’s not how YOU understand God, would you tell her to shut up, change her ways, hide her practice?
Would you denounce your brother, father or son because he loves another man?
Would you support denying your brother food, water, medical aid and housing if he was a terrorist? What if he was not a terrorist, but SUSPECTED of being a terrorist, or if one of his friends was a terrorist, or if his neighbor was a terrorist?

I’m asking because such way of thinking is totally strange to me, not to offend anyone.


I am not easily impressed, and if you are a Xian, it’s even harder to impress me – but this woman impressed me. First of all for her choice in pictures, and second for her respectful, caring and loving treatment of her subject.

One Response to “Note-worthy from a Christian”

  1. Q Citizen said

    Here, here, Silly Old Bear. Couldn’t agree more.


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