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Archive for October 14th, 2007

Funny Replies

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on October 14, 2007

I had the most amazing reply to my previous Blog Entry – the one about Criticism and Bashing – for some reason it seems that it’s been, as a friend of my stated, “Coming Out Week for Moronic Antisemites…” After the last month’s two attacks on my person in contexts that had NOTHING to do with Judaism or my being Jewish, I tend to agree.

First there was this one:

“SOB and Ket Seem Tolerant enough as Long as People Don’t Fight with them over Thier Ethnic Religious Issues (Most People are that way About Defending Thier Religious and Ethnic Roots).”

In a discussion partly about a person who had been booted as Host… where was the context – fact: There was none – this person just decided to have a whack at me (and my wife) because I am Jewish. Mystifying to say the least.

Then came this one:

“The Tzar of Russia mandated that everyone must convert to Judism thus the mass migration of those who didn’t want to, to the US. Those who couldn’t leave either pretended to be converted or killed off. Lenin just got tired of this crap and rebeled. He did to an exteme, he had no state recognized faith or belief system. He saw how evil it becomes thus he didn’t allow the public display of any religion. He didn’t restrict any religious belief in all reality, he just made you keep it personal and private. To some degree he was right also he was wrong. He was right about religion being a personal thing and it has no place in government, in a country with all religions being followed by many different folks. In the early 1800’s there were as many religions in old Russia as there is in the present day USA. Yes it’s hard to imagine. Also at that time in history it seems that the Jews in the middle east were living side by side with Muslims and Hindus without any major problems or restrictions.
Very few of the Jews from Russia that didn’t stay and help kill off all the Christians in Russia escaped from the revolution by Lenin went to the middle east. The vast majority of them either went to the US, western Europe, Germany, Poland and some of the Balkin states and some to Italy. They really screwed up, they could all be oil barrons by now if they had of played their cards rights in the time of the Revolution. Hind sight is always 20-20. “

Although it wasn’t an attack on me personally, it seems that the author was somehow compelled to include this antisemitic horse manure at the sight of my avatar, which fascinates me no end.

Is it Coming Out Month for Moronic Antisemites?

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